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Lady Wolves Bite Scotties Hard; Wolves Play Strong First Half

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The Lady Wolves sent the little terriers back to Glasgow with their tails between their legs with a 56-27 blowout win, Saturday, Jan. 17, putting the Wolf Point [4-1, 7-2] solidly in second place in District 2B.
The Wolves couldn’t erase the second half against the Scotties. Wolf Point played a close first half against Glasgow, leading at times, but ended up losing 61-44.  The Wolves are now 4-1, 6-3, and remain in second place behind undefeated Glasgow.
The Wolves won 45-29 at Plentywood, Friday, Jan. 16. The Lady Wolves beat Plentywood 54-45.
Lady Wolves 56, Glasgow 27
The Lady Wolves controlled all four quarters, leading 7-4 at the end of the first stanza and 22-9 at halftime. Wolf Point scored seven unanswered points before Glasgow finally got on the board with two point with just 1:25 remaining in the first quarter. Glasgow did not score in the second quarter until the final minute of clock time.
After half time, the Lady Wolves scored 19 third-quarter points to just 11 by Glasgow. The fourth quarter scoring was 15-7.
“I’d say, definitely, that’s the best game we have played,” head coach Jeff Neubauer said.
“It was a great win. I’m really happy. That’s the thing I’ve been looking for,” he said.
Neubauer said despite the 54-45 win at Plentywood, each team shot 34 of 68 from the free throw line.
“It’s hard to get into rhythm,” he said.
“As a coach, you hope things will come like that and they did tonight,” Neubauer said.
Emma [Gourneau] is doing really well. Jessica [Bauer] had a great game,” he said.
Gourneau posted a game-high 16 points against Glasgow. Shelby Hanks registered 10 points and Bauer recorded 9.
No Glasgow player scored over six points.
“My role is scoring and being a leader as a senior,” Gourneau said.
“I was expecting to win by 20 at Plentywood,” she said.
“We played really good,” Gourneau said.
“I thought we’re playing a lot more as a team together,” Hanks said.
“Our run and jump is coming together as a team,” she said.
Glasgow 61, Wolves 44
The Wolves held several leads during the first two periods, trailed the Scotties by just two points at the first quarter break and were tied 20-20 at halftime.
That was as good as it was going to get for the Wolves as the tempo shifted in Glasgow’s favor after the intermission. The Scotties held a 9-point lead at the final quarter break, led by as much as 20 points in the fourth quarter and won by 17.
Tyson Bridges led the Wolves, posting 15 points.
Glasgow’s Jake Kolstad led with a game-high 16 points.
Head coach Kelly Nieskens said the Wolves hit a stall offensively in the third quarter.
He also cited the Scotties defense that held Bridges to just 15 points.
“That what teams will do. They’ll start keying on Tyson,” Nieskens said.
He said he’s looking for some better outcomes from upcoming games.
Coming Up
The Wolves played at Sidney Tuesday, Jan. 20, and the Lady Wolves hosted Sidney. Those games were played after The Herald-News went to press. WPHS hosts Poplar, Friday, Jan. 23 and Harlem, Saturday, Jan. 24.  Varsity games will be at 6 and 7:30 p.m.

Wolf Point 45, Plentywood 29
Wolf Point     7  22  12   4—45
Plentywood   6    6   9   8—29
Wolf Point
Aaron D’Ambrosio 3, Andrew Heser 2, Trevor Hamilton 7, Markell Blount 3, Hayden Hanks 6, Josh Nieskens 9, Owen Lepper 3, Tyson Bridges 12.
Nate Harris 3, Tyler Michels 2, Andrew Eberling 2, Austin Wirtz 1, Justin Marsh 10, Hunter Ruud 8, Michael Dawley 3.

Wolf Point 54, Plentywood 45
Wolf Point     9  20   9    14—54
Plentywood 12  12   2    19—45
Wolf Point
Shelby Hanks 8, Mariah Weeks 2, Mattia Black Eagle 2, Jessica Bauer 4, Emma Gourneau 21
Lizzy Gomez 4, Paige Harris 7, Victoria Obergfel 17, Hallie Wangerin 2, Paige McCrory 3, Mychele Woodman 4, Lindsay Wangerin 8.

Glasgow 61, Wolf Point 44
Glasgow       12   8   18  23—61
Wolf Point    10  10  11  15—44
Ethan Etchart 2, Gage Legare 4, Jason Thibault 14, Jake Page 8, Chase Fossum 11, Jake Kolstad 16, Zach Miller 6.
Wolf Point
Aaron D’Ambrosio 7, Dalton Hafner 6, Trevor Hamilton 3, Markell Blount 3, HaydenHanks 4, Josh Nieskens 6, Owen Lapper 3, Tyson Bridges 15.

Wolf Point 56, Glasgow 27
Glasgow         4    5  11   7—27
Wolf Point      7  15  19 15—56
Amanda Wolff 6, Abbi Kolstad 6, Khloe Kaimwiede 2, Tyea Johnson 2, Leni Hughes 3, Lexi Nixdort 2, Jordan Kukzyk 2, Kiana Barstad 3, Jaz Foster Shaw 1.
Wolf Point
Brenna Kurokawa 2, Shelby Hanks 10, Mariah Weeks 6, Emma Gourneau 16, Kylee Driftwood 7, Jessica Bauer 9.