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Dribbling Divas At Wolf Point Invitational

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In the first picture, the Dribbling Divas’ Jaylee Azure (23), a Frontier Elementary School fifth-grader, and the Bainville Terracor’s Micah Anderson (32) try for a rebound during fifth grade girls’ action at Southside School, Saturday, March 28. The game was in the fifth grade girls’ bracket of the Wolf Point Invitational. Results were not available early this week.  The second photo is Northside School fifth-grader Hamyanie Campbell (3) driving to the basket past a Bainville Terracor defender.  The third photo is Sierra Michaelsen (42), a Northside School fifth-grader, shooting during the game with the Bainville Terracor. Lu’Lani Miller (32), a Frontier Elementary School fifth-grader, is also pictured.  (Photos by John Plestina)

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Wolves Get Starting Point At Glasgow Invitational -- Other School's Results

The Wolves’ first track meet of the 2015 season was a starting point for the season, said head coach R.C. Page.
Wolf Point and most area teams opened the season at the Glasgow Invitational, Saturday, March 27.
The Wolf Point boys finished third as a team and the girls finished fifth.
“It was like a big practice,” Page said.
“Now we have marks, and times, and distances that we can improve on,” he said.
“As a coaching staff, we’re pleased with our kids and how they did,” Page said.
The following are results for Wolf Point athletes.
100 meter: Wesley Weeks, sixth, 12.58; Austyn Juve, 12th, 12.78; Brady Babb, 19th, 12.09; Cole Grandchamp, 30th, 13.68; Brandon Red Boy, 39th, 14.14; Ty Nygaard, 48, 16.34.
200 meter: Owen Lepper, third, 25.20; Andrew Heser, fourth, 25.61; Red Boy, 16th, 29.18.
800 meter: Marques White Horse, fourth, 2:16.10.
1600 meter: White Horse, third, 4:14.68; Red Boy, 10th, 5:56.50.
110 hurdles: Kenny Boos, fourth, 18.89.
300 hurdles: Boos, fourth, 47.61.
4x100 relay: WPHS A, first, 46.36.
4x400 relay: WPHS A,  first, 4:09.36.
High jump: Lepper, seventh, J5-06.00; Juve, 11th, 5-00.00.
Pole vault: Babb, fourth, 9-00.00.
Long jump: Weeks, 18th, 15-09.50; White Horse, 22nd, 15-01.50; Grandchamp, 27th, 14-05.00; Heser, 29th, 14-00.00.
Triple jump: Grandchamp, 14th, 28-03.00.
Shot put: Weeks, third, 38-02.50; David Knerr, fifth, 37-07.50; Jordan Clark, 16th, 31-07.00; Nygaard, 28th, 28-04.50; Logan Nefzger, 29th, 27-08.50; Phoenix McConnell, 35th, 23-06.50; Marcus Green, 38th, 21-04.50.
Discus: Knerr, 10th, 94-00; Clark, 14th, 82-00; Nygaard, 21st, 74-06; Nefzger, 24th, 71-04; McConnell, 27th, 67-03; Green, 35th, 48-00.
Javelin: Knerr, 11th, 106-05; Heser, 14th, 100-06; Nefzger, 21st, 91-06; Babb, 24th, 89-03; McConnell, 30th, 82-04; Nygaard, 31st, 82-01; Green, 39th, 59-05.
100 meter: Brenna Kurokawa, eighth, 15.01; Samantha Goodman, 19th, 16.04.
200 meter: Goodman, 20th, 33.33; Jaki Harada, 22nd, 33.86.
800 meter: Kateri Rush, fourth, 2:45.94; Sierra Summers, fifth, 2:50.05.
1600 meter: Summers, first, 6:19.80.
3200 meter: Summers, second, 13:36.44.
300 hurdles: Rush, third, 53.21.
4x100 relay: WPHS A, fifth, 57.02.
4x400 relay: WPHS A, second, 4:59.05.
Pole vault: Kurokawa, third, 6-06.00.
Long jump: Ashley Page, eighth, 13-01.00.
Shot put: Jaymee Stiffarm, 20th, 17-08.00.
Discuss: Stiffarm, ninth, 71-00.
Javelin: Page, fifth, 93-03; Stiffarm, 17th, 63-00.]

Glasgow Invitational Full Results
Boys Results
Team scores: Jordan 98, Glasgow 92, Wolf Point 61, Fairview 44, Circle 37, Malta 31, Nashua 30, Hinsdale 26, Poplar 22, Scobey 22, Frazer 14, Turner 12, Culbertson 11, Lustre Christian 10, Richey-Lambert 10, Plentywood 5, Bainville 1.
100 meter: Connor Murnion, Jor, 11.63; Kelly Murnion, Jor, 11.77; Benji Phillips, Gla, 11.97; Danny Linder, Sco, 12.22; Ethan Etchart, Gla, 12.44; Wesley Weeks, WP, 12.58.
200 meter: C. Murnion, Jor, 23.84; K. Murnion, Jor, 24.78; Owen Lepper, WP, 25.2; Andrew Heser, WP, 25.61; Dylan Butler, Jor, 26.53; Chase Williams, Nas, 26.69.
400 meter: C. Murnion, Jor, 53.44; Dalton Kautz, Nas, 56.76; Tanner Reynolds, Fai, 56.83; Bret VanValkenburg, Tur, 57.45; Bryce Loudon, Cir, 58.32; Quincy Stormer, Cir, 58.59.
800 meter: Lane Nickels, Nas, 2:10.74; VanValkenburg, Tur, 2:14.34; Michael Azure, Cul, 2:15.96; Marques White Horse, WP, 2:16.1; Tim Wright, RL, 2:17.88; Taylor Hilyard, Ple, 2:18.52.
1600 meter: Nickels, Nas, 5:10.58; Wright, RL, 5:13.86; White Horse, WP, 5:14.68; Azure, Cul, 5:29.83; Mack Young, LC, 5:32.21; Walker Allen, Gla, 5:35.93.
3200 meter: Allen, Gla, 11:36.11; Young, LC, 11:36.21; Mathew Rattling Thunder, Pop, 11:38.53; Kobe Ralston, Sco, 11:52.53; Jacob Clinton, Cir, 12:26.38; Davey Winn, Bai, 12:42.8.
110 hurdles: Alex Taylor, Fai, 17.24; Etchart, Gla, 17.76; Loudon, Cir, 18.21; Kenny Boos, WP, 18.89; Parker Serio, Ple, 19.88; Wick Cole, Sco, 20.6.
300 hurdles: Luke Breigenzer, Gla, 43.17; Loudon, Cir, 45.12; Etchart, Gla, 46.19; Boos, WP, 47.61; Myltin Bighorn, Pop, 47.76; Devon Raybon, Mal, 48.71.
400 relay: Wolf Point 46.36; Glasgow 46.71; Malta 48.34; Fairview 48.36; Scobey 49.63; Glasgow B 49.68.
1600 relay: Wolf Point 4:09.36; Scobey 4:13.03; Poplar 4:19.45; Malta 4:25.29; Plentywood 4:36.37.
High jump: Dallas Capdeville, Hin, 6-0; C. Murnion, Jor, 5-10; Daniel Horsman, Fra, 5-8; Williamson, Mal, 5-8; Ty Irwin, Jor, 5-6; Tyrone Hageman, Jor, 5-6.
Pole vault: Taylor, Fai, 10-6; Parker Jensen, Fai, 10-6; Chase Hughes, Gla, 9-6; Brady Babb, WP, 9-0; Allen, Gla, 8-0; Logan Gunderson, Gla 8-0.
Long jump: Irwin, Jor, 20-6; C. Murnion, Jor, 19-9; Benji Phillips, Gla, 19-6 ¼; Williamson, Mal, 19-6; Trent Herbert, Gla, 18-7¼; K. Murnion, Jor, 18-7.
Triple jump: Irwin, Jor, Jor, 40-8½; Horsman, Fra, 36-9½; Reynolds, Fai, 36-6; Herbert, Gla, 35-11; CJ Nelson, Sco, 34-9½; Kole Ralston, Sco, 33-8.
Shot put: Lukas Johnson, Hin, 40-10; Jonathan Cornelia, Cir, 38-11; Weeks, WP, 38-2½; AJ Hollom, Pop, 37-8; David Knerr, WP, 37-7½; Ethan Hendrickson, Cul, 37-4½.
Discus: Trevor Toavs, Gla, 116-5; Cornelia, Cir, 104-6; Johnson, Hin, 102-10; Hageman, Jor, 101-5; Bighorn, Pop, 99-9; Hollom, Pop, 98-7.
Javelin: Phillips, Gla, 194-7; Jase Bishop, Mal, 144-9; Hageman, Jor, 137-9; Jase Galt, Mal, 128-4; Jay Clinton, Cir, 125-3; Ryan Scanlan, Nas, 118-1.
Girls results
Team scores: Glasgow 120, Scobey 83, Plentywood 68, Circle 50, Wolf Point 49, Malta 27, Richey-Lambert 24, Fairview 23, Poplar 18, Saco 14, Nashua 12, Hinsdale 10, Froid-Lake 9, Jordan 8, Bainville 5, Frazer 1.
100 meter: Bo Dayle Battleson, Sco, 14.23; Jordan Kulczyk, Gla, 14.64; Amy Briegenzer, Gla, 14.66; Chye Handran, Sco, 14.69; Alana Ostrom, Sac, 14.72; Elise Romo, Bai, 14.85.
200 meter: Paige Harris, Ple, 29.08; Battleson, Sco, 29.35; Karlee Handy, Sco, 29.71; Ellie Smith, RL, 30.21; Ostrum, Sac, 30.46; Tia Hallock, Sco, 30.66.
400 meter: Harris, Ple, 1:04.16; Handy, Sco, 1:05.82; Smith, RL, 1:06.55; Cierra Loudon, Cir, 1:08.42; Paige Robertson, FL, 1:08.64; Amber Berry, Fai, 1:10.16.
800 meter: Smith, RL, 2:39.69; Josie Braaten, Gla, 2:42.15; Robertson, FL, 2:44.74; Kateri Rush, WP, 2:45.94; Sierra Summers, WP, 2:50.05; Brinlie Nielsen, Gla, 2:50.48.
1600 meter: Summers, WP, 6:19.8; Kelly Danielson, Fai, 6:26.31; Taylor Laumeyer, Nas, 6:27.72; Taylor Baldry, Sco, 6:32.1; Olivia Fitzgerald, Jor, 6:34.28; Robertson, FL, 6:48.43.
3200 meter: Braaten, Gla, 12:17.36; Summers, WP, 13:36.44; Baldry, Sco, 14:08.24; Kerry Hoffman, Gla, 14:57.54; Fallon Larsen, Gla, 17:04.15; Brittany Whiteman, Pop, 17:12.49.
100 hurdles: Breigenzer, Gla, 17.48; Kaitlin Farver, Sco, 18.18; Julie Kolstad, Gla, 18.3; Loudon, Cir, 18.58; Marley Manoukian, Mal, 18.75; Hannah Gackle, Cir, 19.55.
300 hurdles: Loudon, Cir 51.64; Manoukian, Mal, 51.66; Rush, WP, 53.21; Romo, Bai, 54.94; Tayte Prewett, Gla, 56.03; Berry, Fai, 56.53.
400 relay: Scobey 53.81, Glasgow 54.68, Circle 56.15, Fairview D 56.35, Wolf Point 57.02, Plentywood 57.58.
1600 relay: Circle 4:52.13, Wolf Point 4:59.05, Scobey 5:01.08, Plentywood 5:12.56.
High jump: Ostrom, Sac, 5-0; Lindsay Wangerin, Ple, 4-8; Kassidy Dahl, Sco, 4-8; Dakota Simonson, Ple, 4-6; Alexa Welchlin, Sco, 4-6; Amanda Buckles, Fra, 4-0.
Pole vault: Courtney Capdeville, Hin, 8-0; Harris, Ple, 8-0; Brenna Kurokawa, WP, 6-6; Manoukian, Mal, 6-6.
Long jump: Breigenzer, Gla, 15-1¾; Faith Vitt, Fai, 15-1; Kulczyk, Gla, 14-5; Shea Fisher, Cir 14-0½; Rain Rehbein, RL, 13-11; Morgan Guttenberg, Gla, 13-5½.
Triple jump: Fisher, Cir, 30-9; Simonson, Ple, 30-5; Briegenzer, Gla, 30-5; F. Vitt, Fai, 30-3; Harris, Ple, 29-10¼; Bailee Vitt, Fai, 28-0.
Shot put: Dana Hughes, Gla, 35-10½; Katrina Whiteman, Pop, 31-7½; Fitzgerald, Jor, 31-6½; Shay Garfield, Mal, 29-11; Emily Carda, RL, 29-10¼; Keirsten Wethern, Gla, 29-9¼.
Discus: Hughes, Gla, 112-5; Garfield, Mal, 98-4; K. Whiteman, Pop, 77-0; Amber Ornelas, Ple, 73-8; Jessica Pipe, Pop, 73-4; Wethern, Gla, 72-7.
Javelin: Hughes, Gla, 112-5; Wangerin, Ple, 111-5; Laumeyer, Nas, 98-6; Battleson, Sco, 96-3; Ashley Page, WP, 93-3; Ramsey Bailey, Cir, 91-4.

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Gymnasts Place In Bozeman


Wolf Point’s Gracie Ferdina won the second place medal on the floor exercise and third place medals on the uneven bars and for her all-around score at the Montana State Gymnastics Championships in Bozeman. (Submitted photo)

The five girls on the Eastern Montana Gymnastics Level 3 Team competed at the 2015 Montana State Gymnastics Championships and brought back one state championship and several other top event medals, Sunday, March 29, at the Shroyer Gymnasium on the MSU campus in Bozeman.
Leah Beery of Vida earned the gold medal for her first-place floor routine and became the 2015 Montana State Level 3 floor champion in her age group. Sierra Nagle of Circle was awarded a medal in all four events, while Gracie Ferdina of Wolf Point won two event medals.
The EMG girls competed in the Level 3 Small Teams division, with teams from Hamilton, Kalispell, Helena, Miles City, Great Falls and Glendive. There were 10 to 11 girls in each of the five age groups and the top five in each event earned the coveted USA Gymnastics medals. All the gymnasts received medals for their all-around scores and for qualifying to the Championships.
Beery competed in the C age group of 11 girls and won EMG’s 53rd state championship in the 13 years of the Circle gym. Besides her first place floor routine, she was just out of the medals on bars and beam, where she finished in sixth place. On vault, she was eighth.
Ferdina, Nagle and Cheyenne Clinton of Circle competed in the D age group, of 11 girls. Nagle came away with a lot of hardware, after earning medals for her fourth place finishes on bars, beam, floor and all-around and her fifth place finish on vault. Ferdina received medals for her second place on floor and third places on bars and for her all-around. She just missed the medals with her sixth place finishes on vault and balance beam. Clinton had her best routines on bars, where she placed eighth, and vault, where she placed ninth.
Kirsten Wagner of Circle competed in the A age group, with the ten youngest gymnasts, and just missed the medals with her tie for sixth place on the bars. She continued to show great improvement by scoring almost a point and a half higher than her last meet.
EMG’s Paige Inion qualified to the championships but was unable to compete.
Level 3 scores [vault, bars, beam, floor, all-around]: Ferdina [9.025, 9.15, 8.65, 9.225, 36.05], Nagle [9.05, 9.05, 8.8, 8.85, 35.75], Beery [8.95, 8.85, 8.375, 9.175, 35.35], Wagner [8.675, 8.35, 7.725, 7.8, 32.55], Clinton [8.65, 8.55, 7.15, 7.15, 31.5].

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Crowley Inducted Into Hall Of Fame


Darryl Crowley of Poplar (center) was inducted into the Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame as a 2015 Legend in Billings Jan. 31. Crowley, who is an enrolled Fort Peck Tribal member, is a longtime Roosevelt County rancher, was recognized as a Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association member. He is a graduate of Montana State University and was a member of the MSU rodeo team. He was later a five-time Montana Circuit champion calf roper and was the 1990 Dodge Circuit champion calf roper. Crowley’s wife LaRae is pictured behind him and his daughters Amber and Katie are on the left. Several of Crowley’s relatives are included in the picture. Everyone pictured was not identified. (Submitted photo)

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Indians Go To Their First Track Meet

The Poplar High School track team went to their first track meet of the season with 20 athletes, the Glasgow Invitational, Saturday, March 28.
Poplar expects to take a larger number of athletes to the next track meet.
The boys’ team did well for being fairly young. The placers in the meet were:  Myltin Bighorn, fifth in 300 hurdles, fifth in discus;  AJ Hollom, fourth in shot put, sixth in discus; Mathew Rattling Thunder, third in the 3200; Jeffrey Berger, Rattling Thunder, Angel Boyd and Tuyen Tran, third, 4x400 relay.
For the girls, the placings were:  Katrina Whiteman, second in shot put, third in discus; Jessica Pipe, fifth in discus; Brittany Whiteman, sixth in the 3200.
“As coaches, we were pleased how our athletes did this weekend, but we will be working hard to get better,” assistant coach Loren Boadle said.

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