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Wolves, Indians Advancing To State Track Meets

With the divisional track and field meet behind them, six Wolf Point and four Poplar athletes are looking to earn medals at the State Class B meet in Butte Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31.
Both schools emerged from the Northern B Divisional Meet at Great Falls Saturday, May 24, with good showings. The top six in each event advance to state.
“Every boy we took to divisionals made it,” Wolf Point head coach R.C. Page said.
“Sonica [Archdale] made it in five events. She had a great day. She had two second place finishes,” he said.
Page praised Archdale, Shelby Hanks, Ashley Page and Kateri Rush for a personal best for the girls’ short relay team.
“Shelby Hanks high jumped exceptionally well and we finally got her to her goal of clearing five feet,” he said.
Page said he would like to have nice weather for the state meet, but he said rain was in the forecast.
“We always get crummy weather in Butte,” he said.
“We have some girls and boys who have a chance to earn a medal,” Page said.
Poplar head coach Brent Moore said his team has had a good season and he was hoping for the best at state.
Individual results are shown for Wolf Point and Poplar athletes only.
Team scores: Glasgow 152, Fairfield 107, Choteau 70, Cut Bank 62, Conrad 39, Shelby 38, Poplar 27, Harlem 15, Wolf Point 8, Plentywood 5, Malta 3, Rocky Boy 1.
100 Meter
Wesley Weeks, WPHS, fifth, 11.96.
200 Meter
Owen Lepper, WPHS, fourth, 23.77.
800 Meter
Richard Brown, Poplar, eighth, 2:29.13.
3200 Meter
Chris LeMay, Poplar, seventh, 12:59.13.
300 Hurdles
Myltin Bighorn, Poplar, sixth, 44.95
400 Relay
Wolf Point, sixth, 47.64; Poplar, seventh, 49.07.
1600 Relay
Wolf Point, sixth, 3:51.99.
Pole Vault
Brady Babb, WPHS, seventh, 9-6.
Shot Put
TJ Tuttle, Poplar, first, 48-8.5; Sheridan Stranger Horse, Poplar, seventh, 40-6.5.
Tuttle, Poplar, first, 134-1; Stranger Horse, Poplar, third, 123-4.
High Jump
Lepper, WPHS, seventh, 5-8.
Team scores: Glasgow 166, Malta 81, Choteau 78, Plentywood 54, Wolf Point 35, Fairfield 34, Shelby 26, Cut Bank 25, Poplar 16, Conrad 11, Harlem 1.
200 Meter
Hanks, WPHS, seventh, 28.42.
400 Meter
Archdale, WPHS, fifth, 1:05.8.
3200 Meter
Drew Reum, Poplar, fifth, 13:29
300 Hurdles
Rush, WPHS, sixth, 52.24.
400 Relay
Wolf Point, fifth, 54.16.
1600 Relay
Wolf Point, second, 4:29.56.
Long Jump
Hanks, WPHS, seventh, 13-11.75.
Shawna Hagadone, Poplar, first, 99-3.
Shot Put
Hagadone, Poplar, fourth, 30-9.
Triple Jump
Archdale, WPHS, fourth, 31-5.
Archdale, WPHS, second, 109-2; Page, WPHS, fourth, 106-0.
High Jump
Hanks, WPHS, third, 5-0.

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Lady Wolves Finish Season

The Wolf Point High School tennis team finished the 2014 season at the state B-C tennis championships at Missoula Thursday through Saturday, May 22-24.
Sierra Hanks, Erin Presser, Tavie Reum and Carry Vandall represented WPHS at state.
No Wolves finished in the first five places.
Team scores were: Chinook 35, Townsend 31, Cut Bank 28, Fairfield-Power 23, Chester/Joplin/Inverness 13, Baker and Choteau 12, Bigfork 11, Loyola and Troy 9, Conrad 7, Superior-Alberton and Wolf Point 5, Valley Christian and Fort Benton 4, St. Ignatius 3, Eureka and Ronan 2, Simms, Boulder and Darby 1.

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Mosquitoes Drop Twin Bill To Scobey Giants

HN.5.22.14.SP.BABE.RUTH 6304-WEBHN.5.22.14.SP.BABE.RUTH 6312-WEBHN.5.22.14.SP.BABE.RUTH 6314-WEBHN.5.22.14.SP.BABE.RUTH 6317-WEBHN.5.22.14.SP.BABE.RUTH 6318-WEB


Jeramiah Paine pitches. (Photos by John Plestina)


Nick Page in two photos.


Zeke Zimmer safe at third.


Xander Little Thunder gets a hit.


The Wolf Point Mosquitoes dropped a doubleheader to the Scobey Giants in Babe Ruth League action in Wolf Point Friday, May 16.
Scores were 11-8 and 11-10.
“They’re playing better baseball. They should have won the games. They lost on a couple of errors,” Coach Cody Sietsema said.
He said the Mosquitoes are working on their pitching.
“Scobey is probably the toughest team in the conference,” Sietsema said.
The Mosquitoes were scheduled to host Glasgow Coke for a doubleheader Wednesday, May 21, after The Herald-News’ deadline and Culbertson for a twin bill Friday, May 23 at 6 p.m.

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Four Lady Wolves Advance To State



Wolf Point doubles team Erin Presser and Sierra Hanks, took second in doubles at divisionals in Baker Saturday, May 17.   (Submitted photos)


The WPHS divisionals team (from left to right) Mercadeez Clark, Erin Presser, Sierra Hanks, Carry Vandall, Mandi Martin, Thea Smith, Tavie Reum and Kendra Landsrud.


Tavie Reum


Carry Vandall


Four of eight Lady Wolves will advance to state Saturday, May 24.
Erin Presser and Sierra Hanks took second in doubles, Carry Vandall took second in singles and Tavie Reum took forth in singles at divisionals in Baker Saturday, May 17.
They have an opportunity to advance to state at Missoula Thursday through Saturday, May 22-24.
At divisionals, Reum recorded a fourth place finish, defeating Haley Ash-Eide from Forsyth 6-0, 6-0, lost to Kylie Hadley from Baker 0-6, 0-6, defeated Wolf Point teammate Kendra Landsrud 10-5 and Margaret Uecker from Baker 10-2.
Vandall placed second in the tournament, beating Uecker and Hadley 6-4 and 6-2.
Mandi Martin lost two out of three to Anna Espeland from Baker and Wolf Point’s Landsrud.
Landsrud beat Baker’s Hadley (score not reported), lost tow of three to her teammate Vandall, defeated Wolf Point’s Martin and beat Michaela French from Forsyth. Vandall then lost to teammate Reum 5-10.
In doubles: Mercadeez Clark and Thea Smith won two out of three from Deb Lawson and Alex Gantchoff from Forsyth, lost two out of three to Braylea Wyrick  and Savannah Hickey from Baker and lost to Hickey and Sam Smith of Baker.
Erin Presser and Sierra Hanks placed second, winning two out of three over Kayla Fulton and Maria Antonio-Luis from Forsyth, won two out of three over Hickey and Smith from Baker and lost two of three to Wyrick and Hickey from Baker.

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Page Looking For State Qualifiers At Divisionals -- Poplar Boys Make Strong Showing At District Meet

Wolf Point and Poplar track and field athletes will advance to the divisional meet in Great Falls Saturday, May 24.
Both local schools made strong showings at the 2B District Meet in Glasgow Saturday, May 17.
“We are still setting personal bests,” Wolf Point head coach Robert Page said.
The girls’ 4x400 relay team of Sonica Archdale, Shelby Hanks, Ashley Page and Kateri Rush shaved 11 seconds off their previous best time.
Page said they have a very good chance to improve on it.
Brady Babb finished first in pole vault, an event he didn’t know if he wanted to participate in at the start of the season.
“To be a district champion was a huge surprise for him. He keeps getting better,” Page said.
“It goes to show that if you put in the hard work, good things can happen,” he said.
Page is taking 12 WPHS track athletes to the divisional meet who will compete in multiple events. Six male and six female athletes are going.
“We believe we stack up very well at this divisional meet to get some state qualifiers,” Page said.
The state meet will be at Butte Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 and 29.
The following are results for Wolf Point and Poplar from the 2B District Meet.
Team scores — Glasgow 295, Poplar 64, Harlem 53, Wolf Point 45, Malta 33, Plentywood 33.
100 Meter
Wesley Weeks, WPHS, third, 12.08; Myltin Bighorn, Poplar, sixth, 12.61.
200 Meter
Owen Lepper, WPHS, fourth, 24.61; Austyn Juve, WPHS, sixth, 25.62.
400 Meter
Brady Babb, WPHS, sixth, 1:00.20.
800 Meter
Orlando Young, Poplar, third, 2:28.30; Richard Brown, Poplar, sixth, 2:42.13.
1600 Meter
Chris LeMay, Poplar, third, 5:50.40.
3200 Meter
LeMay, Poplar, second, 12:26.65.
300 Hurdles
Bighorn, Poplar, third, 45.25; Brent Lester, Poplar, fifth, 46.19.
400 Relay
Wolf Point, second, 47.42; Poplar, sixth, 54.33.
1600 Relay
Wolf Point, second, 3:55.79; Poplar, fifth, 4:08.80.
High Jump
Lepper, WPHS, third, 5-2.
Pole Vault
Brady Babb, WPHS, first, 9-0.
Long Jump
Weeks, WPHS, sixth, 17-7.
Shot Put
TJ Tuttle, Poplar, first, 48-9 1/2; Sheridan Stranger Horse, Poplar, fifth, 40-2; AJ Hollom, Poplar, sixth, 39-9.
Stranger Horse, Poplar, first, 133-10; Tuttle, Poplar, second, 130-2.
Team scores — Glasgow 237, Malta 117, Plentywood 91, Wolf Point 48, Poplar 22, Harlem 2.
100 Meter
Kylee Stump, Poplar, sixth, 14.68.
200 Meter
Shelby Hanks, WPHS, fourth, 28.96.
400 Meter
Sonica Archdale, WPHS, fifth, 1:06.45.
800 Meter
Brittany Whiteman, Poplar, sixth, 2:57.15.
3,200 Meter
Drew Reum, Poplar, fourth, 14:32.21.
100 Hurdles
Kateri Rush, WPHS, sixth, 18.50.
300 Hurdles
Rush, WPHS, fifth, 52.25.
400 Relay
Wolf Point, fourth, 55.01; Poplar, fifth, 59.39.
1,600 Relay
Wolf Point, second, 4:32.95;, fifth, 5:18.86.
High Jump
Hanks, WPHS, fifth, 4-6.
Long Jump
Hanks, WPHS, third, 14-10 1/2; Ashley Page, WPHS, sixth, 14-0.
Triple Jump
Archdale, WPHS, fourth, 31-3 1/2.
Shot Put
Shawna Hagadone, Poplar, fourth, 31-3.
Hagadone, Poplar, second, 97-3.
Page, WPHS, second, 101-0; Archdale, WPHS, third, 100-9.

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