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Wolves, Indians Golf

At Harlem Friday, May 2, T’Elle Evans shot a 96 for the Wolves’ golf team and took girls’ first place. The top boys were Nathaniel Paine, 110; and Adam Weinberger, 138.
“My golfers played very well considering the rain and cold conditions. It was the first time these golfers had played the Harlem course, so it was a learn as you go and I was very proud of how they adapted and played through the conditions,” coach Rodney Paulson said.
At Plentywood Wednesday, April 30, Evans also took girls’ first place with a 92. Paine tied for 15th with  115. Cale Evans and Jeremy Birkoski each shot 130, and Weinberger shot 132.
“On a windy day of 20 to 30 MPH wind, the golfers played good. This was the first time they had played the Plentywood course,” Paulson said.
Wolf Point next plays at the Malta Mustang Invitational Wednesday, May 7.
At Harlem, Poplar’s Lyndsey Young shot a 136 for a 10th-place finish.

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Poplar Indians Track Team Competes At Glendive Elks Track And Field Meet

The following are the Poplar results from the Glendive Elks Track and Field Meet held at Dawson County High School in Glendive.
The Poplar boys finished in 15th place with 2 points and the girls finished in 13th place with 5 points.
200 meter
Myltin Bighorn, 15th, 25.76; Jeffrey Berger, 17th, 26.33.
800 meter
Orlando Young, seventh, 2:24.06; Richard Brown, 18th, 2:49.92.
1600 meter
Brown, 11th, 6:36.41.
300 hurdles
Bighorn, 46.96; Brent Lester, seventh, 48.04.
100 relay
Poplar ‘A’, 10th, 50.20.
Shot put
Daniel DeHerrera, 10th, 39-04.50; Sheridan Stranger Horse, 12th, 36-00.50; William Prichard, 14th, 35-10.50; Daniel Orcutt, 15th, 35-06.50; AJ Hollom, 23rd, 34-02.00.
Stranger Horse, eighth, 114-06; DeHerrera, 11th, 107-09; Andrew Moran, 20th, 82-06; Orcutt, 24th, 78-09.
Young, 12th, 127-06; Stranger Horse, 15th, 122.02; Lester, 17th, 121.11.

100 meter
Kylee Stump, ninth 14.56.
200 meter
JenEtte Standing, 13th, 32.12; Emily Hagadone, 14th, 32.54.
800 meter
Brittany Whiteman, 10th, 3:03.88.
3200 meter
Drew Ruem, sixth,14:10.42.
Shawna Hagadone, fourth. 91-04; Jessica Pipe, 17th, 69-11.
Shot put
Shawna Hagadone, 12th, 28-08.00; Caitlyn Whiteman, 16th, 23-04.00; Janaeya Sutherland, 17th, 22-09.50; Pipe, 18th, 22-08.00.
Shawna Hagadone, 16th, 79-07; Standing, 17th, 73-02.

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WPJH Track Team Places In Miles City

Wolf Point Junior High track team went to Miles City Meet on May 3.
Sixth- and seventh-grade boys finished ninth overall with six team points.
100 relay: fourth, 57.00, Cade Baker, Bryor Smith, Nick Page, Micah Solberg.
800 relay: third, 2:05.45, Baker, Smith, Page, Solberg.
Sixth- and seventh-grade girls finished fifth overall with 26 team points.
1600 meter: Journey Erickson, second, 6:03.53.
100 relay: fifth, 1:00.94, Abby Juve, Paisley Ferdina, Kassie Kirkaldie, Semarah Wells.
800 relay: second, 2:14.42, Lauren Crawford, Ferdina, Juve, Erickson.
800 meter: Erickson, third, 2:50.88.
200 meter: Wells, third, 30.69.
Discus: Hailey Brunelle, fifth, 62-4.
High jump: Juve, third, 4-2.
Eighth-grade boys finished in fourth place in team points with 22 points, only two points short of third.
1600 meter: Marques Whitehorse, first, 5:17.96.
800 relay: third, 1:56.52, Leslie Hawk, Jeremy Red Dog Jr., Cole Grandchamp, Whitehorse.
200 meter: Grandchamp, fifth, 31:12.0.
Discus: Leslie Hawk, fourth, 107-8.
Long jump: Grandchamp, fifth, 14-3.
High jump: Whitehorse, second, 5-0.
Eighth-grade girls finished third in team points with 43, five points short of second place.
1600 meter: Summers, first, 5:52.38.
800 relay: first, 2:08.09, Ayanna Archdale, Brenna Kurokawa, Jaki Harada, Sierra Summers.
800 meter: Summers, first, 2:40.62.
200 meter: Kurokawa, second, 30.72.
1600 relay: first, 4:53.1, Erickson, Harada, Crawford, Summers.
Discus: Jaymee Stiffarm, third, 69-2; Amandalaura Weeks-Combs, fifth, 68-2.

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Wolves, Lady Wolves Second And Third At Porcupine Invite


Pictured are Wolf Point's Kenny Boos, Shelby Hanks, Aaron D'Ambrosio and Ashton Hentges.

The Wolves finished second behind Scobey with 107 team points at the Porcupine Invitational, a track meet hosted by Nashua High School at Wolf Point, Saturday, April 26.
Nashua finished third with 77 points and Lustre Christian finished seventh with 22 points.
The Lady Wolves finished fourth with a team score of 65. Nashua was third scoring 69 points and Lustre was eighth with 5.5.
“I thought we did well considering the wind was horrible,” Wolf Point head coach Robert Page said.
“It did warm up, but the wind kept blowing harder,” he said.
Several teams that had been scheduled to participate did not come to the meet.
The following are individual results.
100 Meter
Ryan Padden, Nashua, 12; Wesley Weeks, WP, 12.1; Owen Lepper, WP, 12.2; Kenny Boos, WP, 13.1; Aaron D’Ambrosio, WP, 13.02; David Knerrr, WP, 13.82; Ty Nygaard, WP, 17.02.
200 Meter
Padden, Nashua, 24.5; Lepper, WP, 24.0.
400 Meter
Lane Nickels, Nashua, 55.7; Padden, Nashua, 59.4; Brady Babb, WP, 1:01.76.
800 Meter
Nickels, Nashua, 2:15.7.
110 Hurdles
Boos, WP, 19.6; Justin Kelm, Nashua, 21.4.
300 Hurdles
Boos, WP, 50.8; Brandon Bunk, Nashua, 55.1; Knerr, WP, 61; Nygaard, WP, 84.4.
400 Relay
Wolf Point 49.2, Lustre Christian 53.4.
1,600 Relay
Wolf Point 4:04.2; Nashua 4:16.3.
Pole Vault
Babb, WP, 7-2.
High Jump
Chase Williams, Nashua, 5.
Triple Jump
D’Ambrosio, WP, 37-3; Boos, WP, 32-11.
Long Jump
Nickels, Nas, 17; Weeks, WP, 16-6; D’Ambrosio, WP, 15-8.5.
Shot Put
Weeks, WP, 39-1.5; Knerr, WP, 33-11.
Lepper, WP, 118-4; Knerr, WP, 115-8.
100 Meter
Shelby Hanks, WP, 14.29.
200 Meter
Kateri Rush, WP, 31.6.
400 Meter
Morgan Guttenberg, Nashua, 1:15.2; Nicole Williams, Nashua, 1:18.6; Matyiah Traeholt, Lustre, 1:31.5.
800 Meter
Williams, Nashua, 3:07.9.
1600 Meter
Zoe Glasoe, Nashua, 7:28.2.
100 Hurdles
Rush, WP, 19.3.
300 Hurdles
Rush, WP, 56; Morgan Steffins, WP, 62.2; Glasoe, Nashua, 68.4.
400 Relay
Wolf Point 57.2.
Pole Vault
Hanks, WP, 5.
High Jump
Hanks, WP, 4-6; Guttenberg, Nashua, 3-10; Gabby Pierre, Lustre, 3-8.
Triple Jump
Rush, WP, 26-11; Guttenberg, Nashua, 26-10.5.
Long Jump
Ashley Page, WP, 14; Guttenberg, Nashua, 13-3; Pierre, Lustre, 11-9.
Shot Put
Faith Keys, Nashua, 26-6.5; Ryleigh Delich, Nashua, 26-6; Ashtyn Hentges, WP, 25-3.5; Aeryn Martin, WP, 24-3.5.
Keys, Nashua, 75; Delich, Nashua, 62-2.
Keys, Nas, 89-10; Page, WP, 82-10.
Wolf Point participated in a meet in Malta Tuesday, April 29. The results were not available as of press time. The Wolves are scheduled to be in Glendive this coming weekend and will host the Wolf Point Invitational Saturday, May 10.

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Lady Wolves Struggle At Chinook After Playing Strong At Baker

The Lady Wolves had a tough outing at Chinook Friday, April 25, that followed a strong showing at Baker, Thursday, April 17.
WPHS vs. Chinook
In singles matches, Sierra Hanks lost 2-8, 0-8, 5-8; Erin Presser lost 0-8, 1-8, 0-8; Tavie Reum won 8-5; Thea Smith lost 0-8, 5-8; Mercadeez Clark lost 0-8; Kendra Landsrud lost 0-8.
In doubles, Reum and Landsrud lost 5-8, 4-8; Clark and Smith lost 2-8, 4-8; Hanks and Presser lost 3-8.
Junior Varsity
In singles, Mandi Martin lost 0-8; Mary Clark lost 0-8; Charlene Allmer lost 0-8 and 0-6; Taylor Hamilton lost 4-8.
In doubles, Martin and Hamilton lost 2-8, 4-6; Allmer and Clark lost 4-8; Clark and Martin lost 1-6.
WP JV vs. Harlem JV
In singles, Martin lost 6-8; Clark lost 6-8; Hamilton lost 2-8.
In doubles, Clark and Martin lost 1-6.
“It was a tough day for both varsity and JV. Chinook had a lot of talent for both varsity and JV as well as Harlem and by playing them it showed coach [Nicole] Paulson and I the things we need to work on with the girls in order for them to improve their game. I am still so very proud of my girls and have no doubt that their talent will continue to grow in the weeks ahead,” head coach Nicole Boos said.
WPHS vs. Baker
In singles, Carry Vandall lost to Kylie Hadley 3-8; Hanks defeated Margaret Uecker 8-1; Presser defeated Pam Tronstad 8-0; Reum defeated Anna Espeland 8-3; Martin lost to Sam Smith 4-6; and Hamilton lost to Megan Grief 4-6.
In doubles, Hanks and Presser lost 4-8; Reum and Landsrud won 8-1; Mercadeez Clark and Smith won 6-4; Mary Clark and Allmer lost 3-6.
WPHS vs. Forsyth
In singles, Vandall defeated Kayla Fulton 8-6; Hanks defeated Deborah Lawson 8-1; Presser defeated Maria Antonio-Lewis 8-1; Martin lost to Alex Gantchoff 1-6; Hamilton defeated Haley Ash-Eide 6-3; Allmer defeated Ash-Eide 6-0.
In doubles, Hanks and Presser defeated Fulton and Antonio-Lewis 6-2; Reum and Landsrud defeated Lawson and
Gantchoff 9-7.

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