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State Tournament Roundup

Malta Takes State
The Malta M’Ettes finished the season undefeated winning the Class B Girls’ State Championship with a 46-35 win over Colstrip in Four Seasons Arenain Great Falls Saturday, March 14.
The following tournament results were reported:
Forsyth 60, Plains 39, first round
Malta 54, Columbus 39, first round
Choteau 45, Manhattan 40, first round
Colstrip 55, Bigfork 50, first round
Columbus 45, Plains 44, OT, loser out
Manhattan 54, Bigfork 50, OT, loser out
Malta 44, Forsyth 42, semifinal
Colstrip 47, Choteau 44, semifinal
Forsyth 55, Manhattan 38, loser out
Columbus 48, Choteau 44, loser out
Forsyth 39, Columbus 34, consolation
Malta 46, Colstrip 35, championship

Choteau Wins Boys Class B Title
Choteau won the Class B Boys’ State Championship for the first time since 1969 with a 74-57 win over Missoula Loyola in Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls Saturday. March 14.
The following tournament results were reported:
Bigfork 53, Columbus 50, first round
Choteau 80, St. Labre 42, first round
Huntley Project 89, Rocky Boy 81, first round
Missoula Loyola 58, Big Timber 54, OT, first round
Columbus 85, St. Labre 57, loser out
Rocky Boy 54, Big Timber 53, loser out
Choteau 62, Bigfork 53, semifinal
Missoula Loyola 71, Huntley Project 61, semifinal
Rocky Boy 83, Bigfork 75, loser out
Columbus 44, Huntley Project 39, loser out
Rocky Boy 78, Columbus 76, 2OT, consolation
Choteau 74, Missoula Loyola 57, championship

Belt Bests Fairview for Class C Championship
Belt won the Class C Boys’ State Championship with a 61-39 win over Fairview at the Metra in Billings, Saturday. March 14.
The following tournament results were reported:
Fairview 66, Broadview-Lavina 40, first round
Highwood 54, Manhattan Christian 45, first round
Arlee 62, Northern Cheyenne 57, first round
Belt 57, Westby-Grenora 51, first round
Manhattan Christian 68, Broadview-Lavina 40, loser out
Westby-Grenora 76, Northern Cheyenne 54 loser out
Fairview 47, Highwood 44, semifinal
Belt 67, Arlee 65, semifinal
Westby-Grenora 55, Highwood 50, OT, loser out
Manhattan Christian 58, Arlee 54, loser out
Westby-Grenora 60, Manhattan Christian 57, consolation
Belt 61, Fairview 39, championship

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Coach Knerr Announces Resignation From Coaching -- Several Coaches Stepping Down


Coach Bruce Knerr holds an indoor session because of heavy rainfall during a scheduled practice, Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014. (Herald-News file photo by John Plestina)

Wolf Point High School’s head football and wrestling coach has announced that he will resign two months after school district trustees voted to offer him a contract for the next school year, which is before any other coaches were hired or rehired.
Bruce Knerr told The Herald-News that he is leaving WPHS and will soon submit his formal resignation.
He will remain in Wolf Point long enough to fulfill a contract to coach junior high track this spring.
Several WPHS coaches have said they will not return the next school year. So far, none of the resignations have come before school trustees for approval.
Knerr will take the helm of the Class A Park High School Rangers football program in Livingston.
The Rangers were 1-3 in their conference and 1-8 overall in 2014 and posted a similar record in 2013.
Knerr turned around the Wolf Point Wolves.
The Wolves bounced back from a 1-7 2013 season, finishing the 2014 season in third place in the Northern 2B district with a 2-2 conference record and a 4-5 overall record.
“It was a great time here. The administrators and Mr. [activities director Mike] Erickson were phenomenal here,” Knerr said.
Knerr, who is from western Montana, moved to Wolf Point in August 2012.
“I moved here that August and took over the football program a few days later,” Knerr said.
“All three years I’ve had great reviews from my bosses,” he said.
“Mike Erickson told me I can come back here anytime I want to,” Knerr said.
“I started weighing all my options. What are the pros and cons of staying and what are the pros and cons of leaving,” he said.
So far, Knerr, who has about 30 years of football coaching experience, has accepted the head football position. He has been offered assistant coaching positions for the wrestling and track programs. He was Wolf Point’s head wrestling coach for the recent season.
Knerr said he is undecided about the track position because the head softball coach at Park is retiring.
“That’s what my specialty is, the stick and ball,” Knerr said.
He coached the Babe Ruth Baseball program in Wolf Point.
“I want these kids to succeed. I love these kids,” Knerr said of the Wolf Point football players and wrestlers he coached.

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Tournament Roundup

Northern B Boys
Choteau won the Northern B Boys’ Division championship with a 86-59 win over Rocky Boy, Saturday, March 7. Rocky Boy then secured second place and a berth in the state tournament by defeating Malta 53-40 in a challenge game, Monday, March 9. Fairfield finished fourth in the tournament. The Glasgow Scotties lost to Shelby 46-37 in a loser out game.
Class C Girls State
Gardner is the Class C Girls’ State Champion with a 55-48 win over Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale, Saturday, March 7. SWH finished second in the divisional at WPHS, being upset by Circle. Circle lost the state tourney opener Friday 46-30 to Cascade.

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Eastern C All-State Girls Announced

The following girls’ basketball players from the Eastern C Division are All-State selections:
They are: Shae Fisher, Circle; Cierra Loudon, Circle; Karly Handy, Scobey; Salina Carter, MonDak; Bailey Schrivier, Fairview; Tatum Moore, Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale; Kourtney Simonson, Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale; and Larimie Scheffelmear, Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale.

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Girls All-Conference Selections Announced For District 2C

The following are the district 2C girls all-conference selections. They include players from Brockton, Bainville, Circle, Culbertson and Froid/Medicine Lake.
First Team: April Brown, Brockton; Sabrina Carter, MonDak;  Salina Carter, MonDak; Abbie Deubner, Froid/Lake; Shae Fisher, Circle; Torrie Hurley, Fairview; Cierra Loudon, Circle; Emily Nielson, Culbertson; Bailey Schriver, Fairview; and Shelby Stanford, Savage.
Second Team: Carly Bowker, Bainville; Jayne Haynie, Circle; Lexi Joslin, Savage; Morgan Mason, Froid/Lake; Alleen Russell, Brockton; Bailey Solberg, MonDak; Amie Taylor, Fairview; and Faith Vitt, Fairview.
First Team Defense: Abbie Deubner, Froid/Lake; Jayne Haynie, Circle; Torrie Hurley, Fairview; Emily Nielsen, Culbertson; and Bailey Schriver, Fairview.
Second Team Defense: Carly Bowker, Bainville; Shae Fisher, Circle; Cierra Loudon, Circle; Shaye Johnston, Richey/Lambert; and Bailey Peterson, MonDak.

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