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Frontier School Board Agrees To Wolf Point Co-op Terms

The Frontier School Board agreed to the latest offer by the Wolf Point School District for sports co-op terms during the monthly meeting, Monday, Aug. 11.
Two weeks earlier, Wolf Point trustees rebuffed a counter offer from the Frontier board.
Frontier has agreed to co-op with Wolf Point for football, wrestling, cross country and track and split the $21,200 total cost, with each district funding $10,600.
A concern repeated several times was that with fall sports starting, it is too late for Frontier only programs for this year, and to not come to terms would exclude Frontier students from athletic programs for the new school year. A potential for Frontier enrollments to decline with some student athletes enrolling at Wolf Point Junior High was a concern.
The offers and counter offers began with the Wolf Point board voting in June to develop a co-op contract with Frontier for all junior high sports for an estimated savings to the WPSD of $8,500. That included charging Frontier a $400 fee per sport [all sports] totaling $2,800 and splitting travel costs with Frontier to scheduled events for a cost savings of $5,200.
There have been transportation disagreements.
“We offered to take them [Wolf Point] on trips we take [on Frontier buses], but they are not interested,” Superintendent Christine Eggar said.
“The mileage they’re giving us is $2 a mile. That’s pretty steep,” she said.
“I don’t think we have a lot of options,” board chair Brandon Babb said.
Eggar questioned the fairness of the WPSD charging Frontier half the cost of bus transportation for away cross country meets, but including Wolf Point High School students on the bus.
Another issue raised was that Frontier athletes have to pay the Wolf Point pay-to-play fees.
The Frontier district has maintained that it wants to retain as much of the Frontier Mustang identity as possible and would keep their own boys’ and girls’ basketball and volleyball programs, while agreeing to continue to co-op with Wolf Point for football, cross country, wrestling and track, with Frontier paying Wolf Point a $400 fee per co-oped sport, even if no students are participating from Frontier.
Last year, seven Frontier students played Wolf Point Junior High football and nine the previous year, raising the question of whether either school could field a team with solely their own students.
There was a brief discussion about fielding a team for a six-man football program.
The Frontier board will revisit the co-op issue each year.
Wolf Point seeking a new co-op agreement with Frontier was part of nearly $300,000 in cuts and fee restructuring.
The original WPSD proposal included a statement that if Frontier did not accept the terms, the WPSD would discontinue allowing Frontier students to participate in Wolf Point Junior High athletics.

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Cross Country Parents’ Meeting Set

A meeting for parents of Wolf Point students between grades 4-12 who are going to participate in cross country will be held Friday, Aug. 15, at 5:30 p.m., at the Wolf Point High School track bleachers.
A practice will follow the meeting for grades 7-12.
A physical is required to practice.

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Cyclists Seeking Affordable Housing For All Stop In Wolf Point



Thirty-one of the 34 Bike & Build cyclists who stopped in Wolf Point Friday, Aug. 1, pose for a picture in front of First Lutheran Church on Johnson Street after the Optimist Club provided a meal.  (Photo by John Plestina)

When 34 mostly college-age people did a “wheel dip” in the Atlantic Ocean at Portsmouth, N.H., in June, they were beginning a coast-to-coast bicycle trip to raise money for affordable housing programs.
On day 51, they rolled into Wolf Point.
Another “wheel dip,” this time in the Pacific ocean near Vancouver, B.C., Canada, is planned for Thursday, Aug. 21, the final destination for the 71-day trip.
The group that visited Wolf Point was one of eight groups taking different routes for affordable housing.
The northern route participants, that range in age from 18-27, are part of Bike & Build, which helps fund housing projects nationwide.
They rolled into Wolf Point, during the late afternoon hours, Friday, Aug. 1, after cycling 108 miles from their last overnight stay at Brush Lake State Park, east of Plentywood.
Their typical day averages about 70 miles, according to Valentine.
They stayed one night in Wolf Point and cycled to Glasgow Saturday.
First Lutheran Church on Johnson Street provided lodging and the Wolf Point Optimist Club prepared and served a meal.
Madeline Valentine, 23, a Michigan State University student from Grand Rapids, Mich., said each participant must raise $4,500 before they begin the trip.
Along the way, they volunteer with affordable housing projects, including Habitat for Humanity.
The group is not religiously affiliated but frequently stays at churches, a means of not spending any more money than they need to.
To its credit, Bike & Build has more than $4.5 million in donations over the past 11 years and over 160,000 volunteered labor hours.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development considers housing affordable as long as the cost of rent or mortgage and tax payments, plus utilities, do not exceed 30 percent of income, which about 40 million American households fall short of 2011.
Unsafe and, or inadequate housing is a result.

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Checking Out The Sights


Two young deer that haven’t lost their spots yet seem in awe of a strange two-legged critter with a camera as they wait beside the railroad tracks near Montana Hwy. 13, about eight miles east of Wolf Point, Thursday, July 24.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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Laser Regatta Planned On Fort Peck Lake

The first Can-Am Fort Peck Lake Laser Regatta will be held Aug. 15-17. The sailing event will be held at the Fort Peck Lake Marina.
Join the fun of seeing a great sailing event take its inaugural plunge into Fort Peck Lake. Fort Peck Lake Sailing will be the organizing authority for the sailing competition.
The Laser is a 14-foot, single-handed sailing dinghy. The Lasers are an Olympic Class and raced all over the world. The Laser is known for fast competitive racing. It is a very exciting sailboat. Fort Peck Lake’s great waters and eastern Montana’s ever present monumental winds will be the perfect venue for epic sailing   
All Laser sailboats and sailors are welcome.
This year’s sponsors for the first Can-Am Fort Peck Lake Laser Regatta are  Sail Montana, http://www.sailmontana.com/; and Fort Peck Marina.
The Fort Peck Lake Marina is the event headquarters.
Volunteers are welcome.
For further information, contact Page Anderson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 406-580-0487 or Julie Burke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 406-939-0280.

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