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Paine Shoots A Combined 170 At State Golf Meet

Wolf Point High School golfers Anamarie Long and Jeremiah Paine participated in the state tournament last week in Huntley Project and Shepherd.
At the Eaglerock course, Paine shot 88 the first day and 82 the second day which included a personal best. He finished with a total score of 170 placing him tied for 34th out of 79 golfers.
Long shot a 111 the first day, which was a personal best for her, and a 119 the second day finishing up with a 230. She tied for 48th out of 66 golfers at the state tourney.
“These two did great for being freshman at the state tourney. They got a lot of compliments from their markers and other coaches. I am very proud of these two. What more could I ask for? We had our personal bests at the state tourney on some pretty tough courses,” coach Rodney Paulson said.


Lyndsey Young of Poplar shot a combined 271.

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Wolf Point And Poplar Athletes Qualify For Track Divisionals At WP District Meet

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The first photo is Wolf Point's Shelby Hanks landing for a fourth place finish in the long jump that qualified her for the divisional meet.  The second picture is Wolf Point's Marques White Horse. He finished in first place in the 3200 meter run. He is seen here in the 800 meter run. The third photo is Poplar’s Kamryn Azure in the 800 meter run.  The fourth picture is Wolf Point's Ashley Page in the long jump. She was injured on this jump.  Thr fifth photo is Wolf Point's Brady Babb in the 800 meter run. The last picture is Wolf Point's Kateri Rush in the 800 meter run.  (Photos by John Plestina)


Several Wolf Point and Poplar track athletes qualified for divisionals at the District 2B meet in Wolf Point, Saturday, May 2.
The divisional meet will be in Glasgow Saturday, May 16.
Complete team scores are reported, but individual results are for Wolf Point and Poplar athletes only.
Team scores: Glasgow, first, 240; Wolf Point, second, 118; Malta, third, 69; Poplar, fourth, 50; Plentywood, fifth, 41; Harlem, sixth, 4.
100 meter: Andrew Heser, WP, second, 12.06; Wesley Weeks, WP, third, 12.12.
200 meter: Owen Lepper, WP, third, 24.05; Heser, WP, fourth, 24.49.
400 meter: Lepper, WP, third, 53.8; Austyn Juve, WP, sixth, 56.77.
800 meter: Brady Babb, WP, third, 2:17.23.
1600 meter: Marques White Horse, WP, second, 5:00.18; Mathew Rattling Thunder, Poplar, third, 5:00.38.
3200 meter: White Horse, WP, first, 10:48.4; Rattling Thunder, Poplar, second, 10:53.01.
110 hurdles: Kenny Boos, WP, fourth, 17.36.
300 hurdles: Myltin Bighorn, Poplar, second, 44.7; Boos, WP, fifth, 46.72; Juve, WP, sixth, 47.55.
400 relay: Wolf Point, first, 46.27; Glasgow, second, 46.57; Plentywood, third, 49.4; Poplar, fourth, 52.47; Harlem, fifth, DQ; Malta, sixth, DQ.
1600 relay: Malta, first, 3:39.42; Wolf Point, second, 3:43.2; Glasgow, third, 3:50.1; Poplar, fourth, 3:53.57; Plentywood, fifth, 3:56.14.
Long jump: Heser, WP, sixth, 17-9.
High jump: Juve, WP, third, 5-8; Lepper, WP, fourth, 5-6.
Pole vault: Babb, WP, second, 10-6.
Shot put: Weeks, WP, first, 41-6; David Knerr, WP, second, 41-3½; A.J. Hollom, Poplar, third, 39-10½.
Discus throw: Orlando Young, Poplar, second, 113-3; Andrew Moran, Poplar, fourth, 111-8; Hollom, Poplar, fifth, 108-6; Weeks, WP, sixth, 104-9.
Team scores: Glasgow, first, 198; Malta, and Wolf Point, tied for third, 156; Plentywood fourth, 66; Poplar, fifth, 10; Harlem, sixth, 6.
Individual results are for Wolf Point and Poplar athletes only.
100 meter: Brenna Kurokawa, WP, fourth, 13.82; Kylee Stump, Poplar, sixth, 13.98.
200 meter: Kurokawa, WP, fourth, 29.29.
400 meter: Jaki Harada, WP, sixth, 1:09.45.
800 meter: Kateri Rush, WP, third, 2:36.03; Sierra Summers, WPHS, fourth, 2:37.47.
1600 meter: Summers, WP, second, 5:46.7; Rush, WP, third, 5:54.74; Aniston Sampson, Poplar, sixth, 6:29.77.
3200 meter: Summers, WP, second, 13:03.68; Kelsie Neubauer, WP, fifth, 14:31.94; Little Skye Fast Horse, Poplar, sixth, 14:44.59.
300 hurdles: Emily Hagadone, Poplar, fifth, 58.28.
400 relay: Glasgow, first, 52.34; Malta, second, 52.9; Wolf Point, third, 55.24.
1600 relay: Glasgow, first, 4:19.33; Wolf Point, third, 4:43.15; Plentywood, fourth, 4:50.71; Poplar, fifth, 5:13.67.
Long jump: Shelby Hanks, WP, fourth, 14-8.
High jump: Hanks, WP, first, 4-10.
Pole vault: Kurokawa, WP, third, 8; Samantha Goodman, WP, fourth, 5; Harada, WP, sixth, 5.
Shot put: Katrina Whiteman, Poplar, sixth, 30-2½.
Discus throw: Whiteman, Poplar, fifth, 86-10.
Javelin throw: Ashtyn Hentges, WP, fourth, 98.

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Basketball Coaches Approved, But Football, Volleyball Appointments Delayed

The outgoing school board declined to appoint two new head coaches before approving several others.
High school principal Kim Hanks and assistant principal Brett Scott were removed from the list of nominated coaches after outgoing trustee Janice Wemmer-Kegley said she was concerned that two administrators might coach during the same season. Scott had been slated to become head football coach and Hanks for volleyball.
Outgoing board member Tracy Juve-Miranda said the new board that would be sworn in immediately following the meeting should make the decisions.
The board then voted 4-1 to appoint the coaches with Hanks and Scott omitted. Brent Nygard cast the sole dissenting vote.
After the new school board was sworn in, they scheduled two meetings to address the need to recruit a new superintendent and requested that the appointment of the head football and volleyball coaches be placed on an agenda for a special meeting Monday, May 18.
The outgoing board approved the appointment of Scott as activities director and approved the resignation of current activities director Mike Erickson. He has also served as a high school teacher and transportation director.
The board also accepted the resignation of head girls’ basketball coach Jeff Neubauer.
Newly approved Southside School physical education teacher Cody Larson was approved as head girls’ basketball coach and assistant football coach.
Scott Nasner will replace Kelly Nieskens as head boys’ basketball coach. He served as an assistant coach last year.
Stan Moran Jr. will become head wrestling coach and an assistant cross country coach. He has been an assistant coach in the wrestling program.
Brad Moran will also be an assistant wrestling coach.
Former head wrestling coach Stan Moran Sr., will return as an assistant coach in the program.
Samantha Starkey will take over as head cheer coach for seasons 1 and 2 for the next school year.
Other coaching positions approved were: R.C. Page, assistant football coach; Joey Olsen, assistant football coach; Erin Fosland, assistant volleyball coach; and Scott Vandall, junior high wrestling.

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Four WPHS Tennis Players Going To State

Four Lady Wolves emerged from divisionals in Baker Friday, May 8, earning the right to compete at state.
“The Lady Wolves did very well and we will be taking both doubles teams to state this week,” coach Nicole Boos said.
The doubles team of Thea Smith and Stormy Knerr placed third in the tournament and the team of Sierra Hanks and Octavia Reum placed second,  both earning a spot at state in Great Falls, beginning Thursday, May. 14.
Results at divisionals were as follows.
Round One
Mandi Martin received a bye because she was the No. 1 seed.
Taylor Hamilton defeated Michaela French from Forsyth, 6-2 and 6-1.
Charlene Allmer lost to Mariah Becker from Forsyth, 2-6 and 0-6.
Mary Clark went on in the competition due to a forfeit by Forsyth.
Round Two
Martin lost to Anna Espland from Baker, 3-6 and 3-6.
Clark lost to Pam Tronstad from Baker, 3-6 and 0-6.
Hamilton lost to Taylyn Kornig from Baker, 2-6 and 0-6.
Round Four
Hamilton defeated Allmer, 6-4 and 6-2.
Clark and Martin advanced due to forfeits by Forsyth.
Round Five
Hamilton defeated Clark, 6-4 and 6-1 and lost 5-7.
Martin lost to Becker from Forsyth, 0-6 and won 6-3 and 8-6.
Round Six
Hamilton lost to Espland from Baker, 2-6 and 1-6.
Martin lost to Tronstad from Baker, 4-6 and 2-6.
“If Mandi Martin and Taylor Hamilton would have won in the sixth round they would have been able to go to state. They made a great comeback and just barely missed the chance at state,” Boos said. “I am so proud of all girls,” she said.
Round One
Sierra Hanks and Octavia Reum advanced with a bye.
Thea Smith and Stormy Knerr defeated Dannon Purkett and Kira Thompson from Forsyth, 6-4 and 6-4.
Round Two
Smith and Knerr lost to Braylea Wyrick and Savannah Hickey from Baker, 2-6 and 2-6.
Hanks and Reum defeated Samantha Smith and Savannah Davis from Baker, 6-1 and 6-2.
Round Three
Hanks and Reum lost to Savannah Hickey and Braylea Wyrick from Baker, 0-6 and 5-7.
Smith and Knerr defeated Samantha Smith and Davis from Baker, 7-5 and 7-5.
Round Four
Hanks and Reum lost to Smith and Knerr, 2-10.
Hanks and Reum lost to Savannah Hickey and Braylea Wyrick from Baker, 2-6 and 3-6.

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Wolves Host District Meet With Track Team’s Goals Set

5.7.15.SP-TRACK 6853-WEB5.7.15.SP-TRACK 6792-WEB5.7.15.SP-TRACK 6804-WEB5.7.15.SP-TRACK 6761-WEB

The first photo is Wolf Point's Brady Babb pole vaulting for a third place finish.  The second picture is Wolf Point's Sierra Summers rounding the track on her way to a first place finish in the 3200 meter run.  The third photo is Poplar's Brittany Whiteman and the final picture is Wolf Point's Brenna Kurokawa winning top honors in the pole vault.  Photos taken at the Wolf Point Invitational.   (Photos by John Plestina)

R.C. Page set a goal of the Wolves bringing home hardware from the Class B District Meet before the current track season started.
The season is winding down and the district meet will be in Wolf Point, Saturday, May 9.
“We haven’t lost sight of that goal,” head track coach Page said.
The Wolves made a strong showing at their home track meet Saturday, May 2, despite the All-State Band, Chorus and Orchestra Festival in Billings detracting from the Wolf Point Invitational Track meet taking a full third of the WPHS track team. Substantial numbers of athletes were taken from several teams.
“We had nine kids at the state music festival, so we were not a full team,” Page said.
“Even though we had a short team, we felt that our kids stepped up,” he said.
Five Class B, 13 Class C schools and one from North Dakota competed.
The top six at the district meet from each Class B school advance to divisionals.
Four days prior to the home meet, the Wolves competed in the Northeast Top 10 meet in Glasgow, Tuesday, April 28.
“We took 11 athletes. For us, that’s the biggest group we have taken for several years,” Page said.
“Everybody had a great day and found the podium quite a bit,” he said.
Wolf Point athletes that were top placers included Wesley Weeks, Marques White Horse, Kateri Rush and Sierra Summers.
“We were pleased to take that many kids and compete at that high a level,” Page said.
Divisionals will be in Glasgow Saturday, May 16.

WPHS Invite
Team scores were not calculated.
The following boys’ individual results are for top six place finishers from schools within the coverage areas of The Herald-News and The Searchlight only.
200 meter: Owen Lepper, WPHS, first, 24.00; Andrew Heser, WPHS, third, 24.17; Dalton Kautz, Nashua, sixth, 25.5.
400 meter: Kautz, Nashua, fifth, 55.2.
800 meter: Lane Nickels, Nashua, first, 2:08.87; Tristan Sun Rhodes, Culbertson, second, 2:09.37; Beau Hyatt,
Bainville, 2:11.57.
1600 meter: Nickels, Nashua, first, 4:45.00; Michael Azure, Culbertson, fourth, 5:03.00; Marques White Horse, WPHS, fifth, 5:07.00.
3200 meter: Sun Rhodes, Culbertson, first, 10:46.01; Matthew Rattling Thunder, Poplar, third, 11:16.95; Mack Young, Lustre, fourth, 11:35.00.
110 hurdles: Kenny Boos, WPHS, fifth, 17.84; Trey Simanton, WPHS, sixth, 18.76.
300 hurdles: Myltin Bighorn, Poplar, second, 44.53; Boos, WPHS, fifth, 48.84.
400 meter relay: WPHS, second, 46.06; Frazer, sixth, 55.31.
1600 meter relay: WPHS, second, 3:48.47; Poplar, third, 3:57.64; Bainville, fifth, 4:05.00.
High jump: Adam Buxbaum, Culbertson, second, 6-0.00; Lepper, WPHS, fourth, 5-10.00.
Long jump: Buxbaum, Culbertson, third, 19-3.75; Cameron Lambert, Culbertson, sixth, 18-7.50.
Triple jump: Horsman, Frazer, third, 38-9.75; Kade Guenther, Froid/Lake, sixth, 35-8.00.
Pole Vault: Brady Babb, WPHS, third, 9-9.00.
Shot put: Wesley Weeks, WPHS, third, 41-6.50; A.J. Hollem, Poplar, fourth, 39-3.75.
Discus throw: Austin Rederson, Culbertson, fourth, 115-04; Hollem, Poplar, sixth, 115-02.
Javelin throw: Orlando Young, Poplar, second, 139-03; Buxbaum, Culbertson, third, 137-08; David Knerr, WPHS, fourth, 133-08; Boy Youngman, Poplar, fifth, 130-08; Lambert, Culbertson, sixth, 130-00.
The following girls’ individual results are for top six place finishers from schools within the coverage areas of The Herald-News and The Searchlight only.
100 meter: Brenna Kurokawa, WPHS, sixth, 13.71.
800 meter: Sierra Summers, WPHS, first, 2:41.02; Kateri Rush, WPHS, second, 2:41.02; Paige Robertson, Froid/Lake, fourth, 2:54.00; Joely Picard, Bainville, fifth, 2:54..43; Amanda Buckles, Frazer, sixth, 2:54.81.
1600 meter: Rush, WPHS, first, 5:55.00; Summers, WPHS, second, 5:58.00.
3200 meter: Summers, WPHS, first, 13:21.24; Buckles, Frazer, sixth, 14:26.03.
100 hurdles: Anistyn Young, Froid/Lake, fourth, 18.47; Lexi Anaya, Bainville, sixth, 19.34.
300 hurdles: Emily Nielsen, Culbertson, first, 54.1; Elise Romo, Bainville, second, 54.36; Anaya, Bainville, third, 54.46; Emily Hagadone, Poplar, sixth, 56.5.
400 meter relay: WPHS, second, 54.52; Froid/Lake, sixth, 58.12.
1600 meter relay: WPHS, first, 4:49; Poplar, third, 5:24.
Pole vault: Kurokawa, WPHS, first, 8-06.00.
Long jump: Nielsen, Culbertson, sixth, 14-01.75.
Triple jump: Morgan Mason, Froid/Lake, fifth, 29-5.5.
Shot put: Mariah Machart, Culbertson, first, 32-5.00; Katrina Whiteman, Poplar, fourth, 31-0.50.
Discus throw: Tessa Larsen, Culbertson, first, 94-6; Faith Keys, Nashua, fourth, 82-9; Whiteman, Poplar, fifth, 82-5.
Javelin throw: Ashtyn Hentges, WPHS, first, 99-4; Morgan Mason, Froid/Lake, second, 98-8; Keys, Nashua, third, 97-6; Ashley Page, WPHS, fifth, 93-8.

Northeast Top 10 at Glasgow
Boys team results: Garfield County, first, 66 team points; Glasgow, second, 62; Sidney, third, 56; Baker, fourth, 44; Westby/Grenora, fifth, 42; Havre and Fairview, tied for sixth, 30 each; Chinook, eighth, 26; Carter County, ninth, 20; WPHS, 10th, 18; Malta, 11th, 14; Savage, 12th, 12; Culbertson, Harlem and Nashua, tied for 13th, 10; Hinsdale, 16th, 8; Bainville, 17th, 6; Circle, Frazer and Whitewater, tied for 18th, 4.
The following boys’ individual results are for athletes from schools within the coverage areas of The Herald-News and The Searchlight only.
100 meter: Wesley Weeks, WPHS, seventh, 12.26.
200 meter: Owen Lepper, WPHS, sixth, 24.39.
400 meter: Lane Nickels, Nashua, fifth, 53.19.
800 meter: Nickels, Nashua, first, 2:04.38; Daniel Horsman, Frazer, fourth, 2:10.36; Bailey Christoffersen, Froid/Lake, eighth, 2:16.15.
1600 meter: Tristan Sun Rhodes, Culbertson, first, 4:46.20; Marques White Horse, WPHS, third, 4:52.11; Michael Azure, Culbertson, fifth, 4:53.38; Beau Hyatt, Bainville, sixth, 4:55.89.
3200 meter: White Horse, WPHS, second, 10:45.84; Hyatt, Bainville, third, 10:52.11; Matthew Rattling Thunder, Poplar, fifth, 10:54.87.
4x100 relay: WPHS, Weeks, Austyn Juve, Andrew Heser and Cole Grandchamp, eighth, 1:08.71.
Shot put: Weeks, WPHS, fourth, 41-07.50; A.J. Hollom, Poplar, fifth, 40-11.50.
Discus throw: Hollom, Poplar, seventh, 116-06.
High jump: Kade Guenther, fifth, Froid/Lake, 5-10.00; Horsman, Frazer, eighth, 5-08.00; Lepper, WPHS, 10th, 5-08.00.
Girls team results: Malta, first, 72; Glasgow, second, 58; Baker, third, 56; Scobey, fourth, 42; Sidney, fifth, 40; Plentywood and Westby/Grenora, tied for sixth, 34; Chinook, eighth, 28; WPHS, ninth, 24; Richey/Lambert, 10th, 22; Havre and Fairview, tied for 11th, 14; Terry and Turner, tied for 13th, 12; Circle, 15th, 6; Whitewater and Wibaux County, tied for 16th, 4.
The following girls’ individual results are for athletes from schools within the coverage areas of The Herald-News and The Searchlight only.
100 meter: Brenna Kurokawa, ninth, 14.68.
800 meter: Sierra Summers, WPHS, third, 2:34.19; Paige Robertson, Froid/Lake, eighth, 2:45.16.
1600 meter: Kateri Rush, WPHS, first, 5:40.81.
3200 meter: Summers, WPHS, second, 12:26.51.
100 hurdles: Anistyn Young, Froid/Lake, ninth, 18.83.
300 hurdles: Rush, WPHS, seventh, 54.17; Elise Romo, eighth, 57.99.
Shot put: Katrina Whiteman, Poplar, ninth, 31-04.50.
Javelin throw: Ashley Page, WPHS, fifth, 105-00.
High jump: Shelby Hanks, WPHS, ninth, 4-08.00
Pole vault: Kurokawa, WPHS, fifth, 7-06.00.
Long jump: Hanks, WPHS, eighth, 14-07.50.
Triple jump: Emily Nielsen, Culbertson, eighth, 31-04.50.

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