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Poplar Competes In Baker Invitational

The Poplar High School boys’ track and field team finished 18th with seven points at the Baker Invitational Track Meet Saturday, April 12.
Boys’ Results
1600 Meter
Lane Headdress, ninth, 5:25.80.
3200 Meter
Headdress, fifth, 11:54.80; Chris LeMay, 10th, 12:35.71.
4x100m Relay
Poplar finished 17th, 51.76, Jeffrey Berger, Myltin Bighorn, Sheridan Stranger Horse and Brent Lester.
Shot Put
Daniel DeHerrera, fourth, 40-06.50; AJ Hollom, seventh, 38-06.00; Daniel Orcutt, 17th, 36-00.00; Stranger Horse, 18th, 35-11.50.
Stranger Horse, seventh, 110-04; DeHerrera, eighth, 105-03; Hollom, 16th, 96-06.
Girls’ Results
100 Meter
Kylee Stump, 18th, 14.68.
200 Meter
Stump, 17th, 31.12.
800 Meter
Brooke Boyd, 13th, 3:01.08; Brittany Whiteman, 16th, 3:11.61.
1600 Meter
Drew Reum, 15th, 6:53.05; Whiteman, 16th, 7:07.35.
Shot Put
Shawna Hagadone, 11th, 27:00.50.
Hagadone, seventh, 85-07; Jessica Pipe, 15th, 73-03; Whiteman, 23rd, 65-11.

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Lady Wolves Off To Good Start At First Two Meets

HN.4.10.14.WP.TENNIS-PRESSERThe Lady Wolves got off to an impressive start with a pair of matches at home against Forsyth Friday, April 4, and Baker Saturday, April 5.
The Lady Wolves easily shut down Forsyth, winning all but one match.
Carry Vandall won two matches over Kayla Fulton, 6-2, and Maria Antonio-Lewis 6-1.
Sierra Hanks also won twice, beating Kayla Fulton 6-1 and Alex Gantchoff 6-1.
Erin Presser won a pair over Maria Antonio-Lewis, 6-3, and Justine Yazzie 6-1.
Tavie Reum beat Mecaila French 6-0.
Mercadeez Clark beat Haley Ash-Eide 6-0.
Thea Smith lost to Alex Gantchoff 4-6.
Kendra Landsrud beat Justine Yazzie 6-2.
In doubles, Tavie Reum and Kendra Landsrud beat Maria Anotonio-Lewis and Kayla Fulton 6-2.
Thea Smith and Mercadeez Clark beat Justine Yazzie and Alex Gantchoff 6-2, and Mecaila French and Haley Ash-Eide 6-0.
Wolf Point came out with a positive finish, winning six and losing four matches to Baker.
The names of Baker players were not available.
Vandall lost one match 4-8 and won another 8-6.
Hanks won a tie-breaker 8-7 and lost another match 2-6.
Presser won one match 6-0 and lost another 2-8.
In doubles, Reum and Landsrud lost a match 1-8 and  Smith and Clark won two matches 6-0 and 6-0.
“I was so very impressed with how this weekend went. Of course, we still need to work on some things, but I believe with a little more practice, we will have a very successful tennis season,” coach Nichole Boos said.
“Sierra Hanks did an exceptional job on her match which ended up going into a grueling tie-breaker and in result Sierra came up with the win. I was very proud of her,” she said.
“I’m lucky to have the group of girls I do. They are all talented and I look forward to the rest of the season as they continue to improve,” Boos said.
The Lady Wolves will play at home again Saturday, hosting Williston, N.D.

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Wolves Run Strong At Glasgow; also Brockton, Lustre, Nashua, Poplar Results

The Wolves track and field team finished ninth, recording a team score of 21 and the Lady Wolves registered a team score of 14 for a seventh-place finish at the Glasgow Invitational Friday, April 4.
Glasgow finished first on both the boys’ and girls’ sides.
Kenny Boos finished third in the 110m hurdles, recording a time of 18.94, and sixth in the 300m hurdles with a time of 50.06.
In the 400m relay, Wolf Point A was second with a time of 47.81.
Aaron D’Ambrosio finished third in the triple jump with a 35-10.
Wolf Point A finished fifth in the girls’ 400m relay at 57.23.
Shelby Hanks recorded fourth place in the high jump with a jump of 4-8.25.
Sonica Archdale registered a third place finish in the long jump with a 14-0.50 and Ashley Page finished seventh, recording a jump of 13.06.50.
“It was a beautiful day,” head coach Robert Page said.
“I was impressed with both the boys and girls. We’re a young team. We have a lot of freshmen and sophomores,” he said.
“A big part of our program is to be coachable and a lot of our kids were coachable [at the Glasgow meet],” Page said.
“We can improve on the times and distances they set,” he said.
The Wolves’ varsity will compete at Baker Saturday, April 12. Wolf Point will host a junior high track invitational meet Friday, April 11.
Other Schools
Brockton only competed with a girls’ team and tied Nashua for 11th place with 2 points each.
Lustre Christian High School only competed on the boys’ side and was 15th with a score of 2.
James Ryu finished fifth in the triple jump with a 35-2.
Nashua’s boys finished sixth with a score of 42 and the girls tied with Brockton for 11th place with 2 points each.
Lane Nickels of Nashua finished first in the 800m recording a 2:11.28.
In the 1600m, Nickels also recorded a first- place finish with a time of 5:10.30.
Brandon Bunk of Nashua took sixth place in the 3200m, recording 13:36.00.
In the boys’ 1600m relay, Nashua A finished third  with a time of 4:11.00.
Nickels was second in the high jump with a jump of 5-4. Chase Williams finished third with a 5-0 jump. Kyle Gorman finished sixth with a 4-10.
Morgan Guttenberg finished sixth in the girls’ long jump with a jump of 13-8.50.
Sandy Viste finished sixth in the javelin with a throw of 74-11.
The Poplar boys finished 10th with a score of 17 and the girls’ team was also 10th with a score of 4.
Lane Headdress finished fifth in the 1600m with a time of 5:27.40.
Myltin Bighorn  finished third in the 300m hurdles with a time of 48.69. Brent Lester finished fifth at 48.96.
In the boys’ 400m relay, Poplar A finished sixth with a time of 50.87.
Sheridan Stranger Horse finished third in discus with a throw of 118-1.
Drew Reum finished sixth in the girls’ 1600m, recording a time of 7:09.50, and sixth in the 3200m with a time of 15:18.30.
Shawna Hagadone finished fifth in the discus with a throw of  84-0.

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Three Friends On And Off The Basketball Court Look Forward To Graduation

threeamigosHigh school. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. And the thing that got most of people through it was friends.
Three Wolf Point High School students have known each other all their lives and have gone through four years of high school and sports together. Tukker Toavs, Sonica Archdale and Sarah Hafner will graduate together in May.
Toavs and Archdale have been together through all 12 years of school. Hafner went to Frontier Elementary School and joined them at WPHS as a freshman.
They were not asked the typical questions they were expecting.
Since basketball had just ended, they responded to questions about what they were each taking away from the season.
Toavs shared that the boys’ team is a young team. They have great chemistry and were working through the year learning to become a team. He said he expects great things from them next year.
Archdale had the same thought on the girls’ team. This year, she said, it was a true team. In the past, there has always been one player that didn’t quite become part of the team. She said she also expects great things from the team next year.
Hafner said the team started coming out stronger during the last games. From the start of the season, they would take awhile to get charged up. She noticed this had changed at the end of the season and said she hoped that is a carryover into next year.
Then, they were asked if they could hit a “redo” button, what they would change about their time at Wolf Point?
Toavs said the only thing he would change would be avoiding an injury during his junior year.
Archdale said she would have played volleyball and track all four years.
Hafner wouldn’t change anything and said she “was involved in everything she wanted to be involved in.”
Each was asked what was the highlight of high school?
Toavs answered sports.
Archdale agreed, sports.
When asked why, they both responded the discipline, the camaraderie and the focus on sports.
Hafner responded that the highlight was how far the basketball team went this year as a team.
Then they were asked if they participate in spring sports and which?
Only Archdale is involved in spring sports this year and that is track and field.
They were asked how they helped each other.
Toavs and Archdale both agreed that each has proven to be a huge motivator for the other two. Hafner added that it was special because they are the only seniors on the basketball teams. So they stay with each other and inspire each other.
Asked to look at the person on their right and share something about them that they admire and or respect, all three said that person motivates them to perform, achieve and keep on.
Then, they each shared the funniest memory they have of the person on their left.
Toavs and Archdale drew a blank. Hafner recalled the Saturday Night Live Dance Partners skit in which Toavs was a cheerleader. He was doing a routine that called for him to kick his leg over Hafner’s head. He swung his leg too soon and knocked her in the head.
But, she said, “thankfully he had taken his cowboy boots off before the skit.”
What or who will they miss most?
Toavs and Archdale said friends and coaches.
Hafner said sports, but she will be too busy preparing to be a nurse to participate in sports at Montana State University.
Their advice for friends who will still be at WPHS next year?
Toavs said stay in school, stay in sports, avoid peer pressure and always remember you are a role model.
Archdale said to get involved and enjoy it while you can. She said to always listen and study to keep your grades up so you can participate in sports.

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Wolf Point Invitational

HN.4.3.14.divas 5702Seventy-seven teams played in 12 divisions at the annual Wolf Point Invitational Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Tournament held Friday through Sunday, March 28-30 at Wolf Point High School and Frontier, Northside and Southside elementary schools.  
Boys’ winners were: fourth grade, Scobey; fifth grade, Sidney; sixth grade, Scobey; mini, Spartans; seventh grade, Glasgow; eighth grade, Sidney; ninth-10th grade, Colstrip, 11th-12th grade- FMDH.
Girls’ winners were: fourth grade, Glasgow; fifth-sixth grade, WP Outlaws; seventh grade, Wolf Point; eighth grade, BCD Farms; High school girls, Glasgow.

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