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Wolf Point Youth Soccer Ends With Tournament


On Saturday, Oct. 15, the Wolf Point Youth Soccer League held its final games of the season. The season ended with a tournament-style set of games which gave a top four set of teams out of the six that competed.
The Wolves wound up taking first place for the year, but it didn’t come to them easy.
The Wolves were the number one seed to win the tournament going into what would have been the final game of the tournament had they won. However, the Wolves lost that game to the Grizzlies who wound up scoring two goals in the last half of the game.
The Grizzlies were the number two seed for the tournament and they upset the Wolves in what would be the final game which led to a second game to determine the first-place winner.
The final game was a tough game for the Grizzlies who were simply tired after playing at least two other games that day already. They had beaten the Wolves in the prior game but couldn’t manage to score on them in the final game. The Wolves managed two goals against the Grizzlies in this game and came back to win the tournament.
One notable benefit the Wolves had in the last game, aside from being fresher from having played fewer games that day, was a remarkably good goalie who blocked at least three attempts to score from the Grizzlies.
Mayor Chris Dschaak was a guest referee for the final game of the season at the crowd’s insistence and the final game was over after about a half hour.
The Wolves took first place in the overall tournament with the Grizzlies taking second. The Redhawks came in third, the Bulldogs came in fourth and the Firebirds and Blazers didn’t place in the tournament.
The six- to nine-year-olds’ league was headed by Mike Bushman this year.
Bushman said, “This years turnout was the best ever, numbers-wise. Over 150 kids came out to play.”
Bushman also expressed appreciation to every person who volunteered to help with the program and all of the parents who supported the program. He also asked that any parents who wound up with a uniform to return them to the city office or to Chris Dschaak at the Swap Shop so they can be used next year.
Bushman also stated that he is looking forward to next year and having even more youth participate.
Other volunteers included Gage Bostick, Gaige Bushman and Jakeb Bushman.
Volunteer coaches included Jennifer Nasner, the Wolves; Aaron Bell, the Grizzles; Mike Turcotte and Jeremy Azure, the Redhawks; Jory BlackEagle and Brenden Lee, the Bulldogs; Michelle Hilkemann, the Firebirds; and Latoya Holen, the Blazers.
It was a big season for the program and it’s first under the City of Wolf Point.
The season will likely start sooner and run a little longer next year as more of the details are ironed out, said Dschaak.

The Wolves The Wolves took first place in the tournament and are (from left to right) Dezmond Snell, Kailayla Villaluz, Chase Adams, Stone Lilley, Xavier Nasner, Ezekiel Payne, Reilly Rees, Quintana Young, Amara Bates and coach Jennifer Nasner.

The Grizzlies  The Grizzlies are the second place team for this year in youth soccer and are (back row, left to right) Andy Dschaak, Jacob White Jr., Richard Campbell, Michael Bell and Keenan Huber, (front row) Roper Haten Chants Taylor, Chaz Kegley, Tavian Bell and Della Medicine Stone.

The Redhawks The Redhawks were the third place team in youth soccer this year and are (back row, left to right) Cash Ackerman, Jeff Azure, Jazz Azure, Jessa Sandan, Thea Weeks and Conway Turcotte, (front row) Rebel Mays, Annaleigh Matejovsky, Aaron Johnson and Meadow Moats.

The Bullldogs The Bulldogs placed fourth in the tournament and are (back row, from left to right) coaches Brenden Lee and Jory BlackEagle, (middle row) Marcus Brown, Jasper Hollowhorn, Jorilynn BlackEagle, Lauren Rodenberg, Black Lambert, Roy Hennesee and Owen Moran, (front row) Alaina Hall, Justyne Martell, Aiden Hall, Stephanie Martell and Lonnie Steele.



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Wolf Point Youth Soccer Wraps Up Season

On Thursday, Oct. 17, Wolf Point Youth Soccer’s four- and five-year-old age group wrapped up it’s first season as a city program. The “M” team wound up taking first-place in the four- and five-year-old league and the program had about 12 volunteers total and 35 youth who participated.

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Postseason Starts New Season For WPHS, Poplar Spikers

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Wolves End Season On Gridiron 2-6

Head coach Brett Scott and the Wolf Point Wolves set a goal for a class B playoff berth for the first time in several years when the season began in August.
Instead the Wolves (2-2, 2-6) ended the season in third place with a 47-6 non-conference loss in Roundup Friday, Oct. 14.
Wolf Point was in sole possession of first place in district 2B the fifth week of the season.

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Indians Lose Final Conference Game At Glasgow

The conference-leading Glasgow Scotties won their third district 2B contest over Poplar with seven first quarter touchdowns in Glasgow Friday, Oct. 15.
After the damage was done in the first stanza, Glasgow only scored two more times for a 63-6 win.

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