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Amerind All West Native Basketball Classic


The Fort Peck Housing Authority Youth Department sponsored boys’ and girls’ basketball teams from the Fort Peck Reservation that played in the 30th annual Amerind All West Native American Basketball Classic in Lakewood, Colo., in late March. It was part of the annual Amerind Native American Youth Weekend. The Fort Peck girls’ team finished in third place in the Silver Division. Pictured are (front row, from left to right): Ashtyn Hentges, Wolf Point, sophomore; April Brown, Brockton, senior; Mariah Weeks, Wolf Point, senior; Jessica Bauer, Wolf Point, senior; Jasmine Eder, Brockton, sophomore; (back row) Aileen Russell, Poplar, played for Brockton, freshman; Shaedel Adams, Frazer, freshman; and Nakiya Jackson, Frazer, freshman. A team photo of the boys’ team was not available. They are: Chris Azure, Culbertson, junior; Alex Lone Bear, Poplar, senior; Tyson Bridges, Wolf Point, senior; Justin Gray Hawk Jr., Culbertson, junior; Terrell Hamilton, Wolf Point, sophomore; Trevor Hamilton, Wolf Point, senior; Orlando Young, Poplar, sophomore; Boy Youngman, Poplar, sophomore; Waylon Youpee Jr., Poplar, junior.   (Submitted photo)

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Local Athletes Do Well At Glendive Elks Meet

The following results for top placing individual competitors from the Glendive Elks Invitational Friday, April 24, are for local athletes only.
Team scores: Glendive, 91; Jordan, 74; Sidney, 66; Westby/Grenora, 61; Miles City, 56; Baker, 48; Fairview, 36; Wolf Point, 24; Ekalaka, 18; Forsyth, 16; Culbertson, 14; Bainville, 12; Scobey, 8; Terry, 2; Wibaux, 1.
400 meter: Owen Lepper, WP, fourth, 54.10.
800 meter: Tristan Sun Rhodes, Culbertson, third, 2:08.33.
1600 meter: Sun Rhodes, Culbertson, second, 4:44.53; Beau Hyatt, Bainville, third, 4:53.19; Marques White Horse, WP, fourth, 4:58.19.
3200 meter: White Horse, WP, second, 10:54.57; Hyatt, Bainville, third, 10:55.74.
400 relay: Wolf Point, second, 45.94.
Team scores: Glendive, 70; Miles City, 69.5; Baker, 67.5; Sidney, 60; Forsyth, 49.5; Scobey, 36.5; Wolf Point, 36; Westby/Grenora, 34; Richey/Lambert, 32; Terry, 19.5; Wibaux, 14.5; Fairview, 14; Culbertson, 8; Bainville, 8; Jordan, 4; Plevna, 4.
800 meter: Sierra Summers, WP, first, 2:32.37; Kateri Rush, WP, third, 2:36.48.
1600 meter: Summers, WP, first, 5:39.16; Rush, WP, fourth, 5:49.52.
300 hurdles: Elise Romo, Bainville, second, 53.5.
Long jump: Emily Nielsen, Culbertson, fifth, 14-3½.
Triple jump: Nielsen, Culbertson, third, 31-8½.
High jump: Shelby Hanks, WP, third, 4-8.
Pole vault: Brenna Kurokawa, WP, sixth.

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Poplar Golf Off To Good Start

The 2015 Poplar Indian golf season has officially got underway with the first meet taking place at the Sidney Country Club, hosted by Fairview High School.
Participating schools included, Poplar, Plentywood, Westby, Culbertson, Scobey, Richey/Lambert, Fairview, Froid/Medicine Lake and Bainville.
The weather was nice, a little windy, but temperatures were moderate. Poplar golfers did quite well with Jordan Spotted Wolf turning in a personal best of 122.Damon Sadler turned in a 107 which placed him ninth overall and Lyndsey Young, who carded a personal best of 110, finished in fourth place overall.
The second golf meet of the season was the Poplar invitational in Wolf Point. There were six Class B teams and eight Class C teams participating with 57 total golfers.
The weather was perfect for golfing with temperatures in the low 70s and barely a breeze to be felt, which in turn enabled two Poplar golfers to card personal bests.
Jordan Spotted Wolf carded a 121 and Damon Sadler a 94, winning a chip-off as well to place him sixth overall in the tournament.
On the ladies’ side, Lyndsey Young carded a 115, winning a chip-off and placing her sixth overall in the tournament.

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First Golf Meet

4.23.15.GOLF 6595-WEB4.23.15.GOLF 6597-WEB4.23.15.GOLF 6600-WEB


Wolf Point's Jeremish Paine, and Poplar's Damon Sadler and Lyndsey Young.


These pictures were taken at Poplar's golf meet at the Wolf Point golf course, Friday, April 17.  Results were not made available.

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Lady Wolves Take Top Honors From Porcupine Invite, Several Wolf Point Athletes Are First-Place Finishers

The Lady Wolves took top honors in team points at the Porcupine Invitational in Glasgow, Friday, April 17. Nashua High School hosted the meet on the Scotties’ track.
Wolf Point’s Owen Lepper, Ashley Page and Sierra Summers finished in first place in individual events.
The Wolf Point girls’ team aced the competition with 77 points for a first place finish. Other results for girls’ teams were: Whitewater, second, 75 points; Chinook, third, 73; Richey/Lambert, fourth, 72; Saco, fifth, 47; Scobey, sixth, 46; Turner, seventh, 35; Circle, eighth, 22; Hins-dale, ninth, 19; Nashua, 10th, 17; Frazer, 11th, 8; Rosebud, 12th, no points recorded.
For boys’ teams, Wolf Point finished fourth, recording 62 team points. Other boys results were: Hinsdale, first, 115; Nashua, second, 90.5; Chinook, third, 65; Frazer and
Scobey, tied for fifth, 36; Richey/Lambert, seventh, 34.5; Whitewater, eighth, 24; Turner, ninth, 13; Circle, 10th, 12; Saco, 11th, 6; Rosebud, 12th, 2; Dodson, 13th, no points recorded.
“Overall, we had a good showing from the kids,” assistant coach Eric Peterson said.
“It was a meet before prom. The kids had to come back and get ready for prom,” he said.
Peterson said the 75-
degree weather with no wind made a great day for a track meet.
Wolf Point did not participate in a meet in Sidney on Saturday, because it was the day after prom and some of the athletes had planned to attend the after-prom party which stretched into the wee hours of the morning.
Next up for WPHS is the Glendive Elks Invitational Track and Field Meet Saturday, April 25. The next meet will be the Top 10 meet in Glasgow Tuesday, April 28.
The annual Wolf Point Invitational will be Saturday, May 2.
Peterson said volunteers from the Wolf Point community are needed for the home track and field meet.
100 meter: Wesley Weeks, second, 12; Brady Babb, sixth, 12.6; Cole Grandchamp, seventh, 12.8.
200 meter: Grandchamp, eighth, 26.5.
400 meter: Lepper, first, 54.9; Weeks, eighth, 58.9; Babb, 10th, 60.3; David Knerr, 14th, 65.8.
1600 meter: Marques White Horse, fifth, 05:02.4.
3200 meter: White Horse, second, 11:08.3.
110 hurdles: Kenny Boos, fourth, 18.
300 hurdles: Boos, fourth, 47.1.
4x100 relay: WPHS, first, 46.5.
Shot put: Knerr, fifth, 37-04; Weeks, eighth, 36-05; Logan Nefzger, 13th, 29-07; Ty Nygard, 15th, 29-00; Marcus Green, 20th, 23-05.
Discus: Knerr, ninth, 86-03; Nygard, 12th, 82-02; Green, 16th, 48-07.
Javelin: Knerr, sixth, 122-07.
High jump: Austyn Juve, fourth, 5-06; Lepper, fifth, 5-04; White Horse, eighth, 5-02.
Long jump: White Horse, third, 17-00; Grandchamp, eighth, 15-04.
100 meter: Brenna Kurokawa, third, 13.7; Samantha Goodman, 11th, 15.1; Ashtyn Hentges, 13th, 19.
200 meter: Kurokawa, fourth, 29.
400 meter: Jaki Harada, seventh, 70.1.
800 meter: Summers, first, 02:29.1.
1600 meter: Summers, first, 05:40.0; Kateri Rush, fourth, 06:04.2.
4x100 relay: WPHS, first, 54.9.
Shot put: Alexis DeWitt, 12th, 21-05; Jaymee Stiffarm, 15th, 18-10.
Discus: Kelsie Neubauer, 13th, 66-07; DeWitt, 14th, 64-05; Stiffarm, 15th, 63-08.
Javelin: Page, first, 101-11; Neubauer, sixth, 74-02; Stiffarm, 11th, 62-06; DeWitt, 12th, 53-10.
Pole vault: Kurokawa, second, 8-00; Harada and Goodman, tie for fourth, 5-06.
Long jump: Shelby Hanks, second, 13-10; Page, eighth, 12-09.5; Kurokawa, 11th, 12-06.
Porcupine Invite
Results For Area Schools
The following are results from the Porcupine Invitational for other schools that are located within The Herald-News’ coverage area.
100 meters: Chase Williams, Nashua, third, 12.6; Taylor Padden, Nashua, 10th, 13; Nolan Viste, Nashua, 17th, 14.1.
200 meter: Dalton Kautz, Nashua, second, 24.7; Williams, 13th, 25.5.
400 meter: Lane Nickels, Nashua, second, 55.1; Kautz, Nashua, third, 55.5; Williams, fifth, 56.3.
800 meter: Nickels, Nashua, first, 02:12.3; Daniel Horsman, Frazer, fourth, 02:18.8; Korbin Cole, Frazer, sixth, 02:34.5.
1600 meter: Nickel, Nashua, first, 04:48.0; Cole, Frazer, seventh, 05:41.7.
3200 meter: Raymond Keiser, Frazer, eighth, 14:10.9.
4x400 relay: Nashua, first, 03:54.2.
Shot put: Ryan Scanlan, Nashua, sixth, 37-03; Jayson Jackson, Frazer, ninth, 32-03; Marcus Jackson, Frazer, 19th, 24-01; Alex Gardipee    , Frazer, 21st, 22-02.
Discus throw: Scanlan, Nashua, second, 114-03; Padden, Nashua, sixth, 96-10; Jayson Jackson, Frazer, 11th, 82-09; Marcus Jackson, Frazer, 17th, 48-05; Gardipee, Frazer, 18th, 45-11.
Javelin throw: Scanlan, Nashua, fifth, 124-00; Viste, Nashua, eighth, 113-10; Nickels, Nashua, 10th, 110-11; Jayson Jackson, Frazer, 13th, 105-01; Keiser, Frazer, 16th, 82-07; Padden, Nashua, 19th, 79-04; Marcus Jackson, Frazer, 21st, 64-01, Gardipee, Frazer, 22nd, 64-00.
High jump: Horsman, Frazer, first, 5-10; Kautz, Nashua, third, 5-06; Williams, Nashua, sixth, 5-02.
Long jump: Horsman, Frazer, first, 17-05.5; Kautz, Nashua, fourth, 16-10.
Triple jump: Horsman, Frazer, first, 38-07; Viste, Nashua, fifth, 31-07; Keiser, Frazer, sixth, 27-08.5.
200 meter: Hayley Nybakken, Nashua, 11th, 33.5.
400 meter: Nicole Williams, Nashua, 10th, 77.5.
800 meter: Amanda Buckles, Frazer, fourth, 02:49.6; Williams, Nashua, fifth, 02:58.1; Zoe Glasoe, Nashua, seventh, 03:12.8.
1600 meter: Glasoe, Nashua, eighth, 07:10.8.
3200 meter: Buckles, Frazer, fourth, 16:14.4.
High jump: Amanda Buckles, Frazer, seventh, 3-10.    
Long jump: Glasoe, Nashua, 14th, 10-11; Nybakken, Nashua, 15th, 10-02.
Triple jump: Glasoe, Nashua, seventh, 25-01.5.
Shot put: Faith Keys, Nashua, third, 26-09; Ryleigh Delich, Nashua, fourth, 25-08.
Discus throw: Keys, Nashua, sixth, 73-01; Delich, Nashua, 16th, 61-10.
Javelin throw: Keys, Nashua, third, 95-08; Nybakken, Nashua, 13th, 53-08.

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