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Junior High Indians Take On Wolves, Scotties, Spartans

The Poplar Indians Junior High football team for grades five through eight is fortunate to have a lot of athletes out this year with roughly 35 consistently at practice but as much as 48 with gear.
They started off at a jamboree in Glasgow with Wolf Point, Malta, Glasgow and Poplar Sept. 5 with four teams on the field [two on one end and two on the other end] with the offense starting at the 40-yard line. They are allowed to run 15 offensive plays and then switch to defense which they will then defend 15 plays from the opposing team. The coaches are allowed to stand on the field with their team during the plays. Poplar was fortunate to be able to have two teams, allowing all the players to participate in the jamboree.
On Sept. 10, the Indians visited the Wolf Point Wolves for a game that started out to be very physical with the Indians receiving the ball and marching down the field ending the drive with a touchdown followed by a failed two-point conversion.
The Wolves answered back with a very good drive of their own putting the ball into the end zone and also failing with a two-point conversion tying the score 6-6.
The Wolves picked up their defense and stopped the Indians from scoring. With the ball back the Wolves marched down the field and took the lead with a failed two point conversion 12-6.
With momentum in their favor the Wolves put up another great defensive stance and held the Indians once again.
The Wolves with the ball made another great offensive series and put six more point on the board with another failed two-point conversion putting them up 18-6 at the half.
The Indians finally gained some momentum after halftime with a successful onside kick to begin the second half. On the first drive of the second half the Indians offense kicked it in gear and put the ball in the end zone and converted the two points to put the score at 18-14 with the Wolves leading.
After back and forth defensive stands by both teams the score remained 18-14 and the Wolves with the lead heading into the fourth quarter. The Indians began the fourth quarter continuing to have success running the ball.  They were able to punch it into the end zone and also converted the two point to take the lead 22-18. With little time to spare the Wolves needed a score to win the game but came up short a couple times in the fourth quarter with a couple of strong defensive stances by the Indians. When the horn blew the final score was 22-18 with the Indians claiming victory. It was a hard fought battle between two very talented teams.
On Sept 15, the Indians traveled to Glasgow to take on the Scotties.
It was a very tough battle back and forth with the Indians scoring on their first drive. The first quarter continued with each team coming up big defensively ending the first quarter score at 6-0 Indians with the lead.
The second quarter was another defensive battle with both offenses struggling to move the ball and reach the end zone. With another good defensive stance from both teams in the second quarter the half time score remained at 6-0 Indians.
The Scotties received the second half kickoff and got momentum to swing their way quickly. They punched the ball into the end zone and also converting on the two point conversion to make the score 8-6 Scotties with the lead. The rest of the third quarter became a defensive battle with the third quarter ending with a score of 8-6 Scotties with the lead.
At the start of the fourth quarter the Scotties were able to punch it into the end zone right away missing the two point putting the score at 14-6 Scotties. After both teams went back and forth the Indians had the ball with 2:30 to go in the fourth and failed to convert a fourth down without any timeouts. Deciding not to kneel on the ball and end the game the Scotties ended up scoring three more times with under two minutes for a final score of 34-6.
The next two contests held were jamborees in Poplar on Sept. 19 and  in Wolf Point on Sept. 26. At both jamborees the only participants were the Poplar Indians, Glasgow Scotties and Wolf Point Wolves.
This allowed for the younger Indians to get some time on the field to work on the plays on defense and offense. Both the younger and older Indians have improved throughout the season. These two jamborees also allowed the Indians to work on new plays both on defense and offense to get their timing down and prepare them for the last game of the season against the Scobey Spartans.
On Sept. 29, the Indians hosted the Scobey Spartans in an 11-man battle under the lights. The Indians got off to a great start with a kick return right away to put the Indians up.
It was a back and forth game for the first half with the Indians leading the whole first half. Momentum swung in the favor of the Indians when they scored right away in the second half. With two minutes to go the Indians were up 36-14 this allowed for the younger players to get some time in. The final score was 36-30 Indians with the victory. Due to electrical issues the scoreboard wasn’t working therefore it was hard to keep track of the score.

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Wolves Drop Final District Game To Malta

10.15.15.SP-WP-FOOTBALL  007610.15.15.SP-WP-FOOTBALL  005710.15.15.SP-WP-FOOTBALL  006110.15.15.SP-WP-FOOTBALL  005310.15.15.SP-WP-FOOTBALL  0070




The first picture is Andrew Heser (24) with a kickoff return in the second quarter.  The second photo is Saunder St. Marks breaking a tackle after a catch late in the first quarter.  The third picture is Deshon Smoker-DeWitt (88) running Malta’s Allen Williamson (32) out of bounds. Williamson scored four of the Mustangs’ touchdowns.  The fourth photo is Terrell Hamilton (60) taking down Malta’s Allen Williamson (32).  The fifth picture is Morty Manning (42) taking down Williamson (32).  (Photos by John Plestina)

The Wolves played a stronger game than they had in Glasgow one week prior, but lost their final 2B Northern district game to Malta 47-8 Friday, Oct. 9, leaving the Wolves 2-2 in the conference.
The Wolves only successful scoring drive came on a 16-yard passing play from Brady Babb to Wes Weeks with 2:56 remaining on the clock in the first quarter. Babb ran a conversion and the Wolves trailed 12-8. The Mustangs went on to score 35 unanswered points by the end of the third quarter. The fourth period was scoreless.
“We played better than we did against Glasgow,” Wolf Point head coach Brett Scott said.
“We just can’t play with mistakes. Mistakes just shoot us,” he said.
The Wolves opened the season with non-conference losses to Forsyth, Baker and Colstrip, all 3B Southern teams. That conference is considered one of the toughest in the state. Wolf Point then won the Homecoming game over Poplar, won the next game at Harlem and lost to the Scotties at Glasgow Oct. 2.
The Wolves are solidly in third place in the 2B Northern district, behind conference-leading Malta and second place Glasgow. Only the top two team s from each district advance to the playoffs. Harlem is in fourth place and Poplar in fifth.
One non-conference game remains against Roundup at home Friday, Oct. 16. It will be senior night.
“Next week is definitely winnable,” Scott said.
“We need that game. We need a win,” he said.

Glasgow Malta 47, Wolf Point 8
Malta        19 14 14  0––47
Wolf Point  8   0   0  0––8


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Cross Country Runners Compete At Havre, Poplar Meets

10.8.15.CROSS-COUNTRY 0258-WEB10.8.15.CROSS-COUNTRY 0267-WEB10.8.15.CROSS-COUNTRY 0288-WEB10.8.15.CROSS-COUNTRY 0311-WEB

The first photo is Kaleb  Blount of Wolf Point and Demarco Lilley of Brockton at the Poplar Invite.  The second picture is Alleen Russell of Poplar is shown running at the Poplar Invite. Russell placed fourth at the meet.  The third photo is Wolf Point’s Mahala Shawl and Frazer’s Shadel Adams.  The fourth picture is Wolf Point Junior High runners Kraven Silk and Koholo Toves running neck and neck at the Poplar Invite.  (Photos by John Summers)

The Wolf Point cross country competed in Poplar Thursday, Oct. 1 and in Havre, Saturday, Oct. 3.
Results from the Poplar meet were not made available. Results for the top 15 finishers only were made available from the Havre meet.
1. Browning 68, 2. Lewistown 77, 3. Glasgow 88, 4. Malta 126, 5. Havre 143.
Top 15: 1. Kim Parsell, Shelby, 20:48; 2. Sierra Summers, Wolf Point, 21:08; 3. Kristin Ikey, Hobson, 21:33; 4. Rachel David, Havre, 21:35; 5. Ashely Bear Child, Browning, 21:39; 6. Chelsinn Kipp, Browning, 21:50; 7. Mystic Striker, Malta, 22:03; 8. Kateri Rush, Wolf Point, 22:14; 9. Emily Kolstad, Glasgow, 22:46; 10. Madison Rodgers, Lewistown, 22:47; 11. Sophia Stiles, Malta, 22:57; 12. Veronica Reed, Browning, 23:30; 13. Cortney Brand, Lewistown, 23:22; 14. Lauren Winder, Centerville, 23:24; 15. Kaitlyn Lodahl, LEW, 23:28.
1. Lewistown 25, 2. Glasgow 73, 3. Browning 79, 4. Havre 130, 5. Shelby 171, 6. Harlem 186, 7. Rocky Boy 206, 8. Cut Bank 239
Top 15: 1. Noah Majerus, Lewistown, 17:29; 2. Kyle Heptner, Shelby, 18:14; 3. Ty Parson, Lewistown, 18:16; 4. Walker Allen, Glasgow, 18:17; 5. Austin Bran, Lewistown, 18:17; 6. Ellis McKean, Glasgow, 18:20; 7. Drake Henson, Lewistown, 18:24; 8. Phillip Sunroad, Browning, 18:25; 9. Danyon Rice, Lewistown, 18:34; 10. Luke Henke, Shelby, 18:43; 11. Ty Running Fisher, Browning, 18:46; 12. Weston Madplume, Browning, 18:46; 13. Dylan Sipe, Lewistown, 18:46; 14. Keahna Little, Harlem, 18:47; 15. Trey Fourstar, Wolf Point, 18:47.
High School Boys (Three Miles): 16:39.22, Tim Wright, R/L Fusion; 17:15.08,  Jonathan Bressler, Williston Trinity Christian; 17:43.07, Trey Four Star, Frazer; 17:57.50, Andrew Moran, Poplar; 18:13.50, Ian Fatzinger, R/L Fusion; 18:32.72, Jacob Belgarde, Brockton, 18:47.82, Sean Williams, R/L Fusion; 19:15.35, Karson Wortman, Wolf Point; 19:31.36, Phoenix Rattling Thunder, Brockton; 19:35.58, Wyatt Howard, Plentywood; 19:37.21, Korbin Cole, Frazer; 19.59.04, Bailey Christofferson, Med Lake/Froid; 20:02.94, Thor Lancaster, Med Lake/Froid; 20:32.66, Joseph Williamson, Wolf Point; 20:32.84, Isaac Sponheim, R/L Fusion; 21:19.02, Jackson Anderson, Plentywood; 21:46.84, James Simon, Plentywood; 21:47.05, Cameron Follette, Brockton; 22:57.97-Miles Buckles-Poplar; 24:09.21, Darryl Joe, Poplar; 24:14.70, Dion Hopkins, Poplar; 24:15.58, Austin Olson, Plentywood; 25:46.31, DeMarco Lilley, Brockton; 25:48.37, Jacob Lone Bear, Poplar; 25:57.31, Caleb Blount, Wolf Point; 27:27.48, Ian Labounty, Brockton; 32:14.43, Jeremy Azure, Wolf Point.
High School Girls (Three Miles): 19:58.73, Sierra Summers, Wolf Point; 20:14.37, Ellie Smith, R/L Fusion; 20:47.35, Kateri Rush, Wolf Point; 21:43.83, Alleen Russell, Poplar; 21:54.69, Greta Eder, Williston Trinity Christian; 22:48.88, Andrea Hale, Poplar; 23:21.47, Drew Reum, Poplar; 24:26.85, Little Skye Fast Horse, Poplar; 24:39.87, Kamryn Azure-Poplar; 25:13.58-Alexis Whiteman, Poplar; 25:44.88, Kyrsten Miller, Frazer; 25:51.05, Destiny Long, Med Lake/Froid; 26:40.50, Mahala Shawl, Wolf Point; 26:44.66, Shaedel Adams, Frazer; 26:56.96, Jasmine Eder, Poplar; 30:35.80, Cassie Clampitt, Frazer; 35:02.33, April Kavanaugh, R/L Fusion.
Middle School Boys (No times-malfunction on timer): Sam Smith, R/L Fusion; Ryan Ellis, Plentywood; Neale Kelly, R/L Fusion; Cade Baker, Wolf Point; Daunte Azure, Poplar; Morgan Cummings, Plentywood; Peyton Summers, Wolf Point; Sage Hutchinson, Wolf Point; Kraven Silk, Wolf Point; Koholo Toves, Wolf Point; Aaron Ayers, Poplar; Caleb Senner, R/L Fusion; Randall Lasar, Plentywood; Jackson Azure, Wolf Point; Leil Red Dog, Poplar; Rodrick Speed, Wolf Point; Nick Ellerton, R/L Fusion; Geordy Medicine Cloud, Wolf Point; Josh Sponheim, R/L Fusion; Nathan Morris, Plentywood; Keyvin Four Bear, Wolf Point; Matt Ellerton, R/L Fusion; Payden Coldwell, Plentywood; Coy Azure, Poplar; Raymond Edwards, Plentywood.
Middle School Girls (1.5 Miles): 10:11.48, Cyrenna Standing, Wolf Point; 10:18.09 Carlee Longtree, Poplar; 10:26.72, Riley MacDonald, Poplar; 10:28.50, Allie Azure, Poplar; 10:36.00, Maily Wells, Poplar; 10:41.46, Hamyanie Campbell, Wolf Point; 10:50.15, Rachael Severson, Plentywood; 10:57.02-Ivey Lambert-Poplar; 11:27.68-Brandi Simons, Poplar; 11:37.16-Jazmyn Carry Water, Poplar; 12:02.96, Jillian Sampson, Plentywood; 12:09.49, Jaylee Azure, Wolf Point; 12:13.55, Darlene MacDonald, Wolf Point; 12:26.72, Chloe Shields, Poplar; 12:34.84, Princess Russell, Brockton; 12:35.62, Dasani Nesbit, Med Lake/Froid; 12:49.54, Kiona White, Wolf Point; 13:02.94, Courtny Alexander, Brockton; 13:06.35, Jaidyn Cantrell, Poplar; 13:08.82, Ella Robbins, R/L Fusion; 13:32.14, Jacora Youngman, Poplar; 13:35.95, Sierra Hamilton, Wolf Point; 13:52.28, Rylee Marottek, Poplar; 14:12.53, Dennissa Red Eagle, Poplar; 14:13.42-Morgan Russell, Poplar; 14:15.42, Kylie Gourneau, Poplar; 14:39.42-Alex Sutton, Wolf Point; 15:04.74, Prairie Dawn Thunderchild, Poplar; 15:33.73-Alyssa Nordlund-Med Lake/Froid; 15:42.85, Gracie Medicine Cloud-Wolf Point; 15:49.19, Carolyne Christofferson, Med Lake/Froid; 16:27.97, Rita Track, Brockton; 17:02.70, Kristen Devereaux, Poplar; 17:19.88, Sondra Big Leggins, Poplar; 17:26.97, Madison Dehner, Poplar.

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Harlem Spoils Poplar Homecoming

Harlem spoiled the Indian’s Homecoming 30-0 in a game that started Friday, Oct. 2, was called at halftime because of lightning and resumed Monday, Oct. 5.
Harlem came into Monday’s final two quarters leading 24-0.
Stats were not available.

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Poplar Homecoming Royalty Crowned

Poplar High School’s Homecoming royalty was crowned Friday, Oct. 2.
The queen and king were Alyssa Youpee and Andrew Moran.
The following were selected as princes and princesses: Jeffrey Berger and Kylee Stump, juniors; Damon Sadler and Avalyn Larson, sophomores; and Kenny Smoker and Maria Youpee, freshmen.

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