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Poplar Invitational Results For Local Teams

The following are results from the Poplar Invitational cross country meet, Saturday, Aug. 30.
“It was a great turn out. Thirteen teams competed on a cool windy morning and the student athletes ran their hearts out,” Poplar activities director Patty Jo Black said.
“We would like to thank everyone who helped during the meet and we would like to thank everyone who attended and supported these student athletes,” she said.
High school boys
The overall winner was Keahna Little of Harlem with a time of 17:21:31.
Results for local athletes were: Tristan Sun Rhodes, Culbertson/Bainville, second place, 17:31:42; Beau Hyatt, Culbertson/Bainville, fourth, 18:12.23; Michael Azure, Culbertson/Bainville, fifth, 18:14:75; Matthew Rattling Thunder, Brockton, seventh, 18:21:23; John Grandchamp, Wolf Point, 10th, 18:40:66; Alfred Longee, Brockton, 11th, 18:41:58; Andrew Moran, Poplar, 15th, 19:08:42; Defender Walking Eagle, Brockton, 16th, 19:13:17; Lane Headdress, Poplar, 17th, 19:20:22; Jalen Johnson, Brockton, 18th, 19:31:03; Chris LeMay, Poplar, 19th, 19:35:99; Davey Winn, Culbertson/Bainville, 26th, 22:21:26; Print Feather Earring, Poplar, 29th, 22:50:86; Chris Azure, Culbertson/Bainville, 34th, 25:03:48; Dion Hopkins, Poplar, 35th; Austin Strickland, Culbertson/Bainville, 38th, 27:34:62; and Jeremy Azure, Wolf Point, 39th, 33:29:61.
Harlem was the first place team, Culbertson/Bainville second and Glasgow third.
High school girls
The overall winner was Amanda Wolff of Glasgow with a time of 20:30:51.
Results for local athletes were: Sierra Summers, Wolf Point, second, 20:41:20; Kateri Rush, Wolf Point, fourth, 22:19:77; Cathryn Russell, Culbertson/Bainville, eighth, 23:04.71; Little Skye Fast Horse, Poplar, 15th, 24:04:20; Alleen Russell, Brockton, 20th, 25:06:86; Brooke Boyd, Poplar, 24th, 26:04:92; Kamryn Azure, Poplar, 27th, 26:43:61; Shaedel Adams, Frazer, 28th, 26:57:12; and Gillian Medicine Cloud, Wolf Point, 35th, 31:50:74.
Glasgow was the first place team, Malta second and Circle third.
Boys, grades 5-8
Results for local athletes were: Trey Four Star, Wolf Point, first, 8:47:29; Wyatt Miller, Frazer, second, 9:25:34; Alex Raining Bird, Frazer, ninth, 9:55:20; Kenny Smoker, Poplar, 10th, 10:09:59; Daunte Azure, Poplar, 11th, 10:12:84; Izaiah Rusch, Wolf Point, 12th, 10:13:81; Aaron Ayers, Poplar, 13th, 10:17:54; Dominique Gourneau, Wolf Point, 14th, 10:29:05; Zane Falcon, Wolf Point, 15th, 10:40:85; Rodrick Speed, Wolf Point, 18th, 11:02:83; Kelby Bauer, Frazer, 21, 11:18:52; Davon Curtis, Culbertson/Bainville, 23rd, 11:35:75; Sage Hutchinson, Wolf Point, 24th, 11:37:12; Colby Olson, Culbertson/Bainville, 25th, 11:58:53; Hudson Atkinson, Culbertson/Bainville, 26th, 12:01:40; Wynn Main, Poplar, 28th, 17:03:92; Jaxson Azure, Wolf Point, 29th, 12:05:05; Caleb Blount, Wolf Point, 29th, 12:10:08; Leil Red Dog, Poplar, 31st, 12:11:07; Miles Buckles, Poplar, 32nd, 12:12:37; Clayton Marchwick, Culbertson/Bainville, 35th, 12:22:78; Darryl Joe, Poplar, 36th, 12:47:93; Ryker Ackerman, Frazer, 38th, 14:29;63; Hunter Rainingbird, Frazer, 39th, 18:18:07; John Hotomaine,  Frazer, 40th, 18:19:41; Michael Pederson, Culbertson/Bainville, 41st, 18:35:06; and Coy Azure, Poplar, 42nd, 20:11:70.
Glasgow was the first place team, Wolf Point second and Poplar third.
Girls, grades 5-8
The overall winner was Alaina Sallee of Glasgow with a time of 10:03:59.
Results for local athletes were: Journey Erickson, Wolf Point, second, 10:05:13; Cyrenna Standing, Wolf Point, third, 10:15:72; Andrea Hale, Poplar, fourth, 10:25:30; Ivey Lambert, Poplar, fifth, 10:41:30; Carlee Longtree, Poplar, sixth, 11:07:52; Riley MacDonald, Poplar, seventh, 11:12:23; Laresa Dale, Wolf Point, eighth, 11:15:25; Allie Azure, Poplar, 10th, 11:38:91; Jacora Youngman, Poplar, 11th, 11:49:82; Ashley Curtis, Culbertson/Bainville, 12th, 11:52:83; Lauren Crawford, Wolf Point, 13th, 11:54:93; Autumn Bergum, Culbertson/Bainville, 16th, 12:42:88; Catherine Martin, Poplar, 17th, 12:43:99; Abbey Granbois, Culbertson/Bainville, 18th, 12:45:84; Jaylee Azure, Wolf Point, 20th, 13:31:25; Saydee Lambert, Culbertson/Bainville, 21st, 13:45:38; Muriko Mireau, Poplar, 24th, 14:12:94; Haidyn Raining Bird, Frazer, 25th, 14:24:99; Alex Sutton, Wolf Point, 26th, 14:31:22; Kaydence Headdress, Brockton, 27th, 15:22:60; Skyla Longtree, Poplar, 28th, 15:49:70; and Morgan Lucas, Culbertson/Bainville, 30th, 17:39:23.
Poplar was the first place team, Wolf Point second and Culbertson/Bainville third.

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Sports Correction

The article about the Wolf Point football game on page 6 in the Sept. 4 edition should have included the score: Wolf Point 25, Plentywood 8. Wolf Point scored 13 points in the first quarter, six in the second and six in the third. Plentywood scored a touchdown and conversion in the third quarter.

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Wolves Roll Plentywood For First Season-Opening Win In Years

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Wolves Touchdown -- The first two pictures are Wolf Point’s Tyson Bridges (42) getting past Plentywood’s Kyle Fawcett (8) to score in the third quarter after receiving a pass from Dalton Hafner. Bridges’ touchdown gave the Wolves a 25-0 lead.  The third picture is is Wolf Point’s David Knerr (7) breaking a tackle with a 7-yard run.  The fourth picture is little Wolves cheerleader Harper Weeks, 4, cheering with WPHS cheerleader Aiyana Bridges.  The fifth photo is several Wolves sacking Plentywood quarterback Kyle Fawcett.  The sixth photo is quarterback Dalton Hafner (5) seconds after scoring a touchdown on a keeper.  The final piacure is Tyson Bridges (42) gaining a few extra yards before the Plentywood defense finally takes him down.  (Photos by John Plestina)

If recent stats rather than records are a predictor, the Wolves [1-7 in each of the last three seasons] have a good chance to right the ship and put more wins than losses in the record book this year.
Wolf Point hit the ground running in the opening game, Friday, Aug. 29, launching a ground attack that thwarted Plentywood [4-6 in 2013]. The Wolves ran the ball 36 times for 225 yards –– an average of 6.2 yards per rush –– and passed for 162 yards for 387 total yards and four touchdowns.
The 25-8 win over District 2B Plentywood at Lowry Field was the Wolves first season-opening win in recent years. It was not counted as a conference game because it was a zero week contest. The Wolves and Wildcats meet again in a conference game, Friday, Oct. 24, also at Wolf Point.
The individual stats looked good in the opening game.
Quarterback Dalton Hafner completed 13 of 19 passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns. He gave up one interception. Hafner ran the ball 11 times for 21 yards and one touchdown.
Two receivers combined for 13 receptions for 162 yards. Senior wide receiver Tyson Bridges caught five passes for 83 yards and scored two touchdowns. Senior slot receiver and running back Josh Neiskens caught eight passes for 79 yards.
Junior running back David Knerr had 15 carries for 158 yards for an average of over 10 yards per carry and recorded one touchdown. He chalked up 50 yards on two rushing plays.
Aaron D’Ambrosio led defensively with eight tackles. He left the game with a shoulder injury shortly after halftime.
Linemen Cameron Quincy and Ty Nygard, and Nieskens [a linebacker on defense] each recorded seven tackles, and linebackers Knerr and Wesley Weeks each registered six.
The Wolves didn’t waste any time lighting up the board with Knerr scoring on a rushing play with a hand-off from Hafner with less than 2:30 elapsed on the clock. Freshman kicker Jeremiah Paine put the point after through the bars for an early 7-0 Wolf Point lead.
Four minutes later, Hafner scored on a 10-yard keeper. The point after attempt was wide but the Wolves took a 13-0 lead into the second stanza which went scoreless until Tyson Bridges took a pass from Hafner into the end zone with :22 remaining to play in the half. The kick was wide but the Wolves had a 19-0 advantage going into the intermission.
Another Hafner to Bridges pass gave Wolf Point a three-score, 25-0 lead with 8:33 on the third quarter clock.
The Wildcats got their only score late in the third period with a 2-yard run by Isaiah Detienne. A 2-point conversion was good.
Nygard recovered a fumble on the Wildcats’ 20 yard line with :14 remaining in the third quarter, but the Wolves were unable to capitalize on it despite being in the red zone. The fourth quarter was scoreless.
“The kids played well. I’m very proud of the leadership,” head coach Bruce Knerr said. “The seniors stepped up and led their program.”
He credited Bridges and Nieskens for both having good nights with 162 yards on receptions collectively and running back David Knerr for averaging 10 yards per carry.
“When a running back averages 10 yards a carry, it’s a good night,” Knerr said.
“My quarterback made the great reads,” he said of Hafner’s play calling.
“The defense swamped well. The defense tackled well,” he said.
“We put the pressure on,” Knerr said.
The Wolves played Plentywood with handicaps.
“We played with two of our starting linemen in the bleachers,” Knerr said.
Coming Up
With the win over Plentywood in the books, coach Knerr was already looking ahead to the next game, Friday, Sept. 5, at 7 p.m, a non-conference contest at Southern 3B Baker [11-1 last year].
The Spartans took 48-8 bragging rights home from Wolf Point following the Wolves’ 2013 home opener.
Since the 2013 season, Baker lost a substantial number of seniors that included all of the front five linemen. The Spartans returned only two players who saw any substantial playing time last year.
While Knerr expects to see a tough Baker team, he sees a winnable game for the Wolves.
The Wolves played Baker in June at a football camp in Dickinson, N.D.
“We rolled them,” Knerr said. “Next week will be a good test.”
The Wolves host Southern 3B Lodge Grass, Friday, Sept. 12, at 5 p.m. Lodge Grass hasn’t won a game since 2008. The Wolves thwarted the Indians 50-0 last year.

P.Wood 14  7  18 14––53
WPHS     0 12   8   0––20

1st Quarter
WP: Knerr, run (Paine kick), 9:31
WP: Hafner, run (kick failed), 5:29
2nd Quarter
WP: Pass Hafner to Bridges (kick failed), :22
3rd Quarter
WP: Pass Hafner to Bridges (kick failed), 8:33
P: Detienne, 2-yard run (2-pt. conv.) 2:43

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Wolves Run Strong At Poplar Cross Country Invite



Wolf Point's Sierra Summers, high school girls' second place finisher, is the first photo. The second photo is Wolf Point's John Grandchamp.  The other photos are athletes from Wolf Point, Poplar, Brockton and Frazer.  (Photos by John Plestina)


Editor's note: Results for Poplar, Brockton and Frazer athletes were not available by press time, Tuesday, Sept. 2. We will report those results next week.

The young Wolf Point Wolves opened their season at the Poplar Invitational Cross Country Meet, Saturday, Aug. 30.  
The runners competed on a hilly course just north of the Poplar Bureau of Indian Affairs complex.  
Teams from Glasgow, Malta, Harlem, Williston, N.D., Plentywood, Brockton and Poplar also competed.   
In the varsity girls race, Gillian Medicine Cloud, Kateri Rush and Sierra Summers all competed at the varsity level for the first time.
“The team has only been practicing for a couple of weeks with some athletes joining late and not having their 10 practices and couldn’t compete,” Coach Stacey Summers said. “Overall the teams did well and look to improve each and every week.”
Summers was second overall covering the three mile course in 20:41.  Rush was fourth in 22:19 while Medicine Cloud ran hard finishing in 31:50.   
In the varsity boys race, only two Wolf Point boys competed due to the 10 practice rule.
“We’ll have two more joining us next meet,” said Summers.
Running in his first varsity race, John Grandchamp placed in the top 10 with a time of 18:40.
Sophomore Jeremy Azure ran hard finishing in 31:50.   
In the junior high girls race, Wolf Point placed four girls in the top 15 places out of a total of 30 runners competing in the 1.5-mile race.
Wolf Point’s Journey Erickson placed second overall followed closely by Cyreena Standing who placed third. Their times of 10:05 and 10:15 paced the squad.
Laressa Dale finished eighth overall in 11:15 while first-year runner Lauren Crawford finished 13th in 11:54.
Alex Sutton ran hard and finished the course in 14:31.
Three more girls will be joining the team in the upcoming meets.
In the junior high boys race, Wolf Point’s Trey Fourstar won the race with a fine time of 8:47.  Running well were Isaiah Rush and Zane Falcon finishing 12th and 15th in 10:13 and 10:40 respectively. Caleb Blount ran hard finishing the course in 30th place with a time of 12:10.
Three additional boys will be eligible to compete in the next meet which is Sept. 6, in Wolf Point.
All runners placing in the top 10 received prizes.

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Lady Wolves Hold Their Own With Western Montana Teams

The Lady Wolves emerged from the Choteau tournament, Saturday, Aug. 30, after holding their own against some of the best teams from the western part of the state.
“We won about half our matches which was good against that competition. It gave us a good idea of our performance level,” coach John Sweet said.
It wasn’t without casualties. Both setters were injured. Erin Presser sprained an ankle against Glasgow on the first day of the tournament and Sierra Hanks had an ankle sprain the second day.
“Mariah Weeks had a nice weekend. She hit the ball well. She really made her presence known at the net,” Sweet said.
He said Presser showed nice leadership.
Of Sierra Hanks, Sweet said, “She had to learn how to do all of the setting by herself when Erin went down.”
Her younger sister, sophomore Shelby Hanks was strong in every facet.
“She played on the right side. She passed well, she served well and she got a lot of balls we didn’t expect her to get,” Sweet said.
Christean Holen really showed some good aggression in her hitting. She passed extremely well,” he said.
“Ashley Page, another hitter for us, passed the ball extremely well and served extremely tough,” Sweet said.
He said Kendra Landrud went in wherever she was needed.
“Kylie Driftwood is an intimidating presence. She is considered an undersized middle blocker in this tournament. She normally plays as an outside or right side hitter. She really does a nice job wherever we put her,” Sweet said.
“Junior Loverty Lindsay came in with the back row and served really well. She got a few aces. She did a wonderful job wherever we asked her to,” he said.
“Ashton Hentges was all over the court. We asked her at the end of the weekend how she felt. She was bruised and battered,” Sweet said.

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