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Lady Wolves Finish Second At 2B District Tournament

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The first photo is Wolf Point’s Brenna Kurokawa (1) driving around Glasgow’s Amanda Wolff (4) during the fourth Quarter of the semifinal win that sent the Lady Wolves to the championship game against Malta.  The second picture is Wolf Point’s Mariah Weeks (3) hanging on to the ball as Glasgow’s Leinie Hughes (34) and Tyra Johnson (41) try to take it away from her.  The third photo is Wolf Point’s Shelby Hanks (2) shooting as Malta’s Darby Schye (44) fails to block the shot.  The last picture is the Lady Wolves and coaches with the second place trophy.  (Photos by John Plestina)

The Lady Wolves begin play at the Northern B Division Girls’ Basketball Tournament at Malta Thursday. Feb. 26. The tournament will continue through Saturday, Feb. 28.
Wolf Point, the No. 2 seed out of District 2B, finished the district tournament in Wolf Point behind the No. 1 seed Malta M-Ettes that remain undefeated this season.
Malta defeated the Lady Wolves 59-35 in the girls’ championship game.
In the district consolation bracket games that determined third and fourth seeding for the divisional tournament: Glasgow over Harlem 49-37; and Plentywood over Poplar 59-23.
The Wolves and Poplar’s boys’ and girls’ teams are not advancing to divisional tournaments.
The Lady Wolves will open the divisional tournament against Conrad, the No. 1 seed from District 1B, Thursday, at 2:30 p.m. The winner will advance to the semifinals, Friday, at 6:30 p.m., against the winner of an opening-round game between Plentywood and Choteau. The losers of those two opening-round games will face each other in a consolation bracket game, Friday, at 1 p.m.
District 2B No. 3 seed Glasgow opens against 1B top seed Fairfield, Thursday, at 8 p.m., and 2B No. 1 Malta opens against 1B fourth seeded Cut Bank, Thursday, at 6:30 p.m. Fairfield, the defending state champion, had been undefeated since 2009 until losing 50-38 to Choteau on Feb. 12. Choteau beat Fairfield a second time during the district tournament.
“Conrad didn’t win a lot of games going into it [district tournament] but they were 3-1 last weekend so they must have been doing something right,” Wolf Point head coach Jeff Neubauer said. “We should fare pretty well against Conrad, but everyone is 0-0 when you go out there.”
Of Choteau, he said, “We beat them Saturday morning last year at the divisional tournament by five points.”
A knee injury during game with Glasgow, Friday, Feb. 20, sidelined senior Ky’Lee Driftwood for the remainder of the district tournament. It was unknown earlier this week if she would be able to play at the divisional tournament.
“I sure hope the best for Ky’Lee. We’ll miss her but I thought we played all right against Malta [without Driftwood] for the most part. Mariah Weeks played a good game. She stepped up. Mahala Shawl played a good game. She scored some points,” Neubauer said.
Opening Round
Wolf Point and Malta began the district tournament with opening-round byes.
The Lady Scotties forced the Lady Indians into the consolation bracket with 58-33 win powered by 56 percent shooting by Glasgow to 50 percent by Poplar and a 63.6 percent rebound percentage to 36.4 percent by Poplar.
Glasgow’s Leinie Hughes and Abbi Kolstad posted 20 and 19 points respectively. Angel Bighorn recorded 11 points for the Lady Indians.
It was Lady Cats vs. Lady Cats with Plentywood topping Harlem 45-39 with 63 percent shooting to 52 percent by Harlem.
Paige Harris poured in a game-high 21 points for Plentywood and Lizzy Gomez chipped in 10. Teche Ereaux and Brooke Levaldo each registered 10 points for Harlem.
The Lady Wolves held a lead through the first half and into the third quarter, biting the Scotties 47-42. Glasgow out-shot Wolf Point 76 percent to 56 percent and led on the boards with 61 percent rebounding to 39 percent by the Lady Wolves.
Emma Gourneau recorded 13 points for the Lady Wolves and Driftwood registered 10 at the time she left the game with an injury. Abbi Kolstad led the Lady Scotties with 10 points.
Malta totally dominated Plentywood 59-22 holding the Lady Cats scoreless in the third stanza and backed by a solid defensive effort with 68.8 percent rebounding.
Darby Schye led Malta with 19 points and Sophia Stiles posted 16. Paige Harris led Plentywood with 11.
Championship Game
Malta led the Lady Wolves throughout the game, but Wolf Point kept the point spread to within about 10 points during most of the first half. The M-Ettes outscored Wolf Point 17-6 in the third quarter to widen the margin and cruised to a 59-35 win. Malta shot 47 percent to 44 by the Lady Wolves. The M-Ettes led on the boards 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent.
Mahala Shawl recorded a team-high 11 points for Wolf Point. Malta’s Sophia Stiles poured in 30 points.
Consolation Games
Plentywood defeated Poplar 59-23.
Paige Harris led Plentywood with 18 points, followed by Mychele Woodman with 13. Samantha Youngman was Poplar’s high scorer with 7 points.
Glasgow out-shot Harlem 86 percent to 42 percent for a 49-37 win.
Kolstad posted 17 points for the Lady Scotties and Wolff chipped in 10. Autumn Little Plum recorded 15 points for Harlem.
The boys’ divisional tournament will be played in Shelby Thursday through Saturday, March 5-7.

Glasgow 58, Poplar 33
Poplar       10    8    9    6―33
Glasgow    16  19    9  14―58
Caitlyn Whiteman 3, Samantha Youngman 8, Avery Azure 3, Jessa Shields 6, Kylee Stump 2, Angel Bighorn 11.
Amanda Wolff 5, Abbi Kolstad 19, Lexi Nixdorf 4, Deleany Holzworth 2, Khloe Krumweide 5, Jordan Kulczyk 4, Leinie Hughes 20.

Plentywood 45, Harlem 39
Harlem          8    9   11  11―39
Plentywood   7    6   10  22―45
Mari Ereaux 4, Teche Ereaux 10, Ticia Cliff 11, Anita Bentley 2, Brooke Levaldo 10.
Lizzy Gomez 10, Paige Harris 21, Victoria Obergfell 5, Paige McCrory 7, Lindsay Wangerin 3.

WPHS 47, Glasgow 42
Glasgow   8  10  14  10―42
WPHS    15   9    7  16―47
Amanda Wolff 7, Abbi Kolstad 10, Delaney Holzworth 2, Khloe Krumweide 8, Jordan Kulczyk 4, Leinie Hughes 9, Tyra Johnson 2.
Brenna Kurokawa 2, Shelby Hanks, 8, Mariah Weeks 1, Aubrey Zilkoski 2, Emma Gourneau 13, Ky’Lee Driftwood 10, Jessica Bauer 6, Mahala Shawl 5.

Malta 59, Plentywood 22
Plentywood  8    4    0  10―22
Malta         25  14  16    4―59
Lizzy Gomez 1, Paige Harris 11, Desi Mosbrucker 3, Victoria Obergfell 4, Hallie Wangerin 2, Mychele Woodman 1.
Marley Manoukian 8, Sophia Stiles 16, Markelle Lett 2, Hailey Nicholson 4, Jade Nicholson 4, Kelsey Kuehn 4, Darby Schye 19, Shay Garfield 2.

Plentywood 59, Poplar 23
Poplar           10    6    5    2―23
Plentywood   11  16  17  15―59
Emily Hagadone 1, Caitlyn Whiteman 1, DaeShanna Four Bear 2, Janaeya Sutherland 2, Samantha Youngman 7, Avery Azure 6, Jessa Shields 2, Angel Bighorn 2.
Lizzy Gomez 7, Paige Harris 18, Victoria Obergfell 7, Hallie Wangerin 2, Paige McCrory 5, Ally Bummer 5, Mychele Woodman 13, Lindsay Wangerin 2.

Glasgow 49, Harlem 37
Harlem      9  14    6    8―37
Glasgow   6   18  15  10―49
Mari Ereaux 5, Autumn Little Plum 15, Teche Ereaux 2, Ticia Cliff 9, Sami Werk 1, Anita Bentley 1, Brooke Levaldo 4.
Amanda Wolff 10, Abbi Kolstad 17, Lexi Nixdorf 2, Jordan Kulczuk 8, Leinie Hughes 6, Tyra Johnson 6.

Malta 59, WPHS 35
WPHS  10  14    6    5―35
Malta   17  17  17    8―59
Brenna Kurokawa 2, Shelby Hanks 3, Mariah Weeks 9, Emma Gourneau 6, Jessica Bauer 4, Mahala Shawl 11.
Marley Manoukian 3, Sophia Stiles 30, Markelle Lett 6, Hailey Nicholson 8, Jade Nicholson 3, Kelsey Kuehn 2, Darby Schye 5.

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Wolves End Season At District Tourney

2.26.15.SP-2B-DIST-TOURNEY 5863-WEB2.26.15.SP-2B-DIST-TOURNEY 5885-WEB2.26.15.SP-2B-DIST-TOURNEY 5935-WEB


The first photo is Wolf Point’s Trevor Hamilton (4) being fouled as he shoots and scores during the tournament opener.  Poplar’s Alex Lone Bear (10) goes down. Hamilton was fouled and scored a third point on a free  throw.   The second picture is Poplar's Lone Bear.  The third photo isthe  Wolf Point cheerleaders getting the crowd excited before the Wolves played Glasgow at the district tournament.    (Photo by John Plestina)

The season ended for the Wolves on their home court at the Boys’ District 2B Tournament Saturday, Feb. 21. It was no surprise that the district-leading Glasgow Scotties finished first and earned high seeding at the divisional tournament in Shelby March 5-7.
Opening Round
Glasgow and Malta had opening-round byes.
The Poplar Indians upset the Wolves for the second time this season after not winning over Wolf Point for eight years. The final score was 44-40.
The Indians out-shot the Wolves 50 percent to 27 percent. Wolf Point led 54.5 percent to 45.5 percent with rebounds.
Poplar’s Waylen Youpee led with a game-high 14 points. Coy Atkinson chipped in 12 and Myltin Bighorn recorded 11. Tyson Bridges and Hayden Hanks each posted 9 points for the Wolves.
Harlem beat Plentywood 66-46 powered by 55 percent shooting to 45 percent. Both teams registered 50 percent rebounding.
Tristin Gone posted 16 points for Harlem and Raymond Dutch Helgeson recorded 13. Andrew Eberling led Plentywood with 12 and Nate Harris chipped in 11.
Glasgow played four strong quarters, knocking Poplar into the consolation bracket with a 75-21 win. The Scotties shot 63 percent to 40 percent by the Indians. Glasgow also beat Poplar on the boards with 54.3 percent rebounding to 45.7 percent.
Chase Fossum led the Scotties with 16 points, Keil Krumweide posted 13 and Jake Kolstad recorded 10.
Malta beat Harlem 39-35 with 66 percent shooting and 53.5 percent rebounding. Harlem’s totals were 50 percent shooting and 46.5 percent on the boards.
Nate Costin led Malta with 10 points and Kwahna Little posted 10 for Harlem.
The Scotties beat the Mustangs 53-43 for the district championship, despite 88 percent shooting by Malta to 61 percent by Glasgow. The Mustangs beat the Scotties on the boards with 53.1 percent rebounding to 46.9 percent.
The Scotties’ Jason Thibault poured in a game-high 18 points. Malta’s Allen Williamson posted 16 and Nate Costin recorded 11.
Consolation Games
Despite 75 percent shooting, Wolf Point fell to Harlem 49-47, dashing the Wolves hopes of making it to the divisional tournament. Harlem shot 56 percent and out-rebounded the Wolves 57.4 percent to 42.6 percent.
Wolf Point’s Hayden Hanks posted a game-high 17 points, Tyson Bridges recorded 14 and Trevor Hamilton registered 10. For Harlem, Marcus Henry led with 16.
Seventy percent shooting and 57.1 percent rebounding by Plentywood earned the Wildcats a berth at the divisional tournament while eliminating Poplar in a 49-47 barn burner. The Indians shot 42 percent and rebounded 42.9 percent.
Alex Lone Bear and Coy Atkinson each posted 13 points for the Indians and Myltin Bighorn recorded 10. Andrew Eberling led Plentywood with 17, and Michael Dawley and Justin Marsh chipped in 10 a piece.

Poplar 44, WPHS 40
Poplar      8  13  10  13―44
WPHS   14  10    2  14―40
Alex Lone Bear 2, Waylen Youpee 14, Myltin Bighorn 11, Coy Atkinson 12, Boy Youngman 7.
Andrew Heser 3, Dalton Hafner 5, Trevor Hamilton 6, Markell Blount 6, Hayden Hanks 9, Josh Nieskens 2, Tyson Bridges 9.

Harlem 66, Pwood 46
Plentywood   7    4  12  23―46
Harlem        14  24  17  11―66
Nate Harris 11,Tyler Michels 3, Andrew Eberling 12, Justin Marsh 14, Taylor Hilyard 2, Michael Dawley 4.
Corbin Brockie 7, Raymond Dutch Helgeson 13, Delon Hammett 2, John Bell 6, Marcus Henry 8, Terry Sandcrane 5, Michael Butterfly 5, Kwahna Little 4, Tristin Gone 16.

Glasgow 75, Poplar 29
Poplar        8    7    7    7―29
Glasgow   26  17  21  11―75
Damon Sadler 3, Alex Lone Bear 3, Myltin Bighorn 6, Coy Atkinson 6, Boy Youngman 5, A.J. Hollom 2, Orlando Young 2, Danny Eder 2.
Ethan Etchart 6, Jason Thibault 6, Trent Hebert 2, Chase Hughes 6, Jake Page 9, Chase Fossum 16, Keil Krumweide 13, Jake Kolstad 10, Zach Miller 7.

Malta 39, Harlem 35
Harlem    9  12    7    7―35
Malta     14   6   10   9―39
Corbin Brockie 3, Raymond Dutch Helgeson 5, Marcus Henry 9, Terry Sandcrane 2, Michael Butterfly 2, Kwahna Little 10, Tristin Gone 4.
Nate Costin 10, Jase Galt 8, Tyson Carney 3, Jeremy Costin 7, Allen Williamson 8, Jace Bishop 3.

Harlem 49, WPHS 47
Harlem   16  17    8   8―49
WPHS      5  11  18  13―47
Trevor Hamilton 10, Markell Blount 6, Hayden Hanks 17, Tyson Bridges 14.
Corbin Brockie 3, Raymond Dutch Helgeson 8, Marcus Henry 16, Terry Sandcrane 3, Michael Butterfly 4, Kwahna Little 9, Tristin Gone 6.

P-wood 49, Poplar 47
Plentywood 11  11    6  21―49
Poplar         12  10  15  10―47
Nate Harris 9,Tyler Michels 2, Andrew Eberling 17, Austin Wirtz 1, Justin Marsh 10, Michael Dawley 10.
Damon Sadler 5, Alex Lone Bear 13, Waylen Youpee 6, Myltin Bighorn 10, Coy Atkinson 13.

Glasgow 53, Malta 43
Malta        9    6  12  16―43
Glasgow 10   11  12  20―53
Nate Costin 11, Jase Galt 2, Tyson Carney 2, Jeremy Costin 12, Allen Williamson 16.
Gage Legare 4, Jason Thibault 18, Jake Page 9, Chase Fossum 8, Keil Krumweide 6, Jake Kolstad 8.

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Babe Ruth Baseball Sign-ups Next Week; Interest Sought For Legion Baseball

The Wolf Point Baseball Association will hold a meeting and sign-ups for the 2015 Hi-Line Babe Ruth Baseball League season, Tuesday, March 3, at 6 p.m., at Fort Peck Community College’s Dumont Building in Wolf Point located at 301 Benton Street.
The Babe Ruth league is for 13-15 year-olds, and runs from late April to early July.
The WPBA has been unable to field an American Legion baseball team for 16-18 year-olds for the past four years. The WPBA would like to see what interest there would be from players in this age group.  
The WPBA is hopeful that in a few years, the Legion team will be back at full strength, as there are good numbers coming up through the Little League and Babe Ruth programs.
“The Wolf Point Mosquitos had a very competitive team last year, and they return a nucleus of kids that will be fun to watch and will be crucial in rebuilding the local baseball program,” WPBA president Craig Smith said. “We are hoping to see a good turnout as far as numbers of players this year, as there are a lot of talented baseball players moving up from the Little League program.”
The squad from last year consisted of players from Frazer, Poplar and Wolf Point.  Practice is set to begin in early April, with games slated to commence at the beginning of May.
For more information, contact Smith at 768-8020.

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District Tournament Opens Thursday At WPHS -- Wolves, Lady Wolves Win Against Plentywood, Drop Final District Games To Glasgow

2.19.15.SP.BASKETBALL 5810-WEB2.19.15.SP.BASKETBALL 5773-WEB2.19.15.SP.BASKETBALL 5822-WEB2.19.15.SP.BASKETBALL 5768-WEB2.19.15.SP.SR-NIGHT 5783-WEB2.19.15.SP.SR-NIGHT 5792-WEB2.19.15.SP.SR-NIGHT 5792-WEB


The first photo is Dalton Hafner (3) driving the ball down the court after a steal. Markell Blount (5) is in front of Hafner.  The second picture is Wolf Point’s Shelby Hanks (2) guarding Plentywood’s Victoria Obergfell (20).  The third photo is Aaron D'Ambrosio scoring for the Wolves.  The fourth picture is Wolf Point's Mahala Shawl.  The fifth picture is senior night for the girls' team.  (Photos by John Plestina)

The Wolves tamed the Wildcats 68-37 in the final regular season home game, Friday, Feb. 13, and the Lady Wolves beat Plentywood 45-41.
It was also senior night.
Regular season play ended in Glasgow the following day with the Glasgow girls coming from behind late in the fourth quarter and upsetting the Lady Wolves 45-44. The Scotties defeated the Wolves 70-52.
The game with the Lady Cats was closer than Wolf Point head coach Jeff Neubauer had expected.
“I probably underestimated Plentywood a little bit. I thought it would be more than that [45-41],” he said.
“We missed several lay-ups. Plentywood shot 17 free throws in the first half. The second half they only shot six free throws, so we did a better job on defense,” Neubauer said.
“I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Plentywood’s defense,” he said.
“We’re going to do some boxing out drills this week,” Neubauer said.
“Ashtyn Hentges had a big offensive rebound and put back in the fourth quarter. That gave us a little bit of breathing room,” he said.
The Wolves recently snapped a losing streak.
“We’re putting some stuff together. We’re getting more confident. That’s a lot of it,” head coach Kelly Nieskens said after the game with Plentywood.
“It was good to get younger kids in the game. We got everybody in there. Everybody scored but two,” he said.
“I think we will be third or fourth,” Nieskens predicted for the district tournament.
Wolf Point hosts the double-elimination 2B District Tournament, opening Thursday, Feb. 19 and running through Saturday, Feb. 21.
The Lady Wolves are seeded second behind undefeated Malta and will have an opening round bye. Wolf Point will first play Friday, at 8 p.m., against the winner of an opening-round game between Poplar and Glasgow. A win would likely put the Lady Wolves in the championship game against Malta, assuming the M-Ettes win their first game against the winner of an opening round game between Plentywood and Harlem. Losers are moved into a consolation bracket.
The No. 4 seed Wolves will open against Poplar, Thursday at 1 p.m. The winner plays No. 1 seed Glasgow Friday at 1 p.m. The championship game will be Saturday at 6:30 p.m.
The top four finishers out of district tournaments will advance to the divisional tournaments.
Girls’ divisionals will be at Malta Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 26-28.
The boys’ divisional tournament will be in Shelby Thursday through Saturday, March 5-7.
The state tournaments for boys and girls will be in Great Falls March 12-14.

Glasgow 70, WPHS 52
WPHS       12  14    8  18―52
Glasgow    19  22  11  18―70
Andrew Heser 4, Dalton Hafner 15, Trevor Hamilton 4, Markell Blount 3, Hayden Hanks 8, Josh Nieskens 4, Tyson Bridges 6, Kenny Boos 2, Ira Follet 6.
Jason Thibault 15, Jake Page 11, Chase Fossum 20, Keil Krumwiede 14, Jake Kolstad 8, Zach Miller 2.

WPHS 68, Plentywood 37
Plentywood  7  13    8    9―37
WPHS        21  12  25  10―68
Nate Harris 3, Andrew Eberling 5, Austin Wirtz 5, Justin Marsh 14, Taylor Hilyard 2, Hunter Ruud 2.
Aaron D’Ambrosio 5, Andrew Heser 2, Dalton Hafner 8, Trevor Hamilton 9, Markell Blount 15, Hayden Hanks 5, Owen Lepper 1, Tyson Bridges 16, Kenny Boos 2, Ira Follet 5.

Glasgow 45, WPHS 44
WPHS        17  10  10    7―44
Glasgow     13    7  11  14―45
Brenna Kurokawa 2, Mariah Weeks 12, Emma Gourneau 10, Ky’Lee Driftwood 16, Mahala Shawl 4
Amanda Wolff 10, Abbi Kolstad 23, Lexie Nixdorf 4, L. Hughes 8.

WPHS 45, Plentywood 41
Plentywood  4  11  15  11―41
WPHS        12    7    8  18―45
Lizzy Gomez 7, Paige Harris 5, Victoria Obergfell 10, Hallie Wangerin 2, Ally Bummer 2, Lindsay Wangerin 15.
Shelby Hanks 7, Mariah Weeks 3, Emma Gourneau 9, Ashtyn Hentges 2, Ky’lee Driftwood 12, Jessica Bauer 2, Mahala Shawl 8, Mandi Martin 2.

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Cheerleaders Perform


The Wolf Point cheerleaders perform a halftime show during the boys’ game with Plentywood. Pictured are (front row, from left to right) Thea Smith, Tavie Reum, (back) Alecia Macdonald, Lindsey Dahl, Alexandria Rodriguez and Aiyana Bridges.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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