Wolf Point Herald

Track Team Sends Six Members To State Tournament This Weekend

The Wolves attended the 2013 1B/2B divisional track and field meet in Glasgow May 18. According to coach RC Page, the meet was a big success for the team and six members qualified for the state tournament in Bozeman this weekend.
Sophomore Ashley Page ran the 200-meter in 28.8 in the seed round and in 29.27 in the finals, placing eighth.
Junior Sonica Archdale ran the 400m in 1:06.8 in the seed round and 1:05.72 in the finals, finishing in fifth place.
Sophomore Mariah Weeks ran the 800m in 2:44 in the seed round and in 2:39 in the finals, coming in at fifth place.
Page said Alecia LeDeau qualified for state in the 1600m relay, Weeks qualified in the 800m, the high jump and the 1600m relay, and Page qualified in long jump, high jump and the 1600m relay.
Archdale will advance in the 400m and 1600m relay, Katie Page will advance in the javelin toss and Sarah Hafner will advance in the 1600m relay.
Page said the qualifiers received 1B all conference honors for this year.
“We are happy to see our students/athletes peaking at this time of year,” Page said.