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Lady Wolves Tennis Defeat Forsyth, Compete In Chinook Invite

Saturday, April 20, the Lady Wolves’ tennis team defeated the Forsyth Doggies, 10-2. Coach Dan
Horsmon said it marked the first nice day the girls were able to play and the team dominated its opponent.
In singles, junior Carry Vandall went 1-0, winning 7-5; sophomore Ky’anna Broedser went 1-0, winning 6-2; and senior Zirahuen Hernandez went 1-0, winning 6-1.
Sophomore Tavie Reum went 0-1, losing 2-6; sophomore Mercedes Clark went 1-0, winning 6-2; sophomore Kendra Landsrud went 1-0, winning 6-2; and freshman Kristen Hors-mon went 0-1, losing 2-6.
In doubles, seniors Ashley Parsley and Alyssa Hoversland went 2-0, winning 6-0 and 6-1; Reum and Landsrud went 1-0, winning 7-5; Hernandez and Horsmon went 1-0, winning 6-1; and Horsmon and Clark went 1-0, winning 6-3.
The team travelled to the Chinook invite April 26-27. The girls only played Chinook on Friday. Vandall went 0-2, Broesder went 0-2, junior Kymree Flynn went 0-2, sophomore Erin Presser went 0-2 and Clark went 0-2.
Reum went 0-1, Lands-rud went 0-1 and Horsmon went 0-1. In doubles, Hoversland and Parsley went 2-0, Hanks and Hernandez went 1-1, Landsrud and Reum went 0-1, Horsmon and Smith went 0-2 and Clark and Horsmon went 0-1.
On Saturday, the ladies played against Chinook, Fairfield, Fort Benton,
Valier and Chester/Joplin/Iverness.
Horsmon said the players struggled during singles, but did well with doubles.
The doubles did very well against tough competition. They were able to see other teams and their strategies. Patience was the key to beating those teams, Horsmon said.
In singles, Vandall went 0-3 and placed sixth; Broesder went 1-4 and placed fourth; Flynn went 1-2, and placed fourth; and Presser went 1-2 and placed fourth.
In doubles, Hoversland and Parsley went 2-1 and placed third; and Hanks and Hernandez went 3-0 and placed first.
In junior varsity singles, Clark went 2-0, Horsmon went 1-0 and sophomore Thea Smith went 0-1.
The varsity team members as of now are: Singles, Vandall, No. 1; Broesder, No. 2; Presser, No. 3; and Flynn, No. 4. Doubles – Hoversland/Parsley, No. 1; and Hernandez/Hanks, No. 2.
The girls will compete against Williston, N.D., May 2 and Chinook May 4.