Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point Track Team Fights Against The Elements

Winter has lingered into April and created difficulties for the Wolf Point track and field team, but the teammates haven’t let it slow them down.
The team has competed in three meets since the start of the season against Glasgow, Baker and Huntley Project.
Head coach RC Page said the boys and girls also travelled to Malta April 23 for an invitational meet. Even with weather limitations, the young athletes have excelled in their events.
Freshman Isaac Remington ran the 800-meter dash in 2 minutes and 50 seconds and the 1600-
meter in 6:12, while freshman David Knerr threw the shot put 28’0” and the discuss 80’0”.
Sophomore Aaron D’Am-
brosio jumped 16’2” in the long jump, 33’8” in the triple jump and ran 12.6 in the 100 and finished the 200-meter in 28.
Sophomore Joe Hanson ran the 100 in 13.7, the 200 in 28.5, and jumped 14’9” in the long jump. Junior Cole Clark threw the shot put 31’0”, the discuss 90’0” and the javelin 103’0”.
Sophomore Ashley Page ran the 200 in 29.4, the 4x100-meter relay in 56.24, and the 4x400-meter relay in 4:54. She jumped 14’4” in the long jump and 4’6” in the high jump.
Sophomore Mariah Weeks ran the 400 in 1:13, the 800 in 2:47, the 3200 in 14:00, the 4x100 in 56.24, and the 4x400 in 4:54. She jumped 4’8” in the high jump.
Sophomore Emma Gourneau ran the 100 in 14, the 4x100 in 56.24, and the 4x400 in 4:54. She jumped 27’8” in the triple jump.
Junior Sarah Hafner threw the shot put 27’0”, the discuss 81’1”, and the javelin 92’8”. Junior Sonica Archdale ran the 100 in 14.43, the 200 in 30.8, the 4x100 in 56.24 and the 4x400 in 4:54. She jumped 13’6” in the long jump.
Senior Alecia Ledeau ran the 1600 in 6:18, the 3200 in 14:00 and the 4x100 in 56.24.
Senior Katie Page threw the shot put 26’0” and the discus 75’0”.
The team’s next meet will be April 26-27 in Glendive.