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Lady Wolves Kick Off Season With Aggressive Approach

Head coach for the Wolf Point High School girls’ basketball team Jeff Neubauer has been at it for decades now. He attended Wolf Point High School where he played basketball and went on to coach all three of his daughters in the sport and has continued to teach young women at Wolf Point High School.
Neubauer seemed ready to take on another season and said the strategy this season would be centered on aggressiveness.
“I’ve always been an aggressive coach. I like to get out there full-court and this year is really going to be that way. And, offensively, my philosophy is if you’re open, you can shoot. And a good shot is a good shot,” Neubauer said.
The team is in the process of coping with the loss of several seniors last year and appointing new members into leadership positions. Neubauer said his older players would likely step into those roles and help direct the sophomore girls whom he referred to as very talented. And although Neubauer appreciates the ladies’ talent, he expressed how winning wasn’t necessarily the most important goal this season.
“As far as wins and losses, I don’t preach on that as long as we are getting better and working hard. These girls are probably the hardest working girls [I’ve coached],” Neubauer said.
The hard-work mantra has manifested itself in Neubauer’s practices. He said they’ve been doing a lot of guard and post drills as well as refining their passing game and practicing their full-court press.
Neubauer is looking forward to developing the young players and watching the girls rise to various challenges including when the team faces off against its most notorious rival, Malta.
The team has several games to warm up for its toughest competition starting with the season opener in Plentywood on Dec. 14.
Neubauer seemed ready to start the season off right and make it fun-filled and focused on improvement.