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Grenora/Westby Wins District 1C Tourney

The 2012 district 1C volleyball tournament play began Wednesday, Oct. 24, and concluded Saturday, Oct. 27. All teams came ready to play and were even showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing everything from pink headbands to pink socks and shoelaces. 
Culbertson vs. Nashua
The Culbertson Cowgirls had the first match of the tournament against the Nashua Porcupines. The Cowgirls won in three games, 25-22, 25-17, 25-19.
The team came out swinging with a total of 24 kills and 16 aces. Senior Shelby Weeks led her team with 11 kills and six aces.
Head coach Tiffany Marchwick believed her team was ready for tournament play and wanted to show others that they were going to play a great tournament.
“The best part of the tournament is that everyone comes into it zero and zero and we have come ready to play. We have veteran and senior Shelby Weeks who has been starting since she has been a freshman, but we are playing here in a different position this year and have had to get used to playing with change,” Marchwick commented.
Froid/Lake vs. Frazer
The Froid/Lake Redhawks took on the Frazer
Bearcubs in the early games of the tournament and handily won in three sets, 25-11, 25-14, 25-14.
The Redhawks came out looking to score with 18 kills and 25 aces. The girls showed that they are a team with experience as well as a team that can step up to a challenge.
Coaches Cherise Webster and Jennifer McClure expected a little more pep in their steps and fire in their eyes but they were happy with their team’s play and know that they can step it up to the high level of play that they need to.
Brockton vs.
The Brockton Warriors played the Saco/Hinsdale Panthers for their first match up. The Warriors fell to the Panthers in three games, 13-25, 10-25, 8-25.
Brockton gave their all on defense with a total of six blocks and 17 digs but couldn’t contain their opponents’ offensive mind set.
Senior Waverly Bear got her team on the scoreboard with two kills and one ace while sophomore April Brown tried to hold off the Panthers with six blocks and three assists.
Brockton moved to the lower half of the bracket after the loss.
Bainville vs. Scobey
The Bainville Bulldogs had an intense first round match against the Sco-bey Spartans. The teams played a total of five games with the Spartans winning out in the end. The scores were 20-25, 25-19, 25-20, 12-25, 11-15. The Bulldogs moved into the lower bracket after the hard-fought loss.
Head coach LaRae Romo said that her Bulldogs had 51 unforced errors and couldn’t hold onto a victory with that kind of statistic on their side.
“We are a well-motivated team and know that we can be the Cinderella story, we just needed to play better,” Romo stated.
Bainville had a total of 31 kills, 12 aces and 86 digs. Senior Tory Kragness led her team with eight kills and 22 digs while junior Caylee Holcomb and senior Katie Heen had 10 assists and four aces.
Culbertson vs.
The Cowgirls advanced in the upper bracket to play the undefeated Westby/Grenora Thunder. Culbertson gave a tremendous effort but ended up losing in three games, 14-25, 17-25, 21-25.
The Cowgirls fought hard and tried to stand their ground against the top-seeded Thunder but just couldn’t hold off their 35 kills or get around their defense that had 39 digs. Culbertson had a team total of 10 kills and 24 digs.
Weeks tried to keep her team afloat with four assists, three kills and one block but she and her teammates struggled to get their chemistry flowing.
“We have great chemistry when we get going,” senior Tori Kirkaldie said. “That is what can really make us stand out.”
Sophomore Emily Nielsen had nerves of steel in the last game with five consecutive serves getting her team to only a three-point deficit, but the Cowgirls couldn’t keep the Thunder from getting that last point.
Culbertson moved to the lower bracket after the loss.

Culbertson moved to the lower bracket after the loss.
Culbertson vs. Brockton
The Cowgirls and the Warriors faced each other after Culbertson’s loss to Westby/Grenora and Brockton’s loss to Saco/Hinsdale.
Culbertson came out with the win in three games, 25-7, 25-6, 25-12.
The Warriors are a young team who faced many challenges this season from players playing in different positions to seniors moving to a different school.
Head coach Terrence Johnson said he wants his team to work on their passion for the game, but overall he knows they played with their hearts and gave it their all.
The Cowgirls were fresh off a hard loss to Grenora/Westby and they wanted to prove they were still in the tournament. The team had a total of 35 kills and 26 aces.
Senior Shelby Weeks took the lead once again with 12 kills, 10 aces and 12 assists.
“I want the team to really enjoy playing together because it doesn’t last forever. I am a senior and I know that this is what I am going to miss and I just hope they will miss it too.” Weeks said.
Culbertson knocked Brockton out of the tournament and advanced to the second round of play in the lower bracket.
Brockton gave it their all in the tournament and are hoping to return next year with more to prove.
Froid/Lake vs. Savage
The Redhawks took on the Savage Warriors for their second game of the tournament. They won in a close three games, 25-17, 25-21, 25-21.
Froid/Lake came out with an offensive mind set with 30 kills and 13 aces.
Senior Ashlin Johnson had a team high of 11 kills and junior Nicole Kirby kept her team in the game with her defensive skills with five digs and 10 assists.
The Warriors tried to make a comeback in the second game but the Redhawks stayed tough and held on to the win.
Bainville vs. Savage
The Bulldogs moved to the lower bracket to be matched up against the Savage Warriors. Bainville came ready to play and knocked Savage out of the tournament in three games, 25-16, 25-14, 25-17.
Bainville brought a large crowd to the game with them that even included the pep band. This might have resulted in the 100 percent turnaround that was seen by head coach LaRae Romo.
“The girls came out fired up from their last match which was a hard loss. We were ready to move past it and get our spirits up again with a win,” Romo commented.
The Bulldogs showed their defensive skills with 73 digs but also put some points on the board with 17 kills. Senior Tory Kragness had a team high of nine kills and four blocks while sophomore Liz Rabbe held off the Warriors offense with 16 digs.
Bainville put an end to Savage’s tournament hopes but they advanced in the lower bracket to continue on with tournament play.
Culbertson vs. Bainville
The Cowgirls met up with the Bulldogs in the second round of the lower bracket. The teams played a hard-fought five matches with the Cowgirls coming up on top. The scores were 25-20, 23-25, 25-16, 18-25, 15-7.
Culbertson showed that they were ready to score with 40 kills and 10 aces. Bainville played tough defense against the Cowgirls with a total of 91 digs.
Senior Shelby Weeks once again helped her team score another victory with 15 kills, four aces and 15 assists. Fellow senior Tori Kickaldie played tremendous defense with five blocks and some help from senior Erica Nickoloff and junior Emily Nielsen with 14 digs.
The Bulldogs senior standouts were Torey Kragness with a total of eight kills and two blocks and Katie Heen with four aces and 23 digs.
Culbertson put an end to Bainville’s tournament dreams but the moved onto their fourth game and the third round of the lower bracket.
Bainville played an intense tournament with two of their matches going into five games. They know what they need to work on and are ready to come back with a vengeance.
Froid/Lake vs.
The Redhawks played an undefeated Westby/Grenora Thunder in the third round of the upper bracket of tournament. Froid/Lake lost in three hard-fought games to the Thunder; 18-25, 13-25, 18-25.
Froid/Lake had a total of nine kills and nine aces along with 24 digs. They just couldn’t hold off the train that was the Thunder’s front line that had 36 kills and they could score past their back line that had 50 digs.
Redhawks senior Shayla Swallers had a team-high of four aces while junior Nicole Kirby and senior Callie Hendrickson played phenomenal defense with five digs each.
The Redhawks moved down to the third round of the lower bracket after the loss. Westby/Grenora went on to win the entire tournament and move onto divisionals.
Culbertson vs.
After the hard-fought win against Bainville, Culbertson moved to the third round of the lower bracket were they played the Richey Lambert Fusion.
The Cowgirls lost in three games to the Fusion; 14-25, 23-25, and 17-25.
Culbertson had 28 kills, nine aces, and 32 digs. They just couldn’t hold off the 20 aces that their opponent was serving up.
Junior Renee Oelkers stepped up to the plate with four aces and 14 digs while sophomore Emily Nielsen got her team on the scoreboard with 14 kills.
The Cowgirls were knocked out of tournament play with this loss, but showed fans and supporters that they were a team with heart that could only improve.
Froid/Lake vs.
The Redhawks faced the Panthers in their first game in the lower bracket. Froid/Lake lost in a close three game match, 19-25, 17-25, 23-25.
Froid/Lake continuously got better throughout the match but couldn’t compete with the defense the Panthers came with for they had a total of 63 digs.
The Redhawks had 17 kills, 23 blocks, seven aces, and 40 digs. Senior Ashlin Johnson led her team with 11 digs, nine kills and two blocks.
Froid/Lake was knocked out of tournament play with this loss but are ready to come back next year to advance even further. The Redhawks showed supporters that they have the fire and passion for the game and are ready to win.
Nashua vs.
The Nashua Porcupines faced the Saco/Hinsdale Panthers after both teams lost in the first round of the tournament. 

The Panthers won in an intense four-game match with scores of 17-25, 13-25, 25-23, 17-25.
Saco/Hinsdale played with an offensive mind with 30 kills and 15 aces, but they also kept Nashua from scoring with 49 digs.
Senior Chelsea Mavencamp helped her team with her 16 assists while juniors Chadaya Christensen, Bethany Lacock, and Whitney Molina assisted their team with the victory with 10 kills, three blocks and 18 digs.
The Panthers moved onto to the second round of the lower bracket while the Porcupines were knocked out of the tournament with the loss being their second.
Scobey vs. Frazer
The Scobey Spartans were matched up against the Frazer Bearcubs in the first round of the lower bracket of the tournament. Both teams experienced a loss prior to playing one another.
The Spartans clinched the victory in three games against the Bearcubs with scores of 25-7, 25-20, 25-5.
Scobey came out with their eye on the prize with 17 kills and 20 aces. Frazer tried to retaliate but came up short on the defensive side of things but acquired seven kills and four aces.
Senior Danielle Richardson and sophomore Katelenn Davis were main components in their teams’ victory with six kills and eight aces.
Junior Jessie White from Frazer led her team with two kills and two aces.
Scobey advanced to the second round of the lower bracket and sent Frazer packing by giving them their second loss.
Saco/Hinsdale vs.
The Saco/Hinsdale Panthers were knocked down to be matched up against the Scobey Spartans who advanced to the second round of the lower bracket.
The match was a hard- fought five games, but the Panthers came out victorious. The scores were 25-15, 17-25, 25-21, 28-25, 15-9.
Saco/Hinsdale played their hearts out with 275 kills, 15 aces, and 52 digs. Scobey came out swinging as well with 35 kills, 14 aces and 59 digs.
The Panthers leaned on their seniors Hannah Jones and Chelsea Mavencamp to help them clinch the victory. Jones had 10 kills and five blocks while Mavencamp had 19 assists. Also helping with the victory was junior Whitney Whitaker who had four aces and 21 digs.
The Spartans standouts were seniors Carly Vink, Lindsay Reller, and Erin Wahl. Vink came out with six aces and 27 assists, Reller had 10 kills and Wahl had four blocks. Sophomore BoDayle Battleson helped the Spartans defensively with 17 digs.
Saco/Hinsdale moved onto the third round of the lower bracket while Scobey was given their second loss of the tournament and knocked out of play.
Richey/Lambert vs. Saco/Hinsdale
The R & L Fusion took on the Saco/Hinsdale Panthers in the fourth round of the lower bracket of the tournament.
The Fusion won in three games, with the scores of 25-21, 25-9, 25-20. The team had a total of 25 kills, 10 aces and 43 digs. The Panthers had team totals of 21 kills, six aces and 20 digs.
R & L’s offense was led by senior Alexis Johnson. She had a total of 16 block, which was over half of her team’s total. Sophomore Megan Volbrecht helped her team fend off the Panthers with 11 digs.
Seniors Hannah Jones and Chelsea Mavencamp led Saco/Hinsdale to the win. Jones had three blocks and two aces while Mavencamp had six digs and seven assists. Junior Chadaya Christensen helped keep her team on the scoreboard with eight kills.
The Fusion knocked the Panthers out of the tournament by giving them their second loss and advanced in the lower part of the bracket.
Scobey vs. Fairview
Scobey was matched to play Fairview after receiving its first win in the tournament and Fairview was playing its’ first match after receiving a bye in the first round.
The Warriors beat the Spartans in three games. The sores were 25-10, 25-20, 25-10.
Fairview had their eye on the prize with 32 kills and 39 digs while Scobey had to play a defensive game with 25 kills.
Senior Warrior Madyn Klose had 14 kills, two aces and two blocks. Junior Hannah Hardy kept Fairview in the play on defense with 14 digs.
Senior Spartan Danielle Richardson kept Scobey in the game with seven digs while sophomore Erin Wahl kept them on the scoreboard with three kills.
Fairview advanced to the third round of tournament play in the upper bracket, and Scobey was bumped down to the lower bracket.
Saco/Hinsdale vs. Richey/ Lambert
Saco/Hinsdale advanced to play the seeded Richey/Lambert in the second round of play in the upper bracket of the tournament.
Richey/Lambert won in three games with the scores being 25-16, 25-11, 25-14.
The Fusion had 38 kills, 15 aces and 69 digs to seal their win over the Panthers who had only 12 digs, six aces and 40 digs.
Richey/Lambert’s seniors stepped into their role as the leading ladies of their team with standouts Alexis Johnson,Bailee Fink, Shanna Olson. Johnson had 25 kills and five blocks, Fink had seven aces and 32 assists and Olson had 19 digs.
Saco/Hinsdale had the under classman stepping up with junior Whitney Molina having seven kills and 11 digs and sophomore Courtney Capdeville with three aces.
The Fusion moved on to the third round of play in the upper bracket while the Panthers were matched up against another team in the first round of the lower bracket.
Richey/Lambert vs. Fairview
Richey/Lambert met Fairview in the third round of the upper bracket and lost in a close three games. The scores were 18-25, 17-25, 21-25.
The Fusion played an intense game with 16 kills, five aces and 42 digs but they couldn’t contain the Warrior’s 35 kills, 13 aces and 61 digs.
Fairview senior Masyn Klose got the Warriors on the scoreboard with ten kills while junior Abby Lebsock rallied the defense with 17 digs.
Richey/Lambert senior Shanna Olson was the backbone of her team with eight kills, two aces and 12 digs.
Fairview advanced to the semifinals of the tournament and Richey/Lambert moved to the third round of the lower bracket.
Grenora/Westby vs. Fairview
Fairview met the undefeated Grenora/Westby in the semifinals of the tournament. The Thunder beat the Warriors in four games with the score being: 25-18, 25-16, 26-28, 27-25.
Fairview had a team total of 40 kills, ten blocks, ten aces, and 76 digs, but they still couldn’t hold off Grenora/Westby’s 24 kills, nine blocks, 12 aces and equally impressive 76 digs.
Senior Kayla Rust with four aces and 18 digs helped lead the Thunder to victory. Junior Shayla Garman also contributed to the win with 10 kills.
Senior Masyn Klose helped the Warriors stay in the competition with 16 kills and nine blocks.
Grenora/Westby won themselves a seat in the finals while Fairview was knocked down to the fifth round of the lower bracket where they had to win one more game to play the Thunder one more time.