Wolf Point Herald

Frontier Volleyball Teams Both at 11-1 At Season End

Coach Louise Petersen and the Frontier School volleyball A and B teams finished the season with 11 wins and one loss. The early season loss to Scobey was avenged on the final weekend as both teams made it two straight wins over the tough Scobey volleyball teams.
The final jamboree of this season pitted Frontier versus Poplar in the first match. The Frontier A team won 25-19, 25-13, while the B team was victorious 25-10, 25-16.
For the Mustang A team Ashtyn Hentges had the hot hand with 12 serves, including three aces and a spike; Kelsie Neubauer had four serves; Kylie Kirkaldie three serves and a spike; Mandi Martin had two serves, one ace and one spike; Charlene Allmer, two serves; Patience Muth, two serves; Jadyn Myrick, one serve and three spikes; and Aubrey Zilkoski, one serve and one extra effort.
The B team was led by Mary Bighorn with nine serves and two spikes; Brenna Kurokawa, eight serves and two aces; Anamarie Long, six serves; Semarah Wells, five serves; Kassie Kirkaldie, three serves and one spike; Imani Bighorn, one serve and one spike; Elizabeth Zimmer, one serve; Madison Kinzie and Samantha Goodman also contributed in the win.
The second match for both teams was against
Scobey. In a great junior high match up with every point hard fought for, Frontier took the A match 25-23, 25-15, 15-11.
Team statistics for Frontier included 78 sets, 122 bumps and 22 spikes.
Individually, Hentges had 14 serves, one ace and two spikes; Myrick, seven serves and five spikes; Martin, seven serves, three aces; Neubauer, three serves, one ace, five spikes and one extra effort; Kylie Kirkaldie, one serve and five spikes; Zilkoski, one serve, four spikes, one extra effort; Allmer, one serve; Muth, one spike. Mackenzie Whitehawk joined in the team effort for both A team matches.
The B team won their match 25-8, 25-18. Kurokawa had 12 serves and two aces; Wells, seven serves and one ace; Imani Bighorn, five serves; Kassie Kirkaldie, three serves, one spike, one extra effort; Kinzie and Zimmer, three serves each; Long, two serves; Goodman, one serve, one ace and two spikes; Mary Bighorn was also a part of the winning effort.
Seventh- and eighth- grade girls’ basketball practice begins Oct. 22 at Frontier School.