Wolf Point Herald

School Board Appoints Coaches

Wolf Point School trustees approved the hiring and rehiring of several coaches during their monthly meeting Tuesday, June 10.
The school board discussed a district practice of not allowing administrators to serve as coaches.
They excluded two individuals from the list of people approved for coaching positions. Athletic director Mike Erickson was not approved as seventh grade girls’ basketball coach and Brett Scott was not approved as assistant football coach. Brent Nygard voted against the exclusions.
The following appointments were approved: football, head coach Bruce Knerr, assistant coach David D’Ambrosio, junior high head coach Scott Vandall; volleyball, head coach John Sweet, assistant coach KD Madison; cross country, head coach Janet Erickson, assistant coach Stacey Summers; boys’ basketball, head coach Kelly Nieskens, assistant coach Scott Nasner, eighth grade coach Tommy Olson; girls’ basketball, head coach Jeff Neubauer, assistant coaches Dave Allen and Danielle Solberg, eighth grade coach Melissa Cromwell; wrestling, head coach Ryan Helmer, assistant coach Eric Peterson, junior high head coach Vandall; track, head coach RC Page, assistant coach Eric Peterson, junior high head coach David D’Ambrosio, junior high assistant coach Bruce Knerr; tennis, head coach Nicole Boos; golf, head coach Rodney Paulson; and cheer, April Boitano, fall and winter seasons.