Wolf Point Herald

Poplar Cheerleaders Finish Year At District Tournament

The Poplar High School cheerleading squad started out strong this year, with 10 girls participating in try-outs.
However, due to various factors, the season wrapped up with only four girls cheering at the district tournament in Malta.
Brooke Boyd, a sophomore this year, led the girls as the one returning member. Three new faces came from the freshmen class. They were Rachael Azure, Randi Azure and Courtney Martell.
Overall, it was a year of growth and development for the cheerleaders.
After an injury to Boyd’s knee, the freshmen were forced to step up and cheer on their own for three weeks.  Boyd was cleared to participate again just in time for the final home game against Plentywood.
“It was great to see the amount of effort that the cheerleaders put in throughout the season. Even with such a young group, they were able to perform some difficult stunts and dismounts.  There were some mishaps and falls along the way, but they kept trying and trying again. I hope to see all of them return next year, and encourage more girls to try out for the squad next November,” adviser Karolyn Kohl said.