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Page Looking For State Qualifiers At Divisionals -- Poplar Boys Make Strong Showing At District Meet

Wolf Point and Poplar track and field athletes will advance to the divisional meet in Great Falls Saturday, May 24.
Both local schools made strong showings at the 2B District Meet in Glasgow Saturday, May 17.
“We are still setting personal bests,” Wolf Point head coach Robert Page said.
The girls’ 4x400 relay team of Sonica Archdale, Shelby Hanks, Ashley Page and Kateri Rush shaved 11 seconds off their previous best time.
Page said they have a very good chance to improve on it.
Brady Babb finished first in pole vault, an event he didn’t know if he wanted to participate in at the start of the season.
“To be a district champion was a huge surprise for him. He keeps getting better,” Page said.
“It goes to show that if you put in the hard work, good things can happen,” he said.
Page is taking 12 WPHS track athletes to the divisional meet who will compete in multiple events. Six male and six female athletes are going.
“We believe we stack up very well at this divisional meet to get some state qualifiers,” Page said.
The state meet will be at Butte Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 and 29.
The following are results for Wolf Point and Poplar from the 2B District Meet.
Team scores — Glasgow 295, Poplar 64, Harlem 53, Wolf Point 45, Malta 33, Plentywood 33.
100 Meter
Wesley Weeks, WPHS, third, 12.08; Myltin Bighorn, Poplar, sixth, 12.61.
200 Meter
Owen Lepper, WPHS, fourth, 24.61; Austyn Juve, WPHS, sixth, 25.62.
400 Meter
Brady Babb, WPHS, sixth, 1:00.20.
800 Meter
Orlando Young, Poplar, third, 2:28.30; Richard Brown, Poplar, sixth, 2:42.13.
1600 Meter
Chris LeMay, Poplar, third, 5:50.40.
3200 Meter
LeMay, Poplar, second, 12:26.65.
300 Hurdles
Bighorn, Poplar, third, 45.25; Brent Lester, Poplar, fifth, 46.19.
400 Relay
Wolf Point, second, 47.42; Poplar, sixth, 54.33.
1600 Relay
Wolf Point, second, 3:55.79; Poplar, fifth, 4:08.80.
High Jump
Lepper, WPHS, third, 5-2.
Pole Vault
Brady Babb, WPHS, first, 9-0.
Long Jump
Weeks, WPHS, sixth, 17-7.
Shot Put
TJ Tuttle, Poplar, first, 48-9 1/2; Sheridan Stranger Horse, Poplar, fifth, 40-2; AJ Hollom, Poplar, sixth, 39-9.
Stranger Horse, Poplar, first, 133-10; Tuttle, Poplar, second, 130-2.
Team scores — Glasgow 237, Malta 117, Plentywood 91, Wolf Point 48, Poplar 22, Harlem 2.
100 Meter
Kylee Stump, Poplar, sixth, 14.68.
200 Meter
Shelby Hanks, WPHS, fourth, 28.96.
400 Meter
Sonica Archdale, WPHS, fifth, 1:06.45.
800 Meter
Brittany Whiteman, Poplar, sixth, 2:57.15.
3,200 Meter
Drew Reum, Poplar, fourth, 14:32.21.
100 Hurdles
Kateri Rush, WPHS, sixth, 18.50.
300 Hurdles
Rush, WPHS, fifth, 52.25.
400 Relay
Wolf Point, fourth, 55.01; Poplar, fifth, 59.39.
1,600 Relay
Wolf Point, second, 4:32.95;, fifth, 5:18.86.
High Jump
Hanks, WPHS, fifth, 4-6.
Long Jump
Hanks, WPHS, third, 14-10 1/2; Ashley Page, WPHS, sixth, 14-0.
Triple Jump
Archdale, WPHS, fourth, 31-3 1/2.
Shot Put
Shawna Hagadone, Poplar, fourth, 31-3.
Hagadone, Poplar, second, 97-3.
Page, WPHS, second, 101-0; Archdale, WPHS, third, 100-9.