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Lady Wolves Tennis Results

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Kendra Landsrud makes a return during the final home tennis meet against Chinook May 3. (Photos by John Plestina)

Mary Clark serves during the final home tennis meet against Chinook May 3.


Results were as follows for the Lady Wolves at Williston, N.D., Friday, May 9:
In singles matches: Carry Vandall defeated Jenna Albert 6-4 and RuthAnne Erickson 6-1; Tavie Reum lost to Emily Richter 0-6 and defeated Stephanie Brackey 6-1; Kendra Landsrud lost to Kaia Wedstad 0-6 and defeated Alysse Ogaard 6-2; Mandi Martin lost to Joy Lin 2-6 and defeated Toni Tank 6-4; Mary Clark lost to Jacie Kohler 0-6, Sissy Miller 1-6 and Tori Wenke 1-6; Taylor Hamilton lost to Ella Pedersen 1-6; Addison Cymbaluk 0-6; Shannon Semenko 0-6 and Amy Crozier 1-6; Charlene Allmer lost to Emma Abelman 0-6; Haleigh McKenzie 1-6 and defeated Lauren Metej 7-5.
In doubles matches: Sierra Hanks and Erin Presser defeated Albert and Wedstad 6-1, Richter and Lin 6-2, Albert and Richter 6-3 and Erickson and Brackey 6-1; Mercadeez Clark and Thea Smith lost to Jacie Kohler and Pedersen 4-6, Shannon Semenko and Ogaard 6-3 and Holly McCoy and Matej 7-5; Martin and Mary Clark lost to Addison and Haleigh 1-6.
The Lady Wolves play next at divisionals at
Baker Saturday, May 17.