Wolf Point Herald

Wolves’ Cross Country Team Runs At Glasgow

Teams from Browning, Glendive, Havre, Rocky Boy, Dodson, Poplar, Plentywood, Culbertson, Frazer, Glasgow, Wolf Point, and Williston and Mandan, N.D., competed in Glasgow's annual cross country meet held at Ki-wanas Park at Fort Peck.
Williston won the team championship with 71 points, followed by Browning with 71 points and Culbertson with 84 points.
In the boys’ varsity race, former Poplar standout Kyle Olson of Rocky Boy started out fast leaving the pack behind with only one runner staying with him, Emerson Connely of Browning. The duo battled down the stretch over the three mile course with Olson holding Connely off as they sprinted towards the finish line. Olson finished the course in 15:44 while Connely was timed at 15:46.
Eighty-four runners competed in the race with other area top finishers being Layne Lantis, Glendive, third, 15:50; Chance Hyatt, Culbertson, fourth, 16:05; Jimmy Martin, Dodson, fifth, 16:09; Jacob Olesik, Williston, sixth, 16:12; and Devan Shumway, Williston, seventh, 16:23. Triston SunRhodes, Culbertson, finished 17th in 17:12; Markell Blount, Frazer, 25th, 17:40; Joseph Chase, Poplar, 32nd, 18:04; Daniel Horsman, Frazer, 33rd, 18:10; Connor Ogle, Poplar, 39th, 18:17; Garrett Horsman, Wolf Point, 46th, 18:42; Michael Azure, Culbertson, 49th, 18:48; Jamis Rattling Thunder, Brockton, 55th, 19:21; Jeremy Harrington, Poplar, 60th, 19:44; Boy Youngman, Poplar, 61st, 19:50; Lane Headdess, Poplar, 62nd, 19:57; Waylon Youpee, Poplar, 66th, 20:17; Jarom Talks Different, Frazer, 67th, 20:21; Louie Conklin, Poplar, 71st, 20:32; Adnrew Moran, Poplar, 72nd, 20:49; Cameron Ogle, Poplar, 73rd, 20:49; Chris Lemay, Poplar, 74th, 20:50; and Chris Azure, Culbertson, 82nd, 25:09.
In the girls’ varsity race, Glasgow claimed the team championship with 36 points, followed by Glendive with 80 points and Mandan's 91 points. Josie Braaten of Glasgow took the overall championship with a time of 19:07. Finishing second was Browning's Courtney Little Dog in 19:31.
Local athletes who competed included Alicia Ladeau, Wolf Point, 28th, 21:45; Marissa Irizarry, Wolf Point, 39th, 22:48; Alicia Ayers, Poplar, 51st, 24:14; Emma Gourneau, Wolf Point, 52nd, 24:31; April Brown, Brockton, 53rd, 24:44; and Brooke Boyd, Poplar, 56th, 25:25. At total of 67 runners participated in the varsity girls’ race.
In the junior high girls’ race, Sierra Summers of Wolf Point repeated as individual champion from last year matching her personal best with a time of 9:20 over the 1½-mile course. Finishing second was Ryleigh McDonnell of Glendive in 9:47. Morgan Voser of Miles City was third in 10:10 with Tessa Hill of Sidney fourth in 10:21. A total of 71 runners competed. Local student/athletes who placed included Racheal Azure, Poplar, 18th, 10:57; Ivey Lambert, 20th, 11:08; Laresa Dale, 21st, 11:09; Cyrenna Standing, 23rd, 11:21; Journey Erickson, 24th, 11:22; Marika Youpee, Poplar, 29th, 11:51; Little Sky Fasthorse, Poplar, 30th, 11:55; Shaedel Adams, Frazer, 33rd, 12:02; Paisley Ferdina, Wolf Point, 35th, 12:09; Fallon SunRhodes, Culbertson, 40th, 12:37; Kamryn Azure, Poplar, 44th, 12:52; Aiesha Smith, Poplar, 45th, 13:00; Alexis Whiteman, Poplar, 47th, 13:03; Ashton Ator, Culbertson, 59th, 14:28; Heaven Escarcega, Poplar, 60th, 14:38; Alyah Beston, Frazer, 64th, 15:25; Alex Sutton, Wolf Point, 68th, 15:54; Dreona Beston, Frazer, 69th, 16:30. Wolf Point runners who set personal bests in the race were Sutton, Standing and Dale.
In the junior high boys’ race, a duo of Williston runners ran away from the field with times of 8:33 and 8:34 over the 1½-mile course. Wolf Point's Trey Fourstar placed 11th with a personal best of 9:42. Other area student/athletes who placed included Gabe Granada, Culbertson, 23rd, 10:12; Aaron Ayers, Poplar, 33rd, 10:52; Daunte Azure, Poplar, 43rd, 11:39; Wyatt Miller, Frazer, 47th, 12:12; James Poitra, Wolf Point, 49th, 12:25; Miles Buckles, Poplar, 51st, 12:48; Alex Raining Bird, Frazer, 53rd, 13:11; Brian Eder, Brockton, 56th, 13:24; Caleb Blount, Wolf Point, 57th, 13:27; Zander Ackerman, 58th, 13:28; Joseph Savior, Poplar, 59th, 13:54; Jayson Jackson, Frazer, 63rd, 14:22; Payton Hauge, Culbertson, 67th, 15:27; Dylan Raab, Culbertson, 68th, 15:28; Darryl Joe, Poplar, 69th, 17:07; and Riley Beston, Frazer, 70th, 21:02.
On Thursday afternoon, local elementary and Jr. high runners will compete in Brockton. On Saturday, most local runners will be traveling to Miles City to compete in the Cowboy Invitational.