Wolf Point Herald

Football Program Making Strides In Recent Games

The Wolves varsity football team played against Colstrip High School at home on Sept. 28, losing 26-13.
Senior Hunter Braaten led the defense with 15 tackles, while sophomore Josh McClammy had 13 and junior David Hopson had 11 collective tackles and quarterback sacks.
Senior Easton Copenhaver made 10 tackles and one pass interception, while senior Mechiah Zilkoski caught six passes for 112 yards and made one touchdown. Sophomore Hayden Hanks also caught six passes for 57 yards, and quarterback Tukker Toavs was 15 for 27 for 191 yards, and made two touchdowns.
Coach David Knerr believed the team made avoidable mistakes, but thinks the defense is beginning to peak.
“The defense only allowed two touchdowns, and, for a third week in a row, has kept the games close enough to win,” Knerr said. “The key factor was the offense having two interceptions returned for touchdowns, those are mistakes we can't have as a team. You can rebound from one turnover, but when you have multiple turnovers returned, it starts messing with the players’ mental states.”
Knerr has watched the Wolves progress and said the groundwork for winning was being created.
“The team’s competitive level has been elevated to the brink of victory for three consecutive weeks but that pinnacle of victory has been just out of reach. The Wolves might have lost 26-13, but there were lots of bright spots, the foundation for success is being laid every day in practice and at games, and the defense is showing it,” Knerr said.
The junior varsity team played Monday night against Poplar at home and secured a 47-12 victory.
Sophomore Josh McClammy made 16 rushes for 164 yards and made three touchdowns, while quarterback Dalton Hafner was 6 of 14 on passing for 225 yards and made two touchdowns.
Sophomore Hayden Hanks caught five passes for 192 yards and made two touchdowns while freshman David Knerr made one touchdown.
Knerr said the most celebrated touchdown belonged to sophomore Cameron Quincy who took the ball from a Poplar running back and ran it 45 yards to the end-line.
Similar to varsity, Knerr said the junior varsity defense was making great strides.
“The defense had 10 different players make a big defensive play whether it was a sack, fumble recovery, interception or pass breakup, that is great team defensive effort,” Knerr said.
The junior high team played Scobey on Saturday in a home game, shutting them out 58-0. Knerr said 12 players ran the ball and six scored touchdowns.
The varsity team plays next Oct. 5 at Harlem at 7 p.m., junior varsity plays in Glasgow Oct. 8 for the last game of the season and junior high will play in
Scobey Oct. 6 at 10 a.m.