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Lady Wolves Struggle At Chinook After Playing Strong At Baker

The Lady Wolves had a tough outing at Chinook Friday, April 25, that followed a strong showing at Baker, Thursday, April 17.
WPHS vs. Chinook
In singles matches, Sierra Hanks lost 2-8, 0-8, 5-8; Erin Presser lost 0-8, 1-8, 0-8; Tavie Reum won 8-5; Thea Smith lost 0-8, 5-8; Mercadeez Clark lost 0-8; Kendra Landsrud lost 0-8.
In doubles, Reum and Landsrud lost 5-8, 4-8; Clark and Smith lost 2-8, 4-8; Hanks and Presser lost 3-8.
Junior Varsity
In singles, Mandi Martin lost 0-8; Mary Clark lost 0-8; Charlene Allmer lost 0-8 and 0-6; Taylor Hamilton lost 4-8.
In doubles, Martin and Hamilton lost 2-8, 4-6; Allmer and Clark lost 4-8; Clark and Martin lost 1-6.
WP JV vs. Harlem JV
In singles, Martin lost 6-8; Clark lost 6-8; Hamilton lost 2-8.
In doubles, Clark and Martin lost 1-6.
“It was a tough day for both varsity and JV. Chinook had a lot of talent for both varsity and JV as well as Harlem and by playing them it showed coach [Nicole] Paulson and I the things we need to work on with the girls in order for them to improve their game. I am still so very proud of my girls and have no doubt that their talent will continue to grow in the weeks ahead,” head coach Nicole Boos said.
WPHS vs. Baker
In singles, Carry Vandall lost to Kylie Hadley 3-8; Hanks defeated Margaret Uecker 8-1; Presser defeated Pam Tronstad 8-0; Reum defeated Anna Espeland 8-3; Martin lost to Sam Smith 4-6; and Hamilton lost to Megan Grief 4-6.
In doubles, Hanks and Presser lost 4-8; Reum and Landsrud won 8-1; Mercadeez Clark and Smith won 6-4; Mary Clark and Allmer lost 3-6.
WPHS vs. Forsyth
In singles, Vandall defeated Kayla Fulton 8-6; Hanks defeated Deborah Lawson 8-1; Presser defeated Maria Antonio-Lewis 8-1; Martin lost to Alex Gantchoff 1-6; Hamilton defeated Haley Ash-Eide 6-3; Allmer defeated Ash-Eide 6-0.
In doubles, Hanks and Presser defeated Fulton and Antonio-Lewis 6-2; Reum and Landsrud defeated Lawson and
Gantchoff 9-7.