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Lady Wolves Off To Good Start At First Two Meets

HN.4.10.14.WP.TENNIS-PRESSERThe Lady Wolves got off to an impressive start with a pair of matches at home against Forsyth Friday, April 4, and Baker Saturday, April 5.
The Lady Wolves easily shut down Forsyth, winning all but one match.
Carry Vandall won two matches over Kayla Fulton, 6-2, and Maria Antonio-Lewis 6-1.
Sierra Hanks also won twice, beating Kayla Fulton 6-1 and Alex Gantchoff 6-1.
Erin Presser won a pair over Maria Antonio-Lewis, 6-3, and Justine Yazzie 6-1.
Tavie Reum beat Mecaila French 6-0.
Mercadeez Clark beat Haley Ash-Eide 6-0.
Thea Smith lost to Alex Gantchoff 4-6.
Kendra Landsrud beat Justine Yazzie 6-2.
In doubles, Tavie Reum and Kendra Landsrud beat Maria Anotonio-Lewis and Kayla Fulton 6-2.
Thea Smith and Mercadeez Clark beat Justine Yazzie and Alex Gantchoff 6-2, and Mecaila French and Haley Ash-Eide 6-0.
Wolf Point came out with a positive finish, winning six and losing four matches to Baker.
The names of Baker players were not available.
Vandall lost one match 4-8 and won another 8-6.
Hanks won a tie-breaker 8-7 and lost another match 2-6.
Presser won one match 6-0 and lost another 2-8.
In doubles, Reum and Landsrud lost a match 1-8 and  Smith and Clark won two matches 6-0 and 6-0.
“I was so very impressed with how this weekend went. Of course, we still need to work on some things, but I believe with a little more practice, we will have a very successful tennis season,” coach Nichole Boos said.
“Sierra Hanks did an exceptional job on her match which ended up going into a grueling tie-breaker and in result Sierra came up with the win. I was very proud of her,” she said.
“I’m lucky to have the group of girls I do. They are all talented and I look forward to the rest of the season as they continue to improve,” Boos said.
The Lady Wolves will play at home again Saturday, hosting Williston, N.D.