Wolf Point Herald

Eighth-Grade Volleyball Starts Great Season

Wolf Point’s eighth- grade volleyball is off to another great season. Playing this year is Tia Blackeagle, Jade Blackeagle, Shelby Hanks, Celeste Johnson, Kateri Rush, Taylor Hamilton, Mary Clark and Aeryn Martin.
On Sept. 8, the team traveled to Plentywood and played the Glasgow Scotties twice. In match one, the girls won in two, 25-19 and 25-15, and lost match two, 15-25 and 11-25.
The Wolves came out ready to play in match one, but struggled to receive the ball well in match two.
Serving well for the Wolves were Taylor Hamilton and Shelby Hanks.
On Sept. 15, the Wolves traveled to Glasgow to play the Scobey Spartans and the Frontier Mustangs. Against the Spartans, the Wolves lost in two, 21-25 and 10-25.
Scobey had a strong server that the Wolves found it hard to adjust to in the back row, but came back and rallied back, but they were not able to get the win.
In game two, the same thing happened and the Wolves were unable to receive the ball.
Match play against the Frontier Mustangs was great games for both teams, and, although the girls lost in three, 25-27, 20-25 and 10-15, the Wolves played well.
The Wolves came out and played well, worked to set the ball up and learned from their mistakes in their first weekend of play.
On Sept. 22, the Wolves were able to play for the first time on their home court and played the Glasgow Scotties and the Plentywood Wildcats.
Glasgow is an aggressive team, and the Wolves struggled to pass the ball and communicate losing in two, 18-25 and 22-25.
Match two against the Wildcats was a great game. The Wolves lost in three, 23-25, 25-23 and 11-15.
Playing well defensively for the Wolves was Kateri Rush.
Overall, the Wolves continue to work on various things through practice and improve little by little each week, including serving and serve receive.
Saturday, the Wolves will travel to Scobey.