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Girls’ Basketball Gears Up For Tournament


The Wolf Point Lady Wolves’ high school basketball team began their season Nov. 25.

The team spent the first week practicing passing, trapping and shooting drills. Coach Jeff Neubauer, who has been coaching the Lady Wolves for seven years, said 25 athletes came out for the team, including 13 freshmen and several returning varsity players. Neubauer added that the first week was about whittling players into their positions, as well as looking for players to score in the basket.

In the previous year, the team took second place at the girls’ 2B district tournament. This earned them to a trip to the Northern B Girls’ Basketball Divisional Tournament, where they placed fourth.

Neubauer mentioned that one of the team’s goals for this season is to improve every game.

“We all want to win [every game], but it’s not all about that,” Neubauer said. “The winning part will come at tournament time.”

Helping Neubauer on the sidelines will be returning coach Dave Allen, who has been with the team for seven years. A new addition to the Wolf Point coaching staff is Danielle Solberg, who coached varsity basketball in Idaho.

“It’s nice having three coaching for that many athletes,” Neubauer said.

Sonica Archdale and Sarah Hafner are two seniors returning to the team.

Archdale, who made All-Conference last year, is excited for the season to begin and said this year’s team has a lot of talent. She added that she would help the younger players who struggle during the season.

Like Archdale, Hafner is excited for the season to start. One of the ways she helps the younger players during practice is by being vocal on the court.

Both Archdale and Hafner said they would like to win the district championship and move on to divisional and state championship tournaments.

Neubauer added that there will be new rules to the game that the team will struggle with in the beginning of the season; however he believes that the team will be an “up-tempo” team on the court.

“Everyone likes a team that gets after [the ball] on the floor,” Neubauer said. “It’s going to be a fun year.”

The team will compete in a preseason round-robin tournament at Wolf Point High School, Dec. 13-14.


Friday, Dec. 13

9 a.m.- WP vs Circle, JVG

10:30 a.m.- WP vs Circle, JVB

Noon- Plentywood vs Fairview, JVG

1:30 p.m.- Plentywood vs Fairview, JVB

3 p.m.- Plentywood vs Fairview, VG

4:30 p.m.- WP vs Circle, VG

6 p.m.- Plentywood vs Fairview, VB

7:30 p.m.- WP vs Circle, VB

Saturday, Dec. 14

9 a.m.- WP vs Fairview, JVG

10:30 a.m.- WP vs Fairview, JVB

Noon- Plentywood vs Circle, JVG

1:30 p.m.- Plentywood vs Circle, JVB

3 p.m.- Plentywood vs Circle, VG

4:30 p.m.- WP vs Fairview, VG

6 p.m.- Plentywood vs Circle, VB

7:30 p.m.- WP vs Fairview, VB