Wolf Point Herald

Football Holds Awards Ceremony


The Wolf Point junior high and high school football teams held their awards ceremony Nov. 19 in the Wolf Point Junior/Senior High School multipurpose room, five weeks after their final game of the season.

The ceremony featured desserts provided by parents and players.

The ceremony began with coach Scott Vandall honoring four of the junior high players with awards: Cole Grandchamp, Most Valuable Teammate; Leslie Hawk, Most Improved Player; Quinn Whitmus, Mr. Hustle; and Ty Nelson, Rookie of the Year.

After Vandall was finished, coach Bruce Knerr spoke about working to get a Letterman’s Program at Wolf Point for all the sports.

Knerr gave several awards to high school members of the team: Owen Lepper and Wesley Weeks, Rookies of the Year; Cam Quincy, Top Lineman; Josh Berger, Most Inspirational; Logan Flynn, Horizon Award; David Hopson, Mr. Hustle Award and Silver Wolf Award; Tukker Toavs, Man of Steel Award; and Hayden Hanks, Most Valuable Teammate.

Knerr asked the seniors, who are graduating in the spring, not to forget about the team as their younger teammates will be representing them on the field next year. He also reminded the seniors that they will be representing Wolf Point throughout their lives.

Knerr acknowledged the team’s managers: Kailey Williamson, Danielle Vermette and Stormy Knerr.

“I can’t thank them enough for the hard work they do,” Knerr said.

Knerr presented the varsity players their home jerseys. He said he and the other coaches will be working with the school to establish a Letterman’s program for all sports.

Knerr presented home jerseys to the following varsity players: Toavs, Hopson, Garrett Pronto, Trent Wemmer, Steven Remington, Devon Hughes, Paul Nygaard, Aaron D’Ambrosio, Dalton Hafner, Tyson Bridges, Quincy, Trevor Hamilton, Michael DeWitt, Austin Juve, Logan Flynn, Terrell Hamilton, David Knerr, Ty Nygaard, Lepper, Weeks, Jordan Clarke, Kenny Boos, Adam Weinberger and Brady Babb.

As he handed out jerseys, he mentioned that colleges have been scouting several senior players.

In addition to the high school awards, several players received district and national honors. Quincy, Bridges, Hopson, Knerr and Hanks were selected for the District 2B Football All-Conference Second Team.

Babb, Stormy Knerr, David Knerr, Kenny Boos, Lepper, Paul Nygaard, D’Ambrosio and Remington received Academic All-State Awards. To receive this honor, players and managers must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Knerr announced that Hopson was selected as a player for the upcoming all-star game while Toavs and Wemmer were picked as alternates. The cost to send the players to Malta is a flat fee of $500 and the football team is planning a fundraising event in the future.

Knerr thanked the parents for a good year and mentioned he and coaches Vandall, Brent Boitano, Walker Weeks, Jeff Whitmus and David D’Ambrosio would be getting things started for next year. He asked parents to help keep their children on the “straight and narrow” path.