Wolf Point Herald

Wolves Host Cross Country Meet

Saturday, Sept. 15, Wolf Point hosted their annual cross country meet at the Airport Golf Course.
In the varsity boys’ race, Chance Hyatt of Culbert-son ran the three-mile course in a fast time of 16:48 besting a field of 53 runners. Jimmy Martin of Dodson was second in 17:00.
Rounding out the top 20 were Fabian Munoz, Culbertson, 17:20; Trystan SunRhodes, Culbertson, 17:25; Nick Bear, Dodson, 17:28; Austin Green, Glasgow, 18:33; Markell Blount, Frazer, 18:35; Tristen Gone, Harlem, 18:45; Bridger Sanders, Glasgow, 18:56; Joseph Chase, Poplar, 18:56; Lane Nickels, Nashua, 18:59; Daniel Horsman, Frazer, 19:06; Drue Nelson, Culbertson, 19:14; Matthew Phillips, Glasgow, 19:19; Garrett Horsmon, Wolf Point, 19:22; Isiaah Lawrence, Harlem, 19:30; Logan Tangedal, Plentywood, 19:35; Marc Milliart, Nashua, 19:35; Parker Westgard, Plentywood, 19:38; and Jaret Warrent, Dodson, 19:38.
In the varsity girls’ race, 32 athletes competed in the three-mile race.  Glasgow claimed the top four places to win the team competition led by Josie Braaten with a time of 20:28. Amanda Wolff, Rachael Zeigler and Emma Fewer rounded out the top four places for the Scotties with times of 21:20, 21:36, and 22:02.
Rounding out the top 20 finishers were: Anica Wagner, Circle, 22:36; Alicia Ledeau, Wolf Point, 22:10; Ellen Walstad, Glasgow, 22:50; Marley Manoukian, Malta, 22:54; Josie LaFond, Malta, 23:00; Marissa Irrizary, Wolf Point, 23:13; Alex Simenson, Glasgow, 23:40; Alexis Boyd, Poplar, 23:48; Hailey Nicholson, Malta, 24:02; Raven Bear, Dodson, 24:14; Mariah Weeks, Wolf Point, 24:16; Laurel Wagaman, Glasgow, 24:22; Mary Fewer, Glasgow, 24:28; Kerry Hoffman, Glasgow, 24:34; Kate Reid, Culbertson, 24:45; and Jayne Haynie, Circle, 24:48.
In the junior high boys’ division, 15 runners completed the 1.5-mile course.   Winning the event was Kasey Seyfert of Glasgow in 9:42 followed by Bryce Legare, Glasgow, 10:16.  Others placing in the race were Angel Boyd, Poplar, 10:21; Wyatt Howard, Plentywood, 10:47; Aaron Ayers, Poplar, 10:49; Matt Reyling, Glasgow, 11:12; Wyatt Miller, Frazer, 11:18; Tony Kaiser, Glasgow, 11:36; Daunte Azure, Poplar, 12:04; Alex Rainingbird, Frazer, 13:17; Miles Buckles, Poplar, 13:35; Dylan Rabbe, Culbertson, 14:27; Riley Beston, Frazer, 14:57; Jayson Jackson, Frazer, 15:03; and Joseph Savior, Poplar, 15:09.
In the junior high girls’ division, Sierra Summers of Wolf Point won the 1.5 mile race in 9:47, besting 22 other runners. Rounding out the field were Brinlie Nielson, Glasgow, 10:56; Kylee Kisler, Plentywood, 10:59; Demi Aune, Glasgow, 11:01; Val Talks Different, Harlem, 11:08; Rachel Azure, Poplar, 11:26; Faith Sallee, Glasgow, 11:31; Ivey Lambert, Poplar, 12:05; Chlo'E Shields, Poplar, 12:14; Little Skye Fasthorse, Poplar, 12:19; Jordan Kulczuk, Glasgow, 12:34; Marika Youpee, Poplar, 12:39; Shaedel Adams, Frazer, 12:56; Desrea Dible, Glasgow, 13:17; Francesca Valendez, Poplar, 13:28; Aiesha Smith, Poplar, 13:34; Alexis White-
man, Poplar, 13:41; Kaylee King, Glasgow, 13:59; Kamryn Azure, Poplar, 14:12; Haylee Johnson, Harlem, 14:32; Jamie Meiers, Glasgow, 14:35; Gililan Medicine Cloud, Wolf Point, 14:42;and Emma Pederson, Culbertson, 14:55.
In the elementary girls’ race, Mya Fourstar of Frazer won the 1.5-mile race  between 13 girls in 11:32 with Wolf Point's Journey Erickson in 11:33. Rounding out the other contestants were Laresa Dale, Wolf Point, 11:44; Paisley Ferdina, Wolf Point, 12:31; Cyreena Standing, Wolf Point, 12:33; Fallon SunRhodes, Culbertson, 13:09; Ashtyn Ator, Culbertson, 14:35; Christina Jaynes, Dodson, 17:13; Aiyah Beston, Frazer, 17:50; Kelsie Lambert, Culbertson, 18:07; Alex Sutton, Wolf Point, 18:22; Pamela Brown, Frazer, 19:24; and Kameron Brown, Frazer, 20:25.
In the elementary boys’ race, Trey Fourstar of Wolf Point won the 1.5 mile course in 10:03. Gabe Granada of Culbertson was second in 10:24.  Others finishers were Tyrese Messerly, Dodson, 10:28; Zander Ackerman, Frazer, 11:33; Kikey Kaynes, Dodson, 11:42; Corbain Lonebear, Dodson, 11:53; Caleb Blount, Wolf Point, 12:58; Anthony Wagner, Dodson, 13:08; Colin Jamba, Glasgow, 13:11; Eli Lambert, Culbertson, 14:08; Payton Hauge, Culbertson, 14:14; Terrance Ten Bear, Poplar, 14:33; Jacob Chowder, Culbertson, 15:01; Jerek Summers, Wolf Point, 15:31; Darryl Joe, Poplar, 17:10; Kameron Beston, Frazer, 19:24; Coy Azure, Poplar, 20:43; and Thomas Jaynes, Dodson, 20:59.
The top 10 finishers in all divisions received medals.

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