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Hunters' Most Common Hunting Violations

Every hunting season some individuals unwittingly or knowingly violate the state’s game laws.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials urge hunters to review Montana's hunting rules and regulations to ensure they act within the law and that they recognize when others violate the hunting regulations and related laws.

Any violation afield can be reported to TIP-MONT at 800-TIP-MONT (800-847-6668). You can also report a violation online.

Here are some of the most common game violations:

•Failure to obtain permission from landowners before hunting on private property.

•Wasting part of a game animal suitable for food.

•Failure to properly validate a license/tag or to securely fasten the tag in a visible manner to a game animal immediately after it is taken and before it is moved or transported from the kill site.

•Taking game from the wrong hunting district.

•Using someone else's tag on a game animal you killed or tagging a game animal that someone else killed.

•Shooting game animals on or from any public highway or public right-of-way.

•Taking game without a license or the proper permit.

•Failure to validate a big game tag.

•Not leaving evidence of the sex or species of the game animal attached.

FWP encourages hunters to protect the future of their sport by hunting responsibly and reporting hunting violations to the toll-free 800-TIP-MONT number or report a violation online.