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Plentywood Defeats Wolf Point In Final Game Of 2013 Season


The Wolf Point Wolves ended their season in the same way they began, by traveling to Plentywood to take on the Wildcats.

After four quarters, the Wildcats defeated the Wolves, 54-13.

The Wildcats made the first points of the game after a 51-yard rushing touchdown from running back Nathan Woodman. After a failed PAT, the Wildcats led, 6-0.

Woodman would score another rushing touchdown after a first down run from Plentywood quarterback Oakley Ordahl followed Woodman’s run with a two-point conversion. The Wildcats continued to lead 14-0. 

Hayden Hanks returned the kickoff to the 21-yard line. On the first play of the drive, Wolf Point quarterback Tukker Toavs pitched it to Hayden Hanks, who got eight yards, but it was nullified after referees called an offensive holding penalty.

After a couple of impressive passing plays to Tyson Bridges, Toavs scored the first points for the Wolves, after a quarterback sneak for a 1-yard touchdown, which brought the score, 14-6.

In the closing seconds of the first quarter, Plentywood’s RJ Becker had his first run of the game after getting a first down at 4th and 2.

In the beginning of the second quarter, Plentywood got a first down after the referees called a Roughing the Passer penalty against Wolf Point’s Cam Quincy, after his late tackle on Howard. During the drive, both Howard and Woodman had impressive runs.

On third down at the 6-yard line, Howard handed it off to Woodman, who scored his third rushing touchdown of the game. After the successful PAT from Ordahl, the Wildcats continued to lead, 21-6.

After forcing the Wolves into a punting situation, Plentywood recovered the ball to begin their seconddrive of the quarter.

Howard moved forward on two quarterback draws to get another first down for the Wildcats. Howard followed his first down run by throwing a pass to Jackson Marsh for 37 yards for another first down. He finished the drive with one more quarterback sneak, leading to his first running touchdown for the game. Plentywood continued to lead, 27-6.

Plentywood quickly recovered the ball after Jackson recovered a fumble. Following a short gain, Howard threw a pass to Tyler Michels for a first down. The Wolves were able to keep Plentywood at bay and force a turnover on downs.

Toward the end of the first half, the Wildcats hindered the Wolves’ running game. With less than a minute in the second quarter, Howard threw a pass to Woodman, who broke a couple of tackles and stayed in bounds to make his third trip to the end zone. After a successful PAT, the Wildcats led 34-6.

The Wolves ended the first half with a couple of runs from Toavs and Dalton Hafner.

Plentywood began the second half with Woodman recovering the ball and making it to the 40-yard line. Howard threw a 15-yard pass to Marsh, who made another first down. On third down, Howard made a quarterback sneak and gained enough yards for another first down for Plentywood.

Howard pitched it to Becker for a first down. After a couple of penalties against the Wolves, the Plentywood offense found themselves at the 3-yard line. Howard handed it off to Ordhal for his first touchdown of the night. After a successful field goal, the Wildcats continued to lead, 41-6.

The Wolves began their next drive on the 14-yard line. Hafner had a six-run gain. Toavs followed up Hafner’s run with a quarterback sneak to get a first down. On fourth down, Hafner punted the ball with Howard getting it to the Wolves’ 40-yard line.

On Plentywood’s next drive, Michels had two first down runs. With less than one minute in the quarter, Payden Anderson, replacing Howard as quarterback, handed it to Michels for another first down.

Plentywood began the fourth quarter at the 1-yard line. Anderson once again handed the ball to Michels, who punched it into the end zone. After another successful PAT from Woodman, his third of the game, the Wildcats continued to lead, 48-6.

On the first play from the drive, Toavs threw a pass to Hanks, who made it into the end zone for a touchdown. Kicker Nathaniel Paine made a successful PAT, which brought the score to 48-13.

The Wolves went for an onside kick, but the ball went the other way, allowing the Wildcats to begin the drive at the 46-yard line.

With less than seven minutes left, Anderson threw the ball to Dylan Murry for a 36-yard touchdown, bringing the score to 54-13.

The Wolves began their latest drive with Toavs throwing a pass, with Becker intercepting it and getting knocked out of bounds at the 44-yard line.

With 1:30 left in the game, the Michels had a 14-yard run for a first down.

In the final play of the game, Michels had one last run before getting forced out of bounds. He would take the final snap and knee it, as the seconds ran out, leaving the final score, 54-13.