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Wolves’ Football Team Plays In Final Home Game Of Season


The rain drizzled from the sky as the Wolf Point Wolves’ football team stepped onto Lowry Field to take on the Malta Mustangs in the Wolves’ last home game of the season.

After four quarters, the Mustangs defeated the Wolves, 58-7.

In the first quarter, Wolf Point’s defense prevented Malta from scoring on their first offensive drive; however the Mustangs managed to keep the Wolves from scoring on their first possession.

Once Malta got the ball back, they displayed a strong running game. Mustangs’ running back Reid Robinson dashed down the field for 28 yards, giving the Mustangs a first down. After a short gain by teammate Quintan Boos and a penalty against Wolf Point, Robinson ran into the end zone for a touchdown, giving Malta a 6-0 lead.

Dalton Hafner returned the kickoff to the 29-yard line. The Wolves would possess the ball for a short amount of time before punting it on fourth down.

The Wolves would keep Malta from gaining field position for three downs. On fourth down, Boos went up the middle and ran into the end zone for another Malta touchdown. After a failed PAT attempt, the Mustangs continued to lead, 12-0. 

After recovering the ball, Hafner would have a 20-yard gain up the middle, breaking two tackles along the way. The referees called a holding penalty on the Wolves and brought the ball back to the spot where they called the pen alty. On the next play, Hafner would get another first down for the Wolves.

Quarterback Tukker Toavs completed a pass to Hayden Hanks for a first-down. After a short gain from Hafner, Toavs had a quarterback keeper up the middle for five yards. Malta would recover the ball at the end of the quarter after a fumble on the next play.

In the opening seconds of the second quarter, Robinson went up the middle for another Malta first down. Boos would then have two more carries, his second resulting in another trip into the end zone for the Mustangs. Kalen Weide went up the left and completed a successful two-point conversion, making the score 20-0.

During another one of Malta’s scoring drives, Robinson would carry the ball to the 1-yard line. He finished the drive with his second rushing touchdown of the game, making the score 26-0.

The Wolves would get their first points of the game after Toavs’ quarterback keeper up the left side. Following Nathaniel Paine’s successful PAT, the score was 26-7.

Wolf Point would have to redo the kickoff, after the first kick was ruled as an illegal kick. After the second kickoff, Malta’s Allen Williamson recovered the ball and went up the right side, breaking three tackles along the way, before making it into the end zone, bringing the score, 32-7.

On the kickoff return, Hanks stops at the 33-yard line. After a short gain by David Knerr and an incomplete pass, Toavs ran a quarterback keeper up the middle for a first down. He then threw a pass, only for it to be intercepted by Malta’s Tyson Carney.

With one minute left in the half, Robinson raced up the left side for his third rushing touchdown, followed by a successful two-point conversion by Boos. At the end of the first half, the score was 40-7.

Wolf Point had the ball in the beginning of the third quarter, but Malta quickly forced a turnover on downs. Robinson would run up the middle for a first down. After Robinson’s carry, Boos would score his third rushing touchdown, making the score 46-7.

Boos would later catch his first receiving touchdown of the game. Dave Hopson would block the PAT, making the score, 52-7.

Malta would score their final points of the game in the fourth quarter after Robinson had a 47-yard rushing touchdown, bringing the score 58-7. 

The team would exchange the ball once before Malta punted the ball, which they recovered after a fumble on the return. With the ball on the 7-yard line, Malta tried to get the ball into the end zone. They would lose the ball on downs after Hopson sacked the quarterback.

In the closing seconds, Toavs threw a pass to Garrett Pronto for a first down, followed by a pass to Hanks. The score ended 58-7.

Despite the loss, the night was not all bad for the Wolves’ football team. Senior players, wearing their Wolf Point jerseys for the last time at Lowry Field, were honored before the game. They were praised for their hard work during the season and awarded roses. Kailey Williamson, the team’s manager and a fellow senior, was honored and given a rose. The coaches were also honored.

During halftime, it was announced that Dan Hanks won the drawing for the quilt made by Annette Linder, mother of Wolf Point High School student Sonica Archdale, and her family. The drawing raised $1,100 for the Booster Club, which supports 10 sports programs at the high school.

The Wolves will travel to Plentywood to face the Wildcats Oct. 25 in their final game of the season.