Wolf Point Herald

Summers And Hapa Place First At Junior High Cross Country Meet


Lowry Field was the site for the junior high cross country meet hosted by Wolf Point, Oct. 10.

Six schools from Montana competed in the meet and the top 10 finishers in each race received medals.

The meet began with the elementary girls’ race. Culbertson/Bainville runner Ashley Curtiss would come in first place at 10:20. Her teammate Abby Granbois came in second at 11:25 while Wolf Point’s Jaylee Azure came in third at 12:07. Culbertson/Bainville’s Kylie Poitra, Gracie Montoya and Cody Lawsen came in fourth, fifth and six with times of 12:11, 12:22 and 12:32, respectively.

Alex Sutton of Wolf Point came in seventh at 13:02 while Courtney Spotted Wolf of Brockton came in eighth at 13:08. Culbertson/Bainville runners rounded out the top 10 with Anissa Bengochea placing ninth at 13:50 and Chloe Burks coming in at 10th at 14:01.

Other runners who placed were: 11th, Issabella O’Neil, Culbertson/Bainville, 14:36; 12th, Kaydence Headdress, Brockton, 14:30; 13th, Jasmine Fasthorse, Brockton, 16:21 and 14th, Thea Weeks,14th, Thea Weeks, Brockton,19:04.

Sutton, who had her best finish of the year so far, said the race was fun.

Next was the elementary boys’ race. Wolf Point’s Brandon Hapa came in first at 9:56. His teammates Jaxon Azure and James Poitra came in second and third at 10:12 and 10:24, respectively. Culbertson/Bainville runner Hudson Atkinson placed fourth at 10:35. Wolf Point’s James Lein came in fifth at 10:51 while his teammate Andrew Azure came in sixth at 11:25.

Other runners who placed were: seventh, Colby Olson, Culbertson/Bainville, 11:28; eighth, Jaicon Gramling, 13:16; ninth, Bayzel Spottedwolf, Brockton, 13:22; 10th, Clayton Marchwick, Culbertson/Bainville, 13:44; 11th, Michael Pederson, Culbertson/Bainville, 14:51 and 12th, Jerek Summers, Wolf Point, 14:52.

Hapa said he had a good run, though he wishes he could run in the junior high boys’ race.

In the junior high girls’ race, Sierra Summers of Wolf Point placed first, clocking in at 8:52. Glasgow’s Emily Kolstad came in second at 9:12. Poplar’s Carlee Longtree came in third at 9:22 while Glendive’ Ryleigh McDonnell came in at fourth at 9:24.

Poplar’s Andrea Hale placed fifth at 9:26 with Wolf Point’s Journey Erickson right at her toes, coming in sixth at 9:28. Glendive’s Emily Kuehn came in seventh at 9:30. Hale’s teammate Ivy Lambert came in eighth at 9:51. Laresa Dale and Cyrenna Standing, both of Wolf Point, came in ninth and 10th at 9:52 and 9:56, respectively.

Other runners who placed were: 11th, Liz Holzer, Glendive, 9:59; 12th, Riley McDonald, Poplar, 10:06; 13th, Alaina Sallee, Glasgow, 10:07; 14th, Julia Temple, Glendive, 10:20; 15th, Jacona Youngman, Poplar, 10:23; 16th, Monica Carney, Glendive, 10:25; 17th, Little Sky Fasthorse, Poplar, 10:27.19; 18th, Kendra Kaufman, Glendive, 10:27.81; 19th, Skyler Scarphott, Glendive, 10:28; 20th, Katie Kaiser, Glasgow, 10:28; 21st, Kjerstern Rieger, Glendive, 10:53; 22nd, Kaylee King, Glasgow, 10:55; 23rd, Kam ryn Azure, Poplar, 10:58; 24th, Chloe Shields, Poplar, 11:42; 25th, Catherine Martin, Poplar, 11:58; 26th, Keagan Zerbe, Glasgow, 12:08; 27th, Jessica Turner, Glasgow, 12:24 and 28th, Muriko Mireau, Poplar, 12:27.

In the junior high boys’ race, Glasgow’s Ellis McKean came in first at 8:45 with Wolf Point’s Trey Fourstar coming in second at 8:45. McKean’s teammate Martin McKean came in third at 8:57. Poplar’s Kenny Smoker and Daunte Azure cam in fourth and fifth at 9:22 and 9:29, respectively.

Glasgow runner Bryce LaGare came in sixth at 9:38. Glendive’s Taylor Craig came in seventh at 9:54. LaGare’s teammate Colin Jamba came in eighth at 9:59 while Poplar’s Aaron Ayers came in ninth at 10:01. Glasgow’s Colton Pewitt came in 10th at 10:04.

Other runners who placed were: 11th, Lane Walker, Glendive, 10:07; 12th, Miles Stinnett, Glendive, 10:27; 13th, Leil Red Dog, Poplar, 10:31; 14th, DeMarko Lilley, Wolf Point, 10:41; 15th, Tejan Phipps, Glendive, 10:45; 16th, Brian Elder, Brockton, 10:49; 17th, Stormy Four Star, Poplar, 10:57; 18th, Miles Buckles, Poplar, 10:58; 19th, Tanner Overby, Glasgow, 11:03; 20th, Caleb Blount, Wolf Point, 11:28; 21st, Dion Hopkin, Poplar, 11:34; 22nd, Alec Christensen, Glendive, 12:34; 23rd, Jordan Billings ley, Glasgow, 13:05; 24th, Darryl Joe, Poplar, 13:05 and 25th, Andrew Svenvold, Glendive, 14:05.