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Wolf Point Cross Country Competes In Havre Invitational At MSU-Northern


The Wolf Point cross country teams competed in the Harve Cross Country Invitational, Oct. 5, at the campus of Montana State University - Northern in Havre.

Wolf Point was one of 14 teams that competed in the invitational.

In the girls’ middle school race, Wolf Point runner Sierra Summers came in first at 9:19. Hobson’s Tina Elke came in second with a time of 9:50 while Harlem’s L’tia Laurence came in third at 9:51. Emily Kolstad of Glasgow,  fourth at 10:18 and Abbi Fitzpatrick of Cut Bank, fifth at 10:19.

Other local runners who placed were: eighth, Journey Erickson, Wolf Point, 10.43; ninth, Laresa Dale, Wolf Point, 10.44; 10th, Cyrenna Standing, Wolf Point, 10.54; 36th, Shaedel Adams, Frazer, 12.44; 51st, Jaylee Azure, Wolf Point, 14.20; 58th, Haidyn RainingBird, Frazer, 15.09; 62nd, Alex Sutton, Wolf Point, 15.34; and 64th, Mya Hotomanie, Frazer, 15.47.

In the varsity boys’ race, Browning’s Emmette Dusty Bull and Brady Stone finished first and second, with times of 16:11 and 16:20, respectively. Paul Bielawski from Shelby came in third at 16:39. Fergus’ Ryan Mchinney came in fourth at 16:57 while his teammate Kale Kelsey came in fifth at 17:08.

Local finishers included 34th, Connor McKay, Wolf Point, 18:31; 36th, Markell Blount, Wolf Point, 18:42; 48th, Jarome Talks Different, Frazer, 19:36; and 63rd, Shawn LeDeau, Wolf Point, 22:05.

In the girls’ varsity race, Josie Braaten from Glasgow came in first at 19:10. Dalainy Tedesco from Fergus placed second at 19:33 while Braa-ten’s teammate Rachel Zieger came in third at 19:34. Browning’s Courtney Little Dog came in fourth at 19:41. Havre’s Haley Ohm placed fifth at 20:14.

Local finishers included 45th, Danielle Hegeson, Frazer, 24:30.

Lewiston’s Austin Brand, Ty Parsons and Danyan Rice finished in the top five in the boys’ junior varsity race. Brand placed first at 18:01, Parsons came in second at 18:04 and Rice came in fourth at 18:36. Browning’s Leander Butterfly came in third at 18:17 while his teammate Alanzo Skunkcap came in fifth at 18:46.

Other local finishers included 29th, Kody Melbourne, Wolf Point, 27.09; and 31st, Jeremy Azure, Wolf Point, 29.49.

In the girls’ junior varsity race, Andrea Morren from Great Falls placed first at 21:08, Shandell Medicine from Browning came in second (her time was not recorded) and Val TalksDifferent from Glasgow came in third at 21:27. Harlem’s Faith Sallee came in fourth place at 23:22 and Glasgow’s Kerry Hoffman placed fifth at 23:32.

In the boys’ middle school race, Noah Majeuus and Philip Sun Rhoads came in first and second at 8:31 and 8:32 respectively. Havre’s Michael Jackson placed third with a time of 9:17 while Harlem’s Taggery Deveany came in fourth at 9:21. Ellis Mc-

Kean of Glasgow came in fifth at 9:23. The schools for Majeuus and Sun Rhoads  were not listed.

Other local runners who finished included: 16th, Trey Fourstar, Wolf Point, 9:47; 41st, Koa Hutchinson, Wolf Point, 11.35; 46th, Andrew Azure, Wolf Point, 12.01; 47th, Demarko Lilley, Wolf Point, 12.11; 49th, Jaxon Azure, Wolf Point, 12.16; 50th, James Lien, Wolf Point, 12.27; 51st, Caleb Blount, Wolf Point, 12.31; 52nd, Kevin Ackerman, Frazer, 12.33; 62nd, Ryker Ric kumm, Frazer, 16.01; 63rd, Hunter Raining Bird, Frazer, 17.23; and 65th, John Hotomanie, Frazer, 19.12.