Wolf Point Herald

District Proposes Sixth-Grade Participation In School’s Extracurricular Activities


Sixth-graders who want to come out for sports may get a chance to compete at the same level as seventh- and eighth-graders.


Wolf Point School Superintendent Joe Paine has drafted a proposal in which students participating in after school sports will have their own program offered through the school, if outside funding can be secured to sponsor the activities.


According to the proposal, outside funding sources have been secured to sponsor all three of the sports programs for the 2013-14 school year.


Paine said this is to allow more players to compete in Wolf Point’s junior high sports programs if those programs have smaller numbers. For example, sixth-graders who try out for volleyball would be allowed to compete on the junior high team, which has fewer than 10 participants.


Sixth-grade athletes will practice with the junior high teams and compete on the team if they are needed to complete the roster. The maximum number of players in each program will be 20.


At the Wolf Point School District board meeting Sept. 10, Paine said he would be looking at this on a yearly basis. If there is a year when the junior high team has enough seventh- and eighth-graders to fill the roster, then the sixth-graders would not move up.


He said the sixth-grade students will be held to the same academic and athletic requirements as the other junior high athletes.


At the meeting, the board of trustees approved allowing sixth-grade girls to move up and play on the junior high volleyball team in order to fill up the team’s small numbers.


The approval to allowing sixth-grade boys and girls to participate in the junior high teams will be voted on at a later date.


The Wolf Point School District is also seeking approval from the Frontier School District to allow players attending Northside School to participate in the volleyball, girls’ basketball and boys’ basketball with the Frontier students, beginning in the 2014-15 school year.


The proposal would be similar to Wolf Point allowing Frontier students to participate in junior high wrestling, cross country and football with the Wolf Point teams.