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Wolf Point Hosts C-C Invite, Wolves Place First In Three Races


Even the rain did not stop the Wolves from competing at the Wolf Point Cross Country Invite at the Wolf Point Airport Golf Course, Sept. 7.


The Wolves’ cross country team was one of 12 teams from Montana that competed in the event. The top 10 runners from each race were awarded medals. The Wolves had several runners finish in the top 10.


In the varsity boy’s race, Markell Blount placed eighth with a time of 19:16. His teammates finished in the top 20. Connor McCoy finished 11th with a time of 20:04; Shaun Ledeau finished 19th at 21:48 and Dalton Hawk came in 20th at 22:14.


Trey Fourstar placed first in the junior high boys’ race, completing the 1.5-mile race in a time of 9:56.4, less than 1 second before second-place finisher Merlin McKewn. Demarco Lilley finished 14th with a time of 12:02.


On the girls’ side, Sierra Summers won the junior high girls race with a time of 9:42. Along with Summers, Journey Erickson, Laressa Dale and Cyreena Standing were awarded medals for finishing in the top 10 of the junior high girls’ race.


Wolf Point also found success in the boys’ and girls’ elementary race as Brandon Hapa finished first, with a time of 11:21 and Jaxon Azure came in sixth place with a time of 13:16.


The cross country teams will next compete in Malta Sept. 14.


Varsity Boys’ Race

Markell Blount 19:16

Connor McCoy 20:04  

Shaun Ledeau  21:48

Dalton Hawk 22:14  


Junior High Boys’ Race

Trey Fourstar 9:56.4

Demarco Lilley 12:02


Junior High Girls’ Race

Sierra Summers 9:42

Journey Erickson 11:09

Laresa Dale         11:19

Cyreena Standing 11:40 


Elementary Boys’/Girls’ Race

Brandon Hapa 11:21

Jaxon Azure 13:36

Alex Sutton        16:39

Jerek Summers 17:22

Jaylee Azure 18:22


Results from the Poplar 8/31 invitational

Poplar School held its cross country meet Aug. 31. Thirteen teams from Montana and North Dakota competed on a windy morning. The top 10 finishers in each race received medals.


Chance Hyatt and Tristan Sun Rhodes, who ran for Culbertson/Bain-ville, finished first and second in the varsity boys’ 3-mile race with times of 18:17.88 and 19:29.49 respectively. Jeret Warren, Whitewater/Dodson, finished third while Walker Allen, Glasgow, placed fourth. After Brockton’s Jamis Rattling Thunder came in fifth, Connor McCoy and Markell Blount, both from Wolf Point, finished sixth and seventh.


Other runners in the top 15 included: eighth, Bridger Sanders, Glasgow, 20:46.99; ninth, Matthew Phillips, Glasgow, 21:14.26; 10th, Beau Hyatt, Culbertson / Bainville, 21:20.30; 11th, Chris LeMay, Poplar, 21:29.35; 12th, Braden Meland, Glasgow 22:20.79; 13th, Kasey Seyfert, Glasgow, 22:33.24; 14th, Connor Domonskie, Plentywood, 23:09.02; 15th, Matthew Rattling Thunder, Brockton, 23:12.25.


In the varsity girls’ 3-mile race, Josie Braaten, Glasgow, won first-place with a time of 20:33.02. Caitlin Lantis, Terry, came in second with a time of 21:25.69 and Rachael Zeiger came in third with a time of 21:58.47. Malta’s Sophie Stiles placed fourth with a time of 22:08.87. Braaten’s teammates, Amanda Wolff, Emma Fewer and Amanda McDonald, came in fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.


Rounding out the top 15 were eighth, Marley Manoukian, Malta, 23:51.53; ninth, Kensey Keil, Plentywood, 24:05.44; 10th, Ellen Walstad, Glas-gow, 24:32.04; 11th, Annica Wagner, Circle, 24:37.23; 12th, Jayne Haynie, Circle, 25:01.11; 13th, Julie Kolstad, Glasgow, 25:06.77; 14th, Alex Simenson, Glasgow, 25:28.48; 15th, Katelynn Mendenhall, Terry, 26:13.52.


Brockton’s Phoenix Rattling Thunder clinched first place in the 5th- through 8th-grade boys’ 1-mile race with a time of 9:48.26.  Glasgow’s Merlin McKean and Ellis McKean finished second and third respectively. Wyatt Miller, from Frazer, finished fourth with a time of 10:22.75 while Brandon Hapa from Wolf Point, placed fifth with a time of 10:27.25.


Other runners who finished in the top 15 included: sixth, Trey Four Star, Wolf Point, 10:52.59; seventh, Daunte Azure, Poplar, 11:00.16; eighth, Kenneth Smoker, Poplar, 11:05:97; ninth, Aaron Ayers, Poplar, 11:07.19; 10th, Bruce Legare, Glasgow, 11:13.20; 11th, Angel Boyd, Poplar, 11:18.09; 12th, James Poitra, Wolf Point, 11:37.76; 13th, Nathanael Lippert, Glasgow, 11:45.59; 14th, Colin Jamba, Glasgow, 11:55.96; 15th, Colton Prewitt, Glasgow, 12:18.84.


Sierra Summers, of Wolf Point, won the 5th- through 8th-grade girls’ race with in 9:40.48. Glasgow’s Emily Kolstad placed second with a time of 10:15.98. Poplar teammates Andrea Hale and Ivey Lambert finished in third and fourth place, with times of 10:22.46 and 10:53.72 respectively.


Rounding out the top 15 were: fifth, Carlee Longtree, Poplar, 11:04.87; sixth, Journey Erickson, Wolf Point, 11:22.77; seventh, Katie Kaiser, Glasgow, 11:40.98; eighth, Cyrenna Standing, Wolf Point, 11:40.29; ninth, Little Skye Fast Horse, Poplar, 11:56.30; 10th, Alaina Sallee, Glasgow, 12:10.73; 11th, Riley MacDonald, Poplar, 12:44.28; 12th, Shaedel Adams, Frazer, 13:08.63; 13th, Chloe Shields, Poplar, 13:11.25; 14th, Alexis Whiteman, Poplar, 13:39.93; 15th, Dennisa Red Eagle, Poplar, 13:45.65.