Wolf Point Herald

Volleyball Team Gears Up For Showdown In Choteau


As the light rainfall finished, the echo of thunder could be heard coming from inside of the Wolves’ Den.


The thunder was not because of the weather, but rather it was the result of volleyballs smacking the gym floor. 


The Wolf Point High School Lady Wolves volleyball team begin their season by participating at an invite at Choteau, Aug. 30-31.


The team ended their previous season on a high note after placing fourth at districts and earning the team a trip to the divisional tournament at Choteau.


Coach John Sweet said while his goals as a coach for this season are to help his players perform the best they can he also wants to help guide the season towards helping the team accomplish those goals they have.


Sweet said there has also been an increase in players coming out for the season in the past couple of years. There are currently 30 players on the roster.


“We’re creating an atmosphere where people want to be here,” Sweet said. “We’re winning more than we’re losing. We’re competitive. It’s an exciting group of kids to watch. We have a lot of great athletes to watch.”


In addition to encouraging his players to work hard in practice, Sweet also puts an emphasis on the players putting their academics first and seeking help if they need it in the classroom.


Sarah Hafner is one of the senior captains on the varsity team. While Hafner has played different positions over the years, she will step into the role of the varsity team’s setter.  


One way she has been making it less stressful to settle into her new role as a setter, Hafner has been asking the hitters for advice.


“[I ask them] how they want their sets,” Hafner said. “I’m trying to get their feedback.”


Hafner said her personal goal is to give the hitters the best sets that she can. She would also like to help the team take first place at districts.


Hafner said that she and the other senior players have been encouraging the younger teammates to work hard and “not letting them off easy” when they are slacking off in practice.


T’Elle Evans is another one of the senior captains. Like Hafner, she has been playing on the team since she was in junior high.


According to Evans, this year’s team has a good group of hitters. She also said she never thought the day would come when it would be her last year on the team.


“When you’re a sophomore you think ‘I have a long time until I’m a senior,’” Evans said. “Now that it’s here, it’s kind of crazy. Our whole team goal, and my goal, is to hopefully make it to state this year. It would be a good senior year ending.”