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These Kids May Save Your Life Some Day

Wolf Point Lifeguards Keep Swimmers Safe At The Pool

As the sound of giggling and splashing fill the air, K’Anna Broesder takes a group of children to one side of the pool and shows them how to bounce up and down in the water.

After the brief exercise, she gets them ready for the that morning’s swimming lesson.

Broesder, 16, is one of several lifeguards who work at the swimming pool, located at Borge Park complex.

For the lifeguards on duty, it is their responsibility to make sure that swimmers are safe while also making sure they are having fun.

Broesder learned about the lifeguard job from her friend Michaela Smith. Prior to her training, she volunteered in the pool house and by doing tasks such as handing out baskets. When she was old enough, she began training to become a lifeguard.

According to 16-year-old Thea Smith, who works at the front desk, lifeguards must go through a two-day training course in Glasgow before they can work in the pool.

An Bridges, 15, said the training was easy and fun because she worked with people she did not know that well. At the pool, Bridges enjoys the people with whom she works. She also enjoys watching and interacting with the children.

Besides keeping them safe, lifeguards take time to teach swimming classes for children in the mornings, as well as play games with them.

In addition to watching swimmers and teaching swimming lessons, lifeguards also clean the pool house and monitor the chlorine levels in the pool, and check for any items that were left behind by swimmers.

Although she enjoys the environment, Broesder said she also loves getting the chance to interact with the children on a personal level. During one of the classes, one of the children told her that his body “couldn’t handle” swimming. Broesder suggested he try, which gave the child some confidence.

“His parents came up to me later and said ‘you’re so good at what you do,’” Broesder said. “I love getting the chance to give them [encouragement and] positive [feedback].”