Wolf Point Herald

Christopher Black Dog

Christopher Shawn Black Dog, 23, born Dec. 14, 1989, in Poplar, died March 30, 2013, in Cul-bertson.
He lived in Fort Kipp his entire life, graduating from Brockton High School.
He enjoyed videos and computers, watching TV, participating in pow-wows and hanging out with his friends. He was very close to his cousins.
He is survived by his mother, LaDonna Black Dog; adopted parents, Lawrence and Martha Black Dog; great-grandparents, Joe Jones of Oswego, Loretta Bearcub of Fort Kipp, Irene and Bud Philbrick, Gloria and Arlie Diserly, Victor and Margaret Fast Horse, Pearl and Marietta Four Bear; and grandparents, Ethelene White Hawk, Lois Longtree, Maynard and Mona Black Dog, Connie, Juanita and Roberta Bird, Sly and Bernice Martin, Della and Mike Thomas, Lydia and Ceya Long Hair, Kermit and Rosa Boyd, Annette Boxer, Susan Cheek, Janice Johnson, Trivian Grainger, Madeline Moran, Irene Wilkins, Vernita Buckles, Leta Atkinson, Clyde and Clarice Perry, Adrian and Peggy Ireland and Arletta Black Dog.
Rosary will be on Friday, April 5, at 7 p.m. at the James Black Dog Activity Center in Fort Kipp. Funeral service will be held Saturday, April 6, at 10 a.m. at the James Black Dog Activity Center in Fort Kipp. Burial will be at Fort Kipp Cemetery.