Wolf Point Herald

Carole Spotted Bird

Carole Spotted Bird, 75, of Brockton, died Friday, Nov. 23, 2012, at Northeast Montana Nursing Home in Poplar.
She was born Feb. 25, 1937, in Brockton to John and Virginia (Powell) Spotted Bird. She was raised in Brockton, where she lived most of her life. She carried the Indian name of “Makes Pretty Things.” She graduated from Brockton High School.
She loved and enjoyed powwows, especially when she was able to dance traditional but in her younger years she danced fancy shawl. Her favorite pastimes were playing Bingo, which she loved, and Keno, until it was no longer played. She lived her life the traditional Sioux way of living, in which she participated in sweats, sun dances and yumpis. She loved her traditional way of life.
She worked for A&S Industries from 1969 until 1980, the tribal courts from 1980 until 1986 and, from 1986 until 2009, she worked as the administrative payroll assistant for the Fort Peck Tribes.
She was preceded in death by a daughter, Keva; stepson, Henry Gray Hawk; sisters, Josephine Blackdog, Viola Spotted Bird, Melvene White Bear and Elaine Spotted Bird; and brothers, Gerald and John Royce Spotted Bird.
She is survived by her brother, Leland Spotted Bird of Brockton; sister, Catherine Spotted Bird of Poplar; adopted brothers, Tom Escarcega, Dawson Firemoon, Mickey Young, Sean Brown, Jerry Lafountian, Larry Campbell and Arron Weinberger; adopted sisters, Patty McGeshick, Janice Hamilton, Linda Connors, Hazel Longee, Pearl Fourbear, Julia Young, Irene Philbrick and Vivian Jones; children, Ronald Yellow Hammer, Errol Yellow Hammer, Brad Yellow Hammer and Myra Gray Hawk, all of Brockton; step-sons, Bradley Gray Hawk, Tote Gray Hawk and Ben Gray Hawk III; adopted children, Berradette Wind, Kate Youpee, Russell Denny, Jon Daniels and Valerie Todd; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
A funeral service was held Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Brockton Cultural Center. Interment was at the Fort Kipp Cemetery. Clayton Stevenson Memorial Chapel of Wolf Point was entrusted with the arrangements.