Wolf Point Herald

Joray Four Bear

Joray Charles Four Bear, 36, died Jan. 20, 2014, in Culbertson at Roosevelt Medical Center.
He was born May 25, 1977, to Charles and Iris Sherman Four Bear. He lived his life around Poplar, always wanting to be with his people.
He graduated from Poplar High School in 1995. He excelled in cross-country, football, basketball and track. He was a championship runner in the mile and two-mile races.
After high school, he joined the United States Army and served until 1999. After discharge, he continued his military with the Army National Guard, staying with it until his death.

In the summer of 1999, he began his law enforcement career. He worked for the city of Poplar and Fort Peck Tribal law enforcement services. He dedicated his life to law enforcement, always wanting to protect and serve his people and reservation.
He was a direct descendent of Chief Medicine Bear and was proud to be a member of the Fort Peck Sioux. He loved his traditional ways and was learning how to sing his traditional music.
One day, he took his sister Avalee aside and sang a song for her at the kitchen table. She said the song was beautiful and she told him he sounded very good. He sat back and smiled. He wanted to sing like his brother, Melichi, who was a champion singer.
He leaves behind twins, Kenneth and Kaitlyn, who reside in Alaska. He never got to see his twins who look just like their dad.
He married Paulette Ahneman and Ethan Joray, Andrianna Yvonne and Gabrielle Patience were born. He was always with his children when he wasn’t working. He and his children would cruise to all his adopted relatives and friends and visit. He loved to visit and enjoyed good company.
He had a special relationship with his grandma Eleanora Comes Last McKay (deceased), who shaped him into the man he became. He also enjoyed working with his uncle Tuff First.
He is survived by his children, Kenneth, Kaitlyn, Ethan Joray, Andrianna Yvonne and Gabrielle Patience; his father, Charles (Anna Mae) Four Bear; adopted mom, Frances Bighorn; brothers, Melichi, Houston, Roy, Cole, Charles II and baby brother Deyo; sisters, Leslie, Kayce, Rande, Marlys, Olvia, Dani and baby sister, Jacey; grandfathers, Lerax (Sabrina) Comes Last and Daniel Comes Last; and a special friend, Cari Falls Down, who never left his side since his auto accident.
Cremation has taken place. Burial with military honors will take place May 24 at the family ranch.