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DEQ Vs. EPA Perused During GNDC Meeting

Difficulty working with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality as opposed to the federal Environmental Protection Agency was discussed during the Great Northern Development Corporation quarterly meeting Thursday, Jan.  22.
The acronyms for the state and federal regulatory agencies were thrown around during a discussion by members of the board of the nonprofit regional development corporation that included difficulties working with the DEQ. It was said that the that DEQ is more punitive than assistive.
“EPA is easier to work with than DEQ,” Roosevelt County Commissioner Gary Macdonald said. He serves on the GNDC board.
The EPA has jurisdiction on the  Fort Peck Indian Reservation, but EPA sometimes defers to the DEQ to ensure compliance.
GNDC works with the EPA with the Brownfields environmental cleanup program. Projects include the clean-up of the former site of Gysler Furniture and Appliance in downtown Wolf Point, that was destroyed by fire in March 2014. The clean-up began in October 2014, and was suspended the following month due to weather. Completion is anticipated in the spring.
In other business, the board heard a presentation by Maureen Rude, representing NeighborWorks of Great Falls, an organization that has helped more than 5,000 Montana families become homeowners.
It was discussed that NeighborWorks is a full rehabilitation program, therefore if demolition of an existing structure is required, it must be replaced with something comparable.
The United States Economic Development Administration and the state of Montana have certified GNDC as a nonprofit regional development corporation that serves a six-county economic development district, consisting of Roosevelt, McCone, Valley, Daniels, Sheridan and Garfield counties. The Fort Peck Tribes is also a member.
GNDC was incorporated in October 1995 and has remained in continuous operation. Garfield County was included in GNDC later than the other five counties.

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Financing Secured For New Tribal Office Building

The Montana Community Development Corporation announced last week that funding was secured through the federal New Market Tax Credit program for financing for a new office building in Poplar for the Fort Peck Tribes.
The financing was the first through the New Markets Tax Credit program in Indian Country in the nation.
According to Melanie Cala-
han, director of marketing for the Montana CDC, collaboration between several partners brought the project to reality. Montana CDC provided $7.4 million in New Markets Tax Credit allocation, while U.S. Bank Community Development Corporation provided a tax credit equity investment and U.S. Bank provided a construction loan.
Calahan said in a prepared statement that the new building would house social, medical, employment, education and natural resource services.
The NMTC transaction also provided funds for an innovative grant program that will enhance the quality of the Tribe’s food assistance program and increase the amount of food provided to low-income residents, according to Calahan’s press release.
An attempt to obtain a response from the tribes was unsuccessful.
Federal New Markets Tax Credits are designed to encourage private investment for projects that deliver considerable community benefits in low-income communities.
Both Montana U.S. Senators — Steve Daines and Jon Tester — issued statements praising the funding of the new facility as a means of creating jobs and delivering services for tribal members.

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Letter To The Editor About Pound Puppies

Dear Editor:
A short time back, Wolf Point Pound Puppies was given the gift of a small bus to transport stray and unwanted dogs from the Wolf Point area to Bozeman where forever homes are found.
After this gift, a gentleman chose to place the gift under the fire of criticism as a “waste of resources.” As my husband and I just took a load of dogs, I would like to reply to this gentleman’s letter to the editor.
Yesterday, my husband and I made the trip to Billings with eight dogs to meet a volunteer from Bozeman. The bus was not yet ready for the trip, so we took our pickup and our trailer. I would like to break down the cost of this for you.
Cost of diesel fuel to make the trip, donated by Cenex. Cost to the taxpayer [you], $0.
Cost of paying for the use of the truck and trailer, donated by the owner. Cost to the taxpayer [you], $0.
Cost of wages paid to the driver of the truck, a volunteer. Cost to the taxpayer [you], $0.
Cost of motel, food, etc. for the driver, paid for the volunteer. Cost to the taxpayer [you], $0.
What was it worth to see eight dogs given the chance for a real home with someone who will care for them as a member of their family for probably the first time in their little lives? It was priceless.
Although I don’t expect everyone to understand this, what we do, we do because we want to, not because we have to. Many of the animals are starved, cold, sick or injured. One puppy we took had been frozen to the ground and had a broken bone or two, If he had not been found, he faced certain death. He now has a chance at a good life.
What we do won’t change the world, but, for that one dog, his whole world has changed.
I agree with you that in a perfect world, everyone would take their dogs and cats to the free spay and neuter clinics and put a permanent stop to the stray problem. But, obviously, this has not happened. If you can find a way to force them to do this, please let us know of this plan. We are all ears and will welcome a miracle.
So, what are our options? Should we just kill every dog that isn’t fortunate enough to be able to display a tag? I can’t subscribe to that idea. They did not ask for the life they were given. A dog is the only creature on earth that will love you more than they love themselves. Boy, do we have a lot to learn from them.
You are entitled to the way you feel, but so are we. We don’t criticize others for the way they spend their time and money they earn. I feel we are entitled to the same. We don’t force you to pay for a cause you don’t believe in, but feel we have the right to pay for one we do believe in.
We welcome any donations made to Wolf Point Pound Puppies because this is the only way they are funded. But, no one is forced to donate anything.
To help, you may volunteer or donate to Wolf Point Pound Puppies.
Karel Schutt
Wolf Point

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Roosevelt County Jail Roster For Jan. 29, 2015

(Editor’s Note: The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office distributes an inmate roster with charges and communities of residence.)
As of Jan. 26, 15 inmates were housed in the Roosevelt County Jail. Valley County Detention Center was holding one female inmate and the Fort Benton Detention Center was holding one male.
The RCSO reported that the following were incarcerated at the jail between Jan. 20-26:
•Amos Bridges, 38, Wolf Point, criminal possession of dangerous drugs; criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest;
•Misha Canon, 48, San Bernardino, Calif., arrested on a federal warrant, transferred to federal custody.
•Cierra Clark, 24, Poplar, arrested on U.S. Marshal warrant, transferred to federal custody;
•Dale Cooper, 38, Wolf Point, arrested on Roose-velt County warrant;
•Kyle Fuchs, 32, Culbert-
son, disorderly conduct, partner/family member assault, assault with weapon, unlawful restraint, criminal endangerment;
•Melissa Gould, 34, Minot, N.D., felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs;
•Amelia Hackman, 32, Scobey, issuing a bad check warrant, bonded out;
•Stuart Hamman, 26, Pensacola, Fla., contempt of court;
•Matthew Hofer, 26, Great Falls, out-of-county warrant;
•Christopher Hovey, 25,
Lansing, Mich., felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs;
•Melissa Jewett, 32, Williston, N.D., obstructing a peace officer, criminal possession of dangerous drugs;
•Joshua Jones, 36, Williston, N.D., criminal possession of dangerous drugs; criminal possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Dustin Kinzie, 21, Wolf Point, contempt of court warrant;
•Jason Knight, 37; Spokane, Wash., criminal possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Darryl Lewis, 45, San Bernadino, Calif., criminal contempt warrant;
•Robert Lindquist,  Chat-
toroy, Wash., 41, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence;
•Timothy Oglesby, 31, Wolf Point, sexual intercourse without consent and incest;
•Caleb Pendleton, 24, Wolf Point, driving while suspended and Wolf Point City Court warrant;
•Jeremy Sepanski, 30, Plentywood, forgery, theft, obstruction of a peace officer;
•Ronnie Smith, 42, Poplar, U.S. Marshal warrant. Transferred to federal custody;
•Marion Runsthrough, 23, Poplar, arrested on U.S. Marshal warrant.

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Two Wolves Qualify For State At 2015 Divisional Tournament


The Wolf Point Speech and Drama team at divisionals in Plentywood. Pictured are (front row, from left to right): Devin Northington, SOI, third place; Jaki Harada, Pantomime, sixth place; coach Chelly Harada; (back row) Jhett Tiernan, Jacob Boysun, Haron Eymard.    (Submitted photo)

The Wolf Pack competed in the 2015 Eastern B/C Divisional Speech and Drama Tournament in Plentywood, Saturday, Jan. 24.
All events were held at Plentywood schools. Competition comprised of 14 Class B/C schools. All MHSA rules for Class B/C were followed.
Competing in Serious Oral Interpretation were Haron Eymard and Devin Northington. In the preliminary rounds, Eymard scored fourth, fourth and third, for a score of 11. Despite her strong performance of “Candy Corn” by Crystal Boson and “Less” by Michael Koenig, she did not qualify for finals. Eymard missed making finals by one point. The competition was intense with the cutoff for finals being 10 points.
Northington chilled his audiences with a rendition of “Sociopathic Tendencies.” He scored third, first and second, for a score of 6, qualifying him for finals. In the final round, Northington scored first, second and seventh, for a final score of 16. Northington took third place, missing the second place medal by 3 points.
Competing in Humorous Oral Interpretation was Jacob Boysun. In the preliminary rounds, Boysun entertained the room with his rather hilarious interpretation of “The Talent Show” by Lavinia Roberts. He scored fifth, second and third, for a score of 10. Boysun missed making finals by one point. The competition was quite close with the cutoff for finals being 9 points.
In Humorous Solo, senior Jhett Tiernan was quite funny with his piece “The Team Roast.” In the preliminary rounds, he scored fifth, fifth and fifth, for a score of 15. Unfortunately, Tiernan did not qualify for finals.
In the Pantomime preliminary rounds, freshman Jaki Harada dominated the first two rounds by scoring first and first. In the third round she scored 7, for a score of 9, qualifying her for finals. In the final round, competition heated up for Harada. She scored fifth, sixth and seventh, for a final score of 27. Harada took sixth place.
For Class B Speech Sweeps, Forsyth took third, Huntley Project second, with Shepherd taking first. For Class B Drama Sweeps, Huntley Project took third, Colstrip second, with Baker taking first.
Coach Chelly Harada said, “I am proud of this year’s Wolf Pack. It was heart breaking when three of the wolves didn’t make finals. Only the top six from divisionals qualify for state. Northington and Harada will be migrating to the state tournament in Ennis this weekend. Northington will be facing some tough competition. He has become a force to be reckoned with. SOI has always been a highly competitive event. I know Northington will step up to the challenge.
Harada has surprised the drama world this year. As a freshman, making it to state is quite an accomplishment. She has definitely made a name for herself. All mimes will be stepping it up at state. As for next year, the Wolf Pack will be marking their territory. Go Wolves.”

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