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City Council Discusses Street Maintenance

The Wolf Point City Council met Monday, April 20, with two council members absent.
The council stressed that the public needed to remember that the speed limit on Sixth Avenues, both north and south, as well as many other streets in town, is 25 miles per hour.
With the Wolf Point Village project canceled, the city has $750,000 in HOME Grant funds that can be dedicated to another housing project. No decision on possible projects has been made.
Federal Express has renewed their lease at the Wolf Point airport.
Montana-Dakota Utilities was granted a renewal of their gas franchise by the council.
The council discussed options for a possible street maintenance increase. One proposal was to double the amount assessed for street maintenance. In 2014-15, $77.28 was assessed on a 7,000 sq. ft. lot for a total of $110,800. This same amount has been assessed annually since 2006-07.
For street maintenance district 1, the rate has been 36.90 for paved streets and 19.80 for graveled roads. Those were proposed to be raised to 73.80 for paved and 39.60 for gravel.
No decision on any increases has been made.
The council also approved the hiring of Wolf Point School District teacher Tommy Olsen as recreation director to oversee the summer programs.

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Northside School Gears Up For Centennial Celebration


Angelena Welch and Lainey Nygaard, students in Jana Elliott’s sixth grade classroom at Northside, School work on their Wolf Point Centennial door decoration.   (Submitted photo)

Students and staff at Northside School are gearing up for the Wolf Point Centennial by participating in a school-wide door decorating contest.
They will decorate classroom doors or areas near their doors to represent important people, events or buildings from Wolf Point’s history, including pre-1914 events that were important to the development of this community. When planning for their decorations, classes will learn about the history of Wolf Point.
Students, staff and community members can vote for their favorite doors by dropping coins in labeled containers. Rona Stevens’ class is decorating the containers. The winning class will use the prize money to enhance their field trips at the end of the school year. People visiting Northside for any reason may view the doors and vote, or wait until the Celebration of Learning, to be held later in May.
Northside School will also invite members of the Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture and the elected school board members.

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Girl Scouts Donate Gift Bags


Fourth grade Girl Scout Junior Troop No. 2135 donated gift bags for displaced children to the Department of Health and Human Services in Wolf Point, Friday, April 24. The girls began working on the project before Christmas. Members of the community donated various hygiene products and the reusable bags. Pictured are (from left to right) Girl Scout leader Heidi Loendorf, Rebekah Landsrud, Sharon Jeffries, Cayana Adams, Josephine Solberg Hodges and Girl Scout leader Rosa Alaniz. (Submitted photo)

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How Wolf Point Got Its Name

Want to take a ride on “Red Cloud” Steamboat? Only $300 for your fare. Janna Elliott’s sixth-grade class at Northside School has chosen to display the Steamboat era and how the town of Wolf Point got its name for the Centennial Celebration.
In 1819, four steamboats left St. Louis, Mo., bound for the mouth of Yellowstone River, but the waters of the Missouri River proved to be too strong for the steamboats.
After the Civil War, steamboats gliding along the Missouri River became a common sight and their design was different from earlier steamboats; they were called “mountain boats.”
These mountain boats were designed differently than the steamboats from the east. The mountain boats were designed shorter and the hull was shallower to help with the shallowness of the river and sandbars.
In the winter of 1867-1868, the temperatures plummeted below freezing and the trappers could not skin the wolves. They piled them near the river for the spring thaw.
As the pile grew taller the steamboat captains would remark, “Just around the point of the wolves.”
The landmark became well known and the town was called Wolf Point.
(Editor’s Note: This in one of numerous tales of how Wolf Point got its name. Northside School sixth-grade student August Spotted Wolf wrote this story and Logan McConnell typed it.)

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Roosevelt County Jail Roster For April 30, 2015

(Editor’s Note: The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office distributes an inmate roster each week with charges and communities of residence to The Herald-News and The Searchlight to help keep the public informed and to illustrate that the jail has been dealing with overcrowding issues in the 17-bed facility.)
As of Monday, April 27, 10 inmates were housed in the Roosevelt County Jail. Fort Benton Detention Center was holding one male to alleviate overcrowding.
The RCSO reported that the following individuals were incarcerated at the jail between April 20 and  27:
•Joel Campos, 37, Las Cruces, N.M., felony possession of dangerous drugs;
•Douglas Culbertson, 45, Houston, Texas, driving under the influence;
• Jason Daugherty, 37, Wolf Point, criminal possession of dangerous drugs [two counts], criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, attempted assault on a peace officer or judicial officer and resisting arrest;
•Joshua Eagle, 21, Poplar, federal warrant, transferred to Great Falls;   
•Amelia Holly Hackman, 32, Scobey, contempt of court from Sheridan and Daniels counties;
•Joseph Laturell, 52, Bainville, partner/family member assault, sexual intercourse without consent and aggravated kidnapping;
•Robert Lindquist, 41, Chattoroy, Wash., criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence;
•Anthony Jerome McClendon, 55, Culbertson, driving under the influence, driving motor vehicle while privilege revoked;
•John Mincey, 47, Poplar, theft - first offense;
•Timothy Oglesby, 31, Wolf Point, sexual intercourse without consent and incest, awaiting sentencing;
•Micah Pew, 30, Wolf Point, probation violation, hold for 72 hours;
•Jesse Antonio Rodriguez, 20, Wolf Point, driving under the influence, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal possession of dangerous drugs and warrant for criminal contempt, bonded out;
•Wesley Stearns, 42, Havre, contempt of court;
•Jarod Weyrauch, 30, Wolf Point, probation violation;
•Carroll Wells, 34, Fairview, felony theft and burglary.

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