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School Board Dismisses Employee, Approves Filling Of Positions

The Wolf Point School board terminated an unnamed school district employee following a closed executive session during a special school board meeting on Monday, March 3.
Upon the board’s return to an open session, they asked for and received a recommendation from school administration for termination of the employee. The board made a motion to accept and voted to approve the termination.
In other business, the board accepted a resignation from Northside School paraprofessional Eric Smith.

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Commissioners Discuss Special Waste Landfill

Steve Burns and John McCain of Carlson McCain Inc. addressed the Roosevelt County Commissioners on the proposal to build a special waste landfill on Highway 16 north of Culbertson during the commissioners’ weekly meeting Monday, March 3.
McCain noted that the application has been completed and submitted. He gave a copy of the application to the commissioners for their use. The commissioners were assured they would keep them updated on the status of the approval.
The current entrance to the proposed landfill borders the property of Cliff Thompson and is most convenient for McCain, Inc. as its entrance will be right off Highway 16.
When questions began to arise, the two representatives assured the commissioners that due to the number of special waste landfills located in North Dakota, they don’t expect much to be shipped to the Culbertson area from North Dakota.

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Going From Victim To Hero

The definition of cruelty is the deliberate, intentional infliction of pain or suffering. According to Dr. George Simon, PhD., there are three categories of cruelty. They are:
1. Unwitting abusers who, for whatever reason, truly do not understand that they are being abusive.
2. Immature abusers that intentionally do harm to animals but lack the mental faculties to understand that it is wrong to do so.
3. Those that know they are doing wrong but derive satisfaction from harming others. For them, it is all about power. These people often lack what they perceive as power is other areas of their life so they focus on those more vulnerable than themselves to inflict pain on.
The vast majority of society knows that cruelty, in any form, is not an acceptable behavior. They realize that abusing children, the elderly, the disabled or animals is clearly wrong and unacceptable behavior. And yet, cruelty is all around us.

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Plestina Joins News Staff

John Plestina joined the staff of The Herald-News and The Searchlight as an editor Feb. 25.
Having worked as an editor, reporter and sports writer at daily and weekly newspapers since the 1980s, Plestina brings more than 25 years of experience to The Herald-News and Searchlight.
He recently worked for the newspapers in Roosevelt and Vernal, Utah, as an assistant editor. He has also worked as an editor and reporter at several other newspapers and twice as a daily newspaper sports editor.

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Meet New Undersheriff John Summers

About two weeks ago, the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office underwent a realignment of personnel. John Summers was promoted to the undersheriff’s position.
Summers has been with the sheriff’s office since 2008. Prior to 2008, he was with the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice for approximately 17 years.
His training has been extensive. He completed Basic Academy and Federal Law Enforcement Training in Artesia, N.M., in 1997. He completed Montana State Academy in 2008. While with the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice and the Roosevelt County Sheriffs Office, he gained supervisory experience in addition to completing work schedules, setting up coverage for events such as the Wild Horse Stampede.

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