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Christmas Light Contest Judging To Be Dec. 21

The Wolf Point Lions Club and Wolf Point Walleyes Unlimited are sponsoring the annual Christmas Lighting Contest.
Judging of light displays on homes will be during the evening hours Sunday, Dec. 21.
All areas within the city, including east-end and west-end housing, and within five miles of the city limits will be judged.
The grand prize winner will receive $125. There will be two $75 prizes and six honorable mentions at $50 each.

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Letters To The Editor For Nov. 27

Dear Editor:
This week is Thanksgiving week. A few days ago I came across this quotation: “What if you woke up today with only what you were thankful for yesterday?” It got me thinking. What do I have that most people in the world do not have, and what am I taking for granted and am too busy to be thankful for?
Well, I’m thankful for a warm house, a working furnace that keeps one warm, a bed and blankets, a warm coat, shoes, my appliances that make my life easier, clean running water, indoor plumbing, money to buy food and pay bills, a car that gives me transportation, books my Bible, medicine, doctors, and the list goes on.
I’m thankful for our country where we still have the freedom to worship, bear arms and vote.
I’m thankful to live in a small town where we can still make eye contact, smile, make small talk to strangers, where people are still friendly.
I’m thankful for my late parents, Martin and Maggie Toavs, who took me to church where I learned that God loves me and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.
I’m thankful to my mother who shared her love of books and reading, who took me to the Wolf Point Library, which was located in the basement of the Court House.
I’m thankful to my husband, Joe Anderson, who has put up with me for 54 years and my three sons who make me laugh, my grandchildren and two great grandkids.
We all have much to be thankful for. We just need to remember and be grateful everyday.
Marilyn Toavs Anderson
* * *
Dear Editor:
I am writing this letter in support of John Toavs’ letter on Nov. 13.
I rode a horse to school at Vida my first three years of school. My folks bought a house in Wolf Point and I graduated from Wolf Point High School in 1948.
My wife Diane and I have three adopted children, Michael, Pat and Eileen, who went to school at Wolf Point.
I farmed at Vida until 1997 when we moved to Billings. I have voted in every school levy McCone County for me and Diane in Roosevelt County and never against a school levy.
Since moving to Billings, I have never voted against a school levy. I’m 84.
Sincerely yours,
E E “Gene” Eggebrecht
Your Cowboy/Farmer Friend

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Northside School Announces Honor Roll

Northside Elementary School has announced the honor rolls for the first nine weeks of school:
Advanced Honor Roll
Fifth grade: Jami Beston, Hamyanie Campbell.
Sixth grade: Dominique Gourneau, August Spotted Wolf.
Proficient Honor Roll
Fourth grade: Logan Bushman-Corne, Faith Four Star, Sharon Jeffries, Isabella Jones, Katelyn MacDonald, Adam Paine, Samantha Reed, Josephine Solberg-Hodges, Matteo Villalvazo and Daijon Yellow Robe.
Fifth grade: Ashtin Azure, Jorey Azure, Benjamin Boysun, Danny Burshia, Ca’Bell Cantrell, Kealyn Flynn, Leslie Keiser, Dylan Kirk, Ebony Lindsay, Alexander MacDonald, Mahala MacDonald, Ciera Michaelsen, Tia Nygard, Brendan Peterson, Daniel Sears, Krissyona Spillman and Jack Sprague.
Sixth grade: Laci Ackerman, Alexis Baker, Jack Fox, Savannah Giles, Angel Guldborg, Demi Kegley, Doriane Keiser, Joshlynn Lindsay, Antone Manning, Dyson Russell, Jocelyn Russell, Angelica Sutton, Hannah Vandall and Dylan Weinberger.

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Northeast Montana Health Services Welcomes Third Midwife To Staff

Northeast Montana Health Services has hired a third midwife to assist with caring for obstetrics patients. They recently hired Allison Conti, CNM, to work alongside April Boitano, CNM, and Jude McTaggart, CNM, in both Riverside and Listerud clinics and the obstetrics department of Trinity Hospital.  
"I feel mothers are the cornerstone of communities. Working with pregnant patients and new families means a lot to me because I get to connect to people at this important transition in their life. It's important to me to be able to support parents and their new families," said Conti.
Conti received her master's degree in nursing from Seattle University in Washington and has been completing her clinicals at NEMHS since January. She is also currently working toward her family nurse practitioner's degree.
She will be providing well-woman care, as well as full-scope midwifery from pre-natal care through birth. Once she receives her degree in family nurse practitioner, she hopes to be able to continue care for patients into adulthood.
She describes midwifery as both a passion and a joy of hers.
As a midwife, she wants to focus on education with her patients."I really want to try to educate and empower women to take control of their health. It is that empowerment that brings the patient directly into their care as an active participant," she said.
Conti grew up just south of Boston, Mass., in
Hingham. She became inspired to pursue a career in the medical field after watching a televised documentary on midwifery and reading the book Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin.
"Our obstetrics department has become so busy with deliveries it was no longer feasible to have just two midwives. By bringing on a third provider, it will be easier to work out scheduling conflicts for both the patients and the providers,"  said Peg Norgaard, CEO.
Last year, there were 179 deliveries at Trinity Hospital.

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Wolf Point Woman Agrees To Guilty Plea To One Count Of 16-Count Federal Indictment

The Wolf Point woman who was charged in September following a 16-count federal drug indictment has agreed to plead guilty in U.S. District Court in Great Falls to a single charge with 15 counts dismissed.
According to U.S. District Court documents, Cheryl Lee Culbertson-Nygaard, 45, agreed to the plea agreement Monday, Nov. 17, to plead guilty to Count II of the indictment, which alleges possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine with the intent to distribute between 2010 and 2013. Federal prosecutors will move to dismiss the other 15 charges, which allege incidents of methamphetamine distribution on different dates during the three-year period.
Culbertson-Nygaard was arrested in Wolf Point Monday, Sept. 22, and pleaded not guilty to all 16 charges during an arraignment in Great Falls. She has been free on bond.
She faces potential maximum penalties that include up to 20 years in prison, a $1 million fine and at least three years of supervised release.
A sentencing date has not been reported.

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