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Macdonald Urges DUI Task Force Support By State Legislation

County Commissioner Gary Macdonald told the Roosevelt County DUI Task Force that passage of House Bill 132 would financially benefit county drinking and driving prevention programs statewide during the monthly meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 7.
The bill was introduced for the legislative current session at the request of the Montana Department of Transportation.
The proposed change would allow reallocation of unspent special revenue funds to Roosevelt County and 35 other counties that have DUI task forces or other county drinking and driving prevention programs, by allowing for the county portion of driver’s license reinstatement fees collected in counties that do not have task forces to be distributed to the 36 counties that have task forces July 1 of each year on an equal basis.
The legislation would take effect July 1, if passed by the House and Senate and signed by Gov. Steve Bullock.
Twenty of Montana’s 56 counties do not have county drinking and driving prevention programs.
“The money would be divided up equally among the counties that have DUI task forces,” Macdonald said.
“I will definitely be there [at the Legislature] to speak in favor of it,” he said.
Several meetings to organize a DUI task force were held between late 2013 and April 2014 when the county commissioners approved a resolution that formally established the task force. The group that had been meeting as a steering committee comprised of elected officials, law enforcement and county residents, approved by-laws during its first official meeting Wednesday, May 7.
Macdonald chairs the task force. The other officers are: Wolf Point Police Chief Jeff Harada, vice chair; Mary Vine, who also serves as coordinator for the task force, secretary; and Kahlil Wehbe, treasurer.
The DUI Task Force meets monthly at the Roosevelt County Health Department on Custer Street across from the Courthouse in the community services conference room. The next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 2 p.m. The public is welcome to attend the meetings.

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Country Showdown Moving To Stampede Grounds

The 2015 KVCK Country Showdown will be held in Marvin Brookman Stadium at the Stampede Grounds for the first time in several years.
Held in the Wolf Point High School auditorium the past few years, the talent contest, which is the annual Wild Horse Stampede kick-off event, will be held in the larger venue Wednesday of Stampede week in July.
“It was [at Marvin Brookman Stadium] twice when the [Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture] sponsored a band and we had the Showdown beforehand,” KVCK owner Larry Corns said.
He said opening ceremonies for the Wolf Point Centennial Celebration, which will be held in conjunction with Stampede, will follow the showdown.
Corns said he did not know if the larger venue would result in better attendance.
No alcohol will be sold during the Showdown. Bottled water will be available from 4-H. Alcohol has never been available during the Showdown.
“It was open to all entertainment last year and we didn’t get any extra talent. We’re probably going to go with just singers this year,” Corns said.
He said the WPHS auditorium will probably be a backup location in the event of rain.
Prize money increased for the 2014 Country Showdown with two grants obtained by Wolf Point Elks Lodge No. 1764 from the Elks National Foundation, which doubled the prize money and the number of cash winners. The Elks applied for and received a Promise Grant and a Beacon Grant, each for $2,000, to benefit the showdown.
With that funding, the number of cash winning places increased to five from three in 2013 and the amounts of the top three prizes doubled to $600 for first place; $400, second place; and $300, third. The prizes for the new fourth and fifth places were: $200, fourth; and $100, fifth.
The Elks used a portion of the grant funds to pay for a free pulled pork dinner that was catered by the Elks Club and served at WPHS before the start of the showdown.

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Frontier School Board Seats Up For Election

The Frontier School board discussed the school trustee election in May during the monthly board meeting Monday, Jan. 12.
Board members Brandon Babb and Bill Pew are up for reelection to their three-year terms. Both have said they intend to run.
Superintendent Christine Eggar said no other candidates have come forward but interested people may obtain forms from the school to run for the board by March 26.
In other business, the trustees decided not to adopt a policy that would have changed the minimum age for children to start school. That policy would have changed the current requirement that children reach age five by Sept. 5 to a new policy allowing for children to reach age five by May 5 or demonstrating that they might be gifted and talented, or have an academic need.
In another matter, the board approved one out-of- district student.
The trustees also approved hiring four people pending background checks. None are teachers.
The board evaluated Eggar during a closed executive session and renewed her contract for two years. She will receive a $1,000 raise next year and $1,500 the following year.

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Poplar Man Charged With DUI After Crash

A Poplar man was charged with DUI and other charges after crashing a 2006 Pontiac G6 into a utility pole at Sixth Avenue South and Fairweather Street Sunday, Jan. 11, at 9:46 p.m.
The Wolf Point Police Department reported that Rick Morales Jr., 25, of Poplar was arrested and charged with DUI, careless driving and possession of dangerous drugs, and booked into the tribal jail.
There were no reported injuries.

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Letter To The Editor About Doggie Bus

Dear Editor:
The article in last week’s paper about hauling dogs to Bozeman is plain stupid.
The road map tells me it is more than 400 miles to Bozeman. I don’t think that anyone can afford to haul a bunch of unwanted dogs that far.
The bus you talk about will probably get 15 miles to the gallon (gas), so a round trip will be more than 800 miles, which amounts to more than 53 gallons. What is the driver of the bus going to get? This is a two-day trip. Where is he/she going to stay?
I believe that there are ways to prevent these unwanted dogs. There are clinics every spring and summer to prevent these unwanted pets.
If the people have fertile male and female pets, why are they allowed to run the streets or does a “dog tag” give them a license to run everywhere?
Get real, people. If you can’t feed and care for these dogs, then don’t have them.
Does anyone else feel this way? What happened to common sense?
Lyle Schartzrock
(Editor’s Note: Public funds are not utilized by Wolf Point Pound Puppies.)

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