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Car Fire


This fire destroyed a Ford Taurus that was parked in a driveway of a residence on the 200 block of Idaho Street about 9 a.m., Tuesday, Aug. 5.  The Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department responded within minutes of a 911 call.  The car had not been started for a while and the cause is under investigation.
(Photos by John Plestina)

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House Fire


The Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department responded to a house fire on the corner of East Custer Street and Third Avenue South, Saturday, Aug. 9, at 7:32 p.m. Firefighters contained the fire to one room of the single-family structure. (Photo by John Plestina)

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City Council Passes Budget

The good news is Wolf Point municipal employees will earn a little more money. The bad news is property taxes will increase slightly due to change in the mill rate.
The city council passed the fiscal year 2014-15 budget during a special meeting, Monday, Aug. 11.
The general fund is set at $1.59 million, up from $1.452 million one year ago. The total mill authorization was 280.1, an increase from 272.23.
The mill value decreased about $30 per mill due to less equipment, vehicles and mobile homes in the city than there were one year ago.
The council approved other funds not subject to the mill levy. They were: permissive medical [offsets the cost of city employee health insurance], five mill maximum; swimming pool bond, 19.50 mills.
There are no increases in water, sewer and garbage costs, or for lighting and street maintenance.
All enterprise funds and special assessment districts were approved with no increases.
To attract new municipal employees and retain existing workers, the council approved two resolutions that pump up wages, a move city clerk/treasurer Marlene Mahlum said is necessary to compete with an increasing amount of well-paying oilfield jobs, construction employment and jobs with other governmental entities.
The city is implementing a longevity policy where employees are rewarded with raises built into their wage scales to reward long-term employment.
Councilman Rollie Paulson said cost of living pay increases will continue and job classifications are not changing.
The council also approved an additional $300 per month, per full-time employee, bonus for one year, renewable on an annual basis. It is contingent on oil severance funding, which netted the city $57,000 for the first quarter this year.
Wolf Point’s bonus program is similar to the stipend program Roosevelt County recently adopted. The council did not label the program a stipend.
The council and other elected municipal officials are not included in the bonus program.
Both measures are retroactive to July 1, the beginning of the new fiscal year.

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Wolf Point Village Construction Delayed

The start of construction of the Wolf Point Village apartment complex will be delayed for an unspecified period due to high bids.
City clerk/treasurer Marlene Mahlum told the city council during a special meeting, Monday, Aug. 11, that the project will have to be re-bid. She said a new timeline for bidding, a groundbreaking and construction will be determined soon.
The council approved a call for construction bids for the planned 24-unit rental complex, Wednesday, July 2.
A groundbreaking had been planned for Friday, Aug. 15. It is unknown if that will happen this year.
Bids received by the July 31 deadline were in the $4- to $5-million range, far exceeding what had been anticipated.
Mahlum explained in July that the city is acting in a pass-through capacity with the project and the council must approve the call for bids because the city received a $750,000 HOME grant through the Montana Department of Commerce. Great Northern Development Corporation is project manager for the city.
The project is funded in part by the Montana Board of Housing Low Income Housing Tax Credits. A developer loan from Western Bank of Wolf Point will pay $390,000 of the cost, while $10,000 will be a deferred developer fee.
The complex, that is slated for construction at a site off Fourth Avenue North near Northeast Montana Health Services - Wolf Point Campus, will provide rental housing opportunities to households earning less than 60 percent of the area median income in Roosevelt County.
Plans are to build four one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units and eight three-bedroom units. Rent will range from $354 to $767 monthly. The apartments will include energy efficient air conditioning, heating and appliances and single-car garages. The complex will include common area with a barbecue, gazebo, computer learning center and library.

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Roosevelt County Fair Livestock Sale

Tiara Whitmus, Grand, 135, $4.00, $540.00, Netzer Law Office
Trinity Whitmus, Reserve, 127,  $3.75, $476.25,     Common Denominator LLC
Quinn Whitmus, Blue, 129, $3.25, $419.25, Scoops
Kaitlyn Adkins, Blue, 153, $4.00, $612.00, Western Ranch Supply
Chloe Tolbert, Blue, 129, $5.25, $677.25, Scoops
Brett Stentoft, Blue, 172, $4.25, $731.00, Schnitzler Corporation
Carly Bowker, Blue, 129, $6.00, $774.00, Sidney Livestock
Macala Adkins, Blue, 136, $6.00, $816.00, Oasis Petroleum
Carson Solem, Blue, 124, $7.50, $930.00, Common Denominator LLC
Sadie Ullmer, Blue, 139, $5.25, $729.75, Mahlen Rentals
Olivia Tolbert, Blue, 107, $4.00, $428.00, Orvis Nelson
Hunter Bowker, Blue, 143, $3.75, $536.25, TrimWorks
Ryley Beery, Blue, 106, $5.75,     $609.50, Native Energy
Derek Bowker, Blue, 136, $4.75, $646.00, Williston Saddlery
Tessa Larsen, Blue, 133, $3.75, $498.75, Pastor Gretchen
Ave, 1998.0; Ave, $4.75; $9,424.00
Abby Reidle, Grand, 1401, $4.50, $6,304.50,    BW Concrete
Somer Reidle, Reserve, 1420, $5.50, $7,810.00, Hurley’s Oilfield
Jordan Anderson, Blue, 1178, $5.00, $5,890.00, Native Energy
McKade Mahlen, Blue, 1198, $8.25, $9,883.50, Ag Partners, Brockton
Carly Bowker, Blue, 1085, $7.00, $7,595.00, Agland Co-op
Ashton Handy, Blue, 1223, $6.00, $7,338.00, American State Bank/Basin Brokers
Allie Romo, Blue, 1105, $5.75,     $6,353.75, Native Energy
Chase Kilzer, Blue, 1238, $7.75, $9,594.50, First Community Bank - Culb & Froid
Paytyn Wilson, Blue, 1178, $6.00, $7,068.00, Farm Equipment Sales
Emily Nielsen, Blue, 1227, $14.00, $17,178.00, Common Denominator    
Ave 942.5384615; Ave, $5.37, $85,015.25     
Chase Kilzer, Grand, 89    $5.00, $445.00, Scoops
Rachael Gilbert, Reserve, 75, $6.50, $487.50, BW Concrete
Ave, 82; Ave, $5.75, $487.50    
Brett Stentoft, Grand, 277, $17.00, $4,709.00, Farmers Elevator
AJ Ullmer, Reserve, 257, $10.50, $2,698.50, Macon Construction
Carson Ullmer, Blue, 239, $7.50, $1,792.50, Common Denominator LLC
Logan Ullmer, Blue, 230, $7.00, $1,610.00, Hi-Line Service
Gus Spradley, Blue, 270,     $7.75, $2,092.50,     BW Concrete
Paytyn Wilson, Blue, 295,     $6.50, $1,917.50, WCCU
Allie Romo, Blue, 236, $8.50,     $2,006.00, Williston Saddlery
Braeden Romo, Blue, 269,     $8.00, $2,152.00, First Community Bank - Culb & Froid
Trinity Whitmus, Blue, 284,     $7.50, $2,130.00, Hurley’s Oilfield
Will South, Blue, 220, $7.50,     $1,650.00, TD Consulting
Ty Schneekloth, Blue, 259,     $12.50, $3,237.50, Scoops
Kaitlyn Adkins, Blue, 301,     $7.75, $2,332.75, Native Energy
Halle Vareberg, Blue, 220,     $10.50, $2,310.00, Schnitzler Corporation
Tiara Whitmus, Blue, 275,     $7.50, $2,062.50, High Plains Motors
Macala Adkins, Blue, 286,     $6.00, $1,716.00, Native Energy
Hunter Bowker, Blue, 229,     $5.50, $1,259.50, Schnitzler Corporation
Derek Bowker, Blue, 260,     $4.75, $1,235.00, Christoffersen Law
Jordan Anderson, Blue, 303,     $6.50, $1,969.50, Common Denominator LLC
Carly Bowker, Blue, 252,     $6.50, $1,638.00,     Nortana
Quinn Whitmus,
Ave, 280, $5.50, $1,540.00,     Agland Co-op; Ave, $11.44, $42,058.75     
Anderson Memorial Scholarship                
Steer-Tony Anderson, N/A,     1225, $15.50, $18,987.50, Farmers Elevator
Hog-Tony Anderson, N/A, 278, $10.00, $2,780.00, Handy Angus
Hog-Eldon Krogstad, N/A, 250, $10.00, $2,500.00, Native Energy

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