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Line Of Grain Trucks

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Semis waited more than two hours to unload at Columbia Grain last week as the elevators are finally able to accommodate more grain. Farmers waiting in line said the elevators had been full.    (Photo by John Plestina)

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Celebrating The Holidays At The Library


The Roosevelt County Library in Wolf Point held a fun-filled evening of Christmas ornament-making and caroling for children 12 and under Monday, Dec. 1.
(Photo by John Plestina)

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First Community Donation

Diane White, on behalf of First Community Bank, presented Rose Neumiller Green of the Wolf Point Food Pantry with a $500 donation. Green said the donation was very welcome and the food pantry would be operational in January. Anyone wanting to volunteer to help prepare the building could call Green at 650-5667. Donations can be sent to Food Pantry, P.O. Box 255, Wolf Point, MT 59201.

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Recognizing Attendance At Southside School

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Kim Becker’s second grade are Cloelle Buck Elk, Sam Erwin, Ethan Fowler, Jacquelyn Garfield, Kadence Garfield, Calley Guldborg, Keenan Huber, Hope Nieskens, Serenity Poitra, Trinity Poitra, Brooklyn Rios, Adriana Steele, Nevaeh Wetsit, Logan White, Jaycen Williams and Victoria Wozniak.

Rainey Azure first grade class are Kelly Baker, Andrew Beauchamp, Ashton Bell, Duran Bigleggins, Aiden Eagle, Anthony Fox, Aleecia Garfield, Pacer Garrett, Quintanna Gonzales, Gabriel Keiser, Marley Macdonald, Wyatte Martin-Martell, Emily Nefzger, Rilley Smith, Navella Weeks and Joseph White Snow.     (Submitted photos)


The staff at Southside Elementary School is busy tracking attendance. They recognize students and classrooms with good attendance and we try to help students who are missing school.
After 54 days of school, ending Nov. 26, all 15 of classes in kindergarten through third grade have had at least 10 days of perfect attendance. And almost half of the classes have had 20 or more days of perfect attendance. Kindergarten teachers Kathy Rauch and Rebecca Fritz’s classes have had 21 and 20 days respectively. First grade teachers Rainey Azure and Kelli Vine’s classes have had 28 and 26 days of perfect attendance. In the second grade, there were three classes with 20 or more days of perfect attendance: They were Daisha Douglas with 23 days, Dianne Hoversland with 26, and Jocelyn Peters with 23. All third grade classes are working on reaching 20 days.
Many of the students have been to school 54 days in a row. Sixty-three of 288 students, which is 22 percent, have only missed one or less days. In kindergarten there are 18 students, first grade has 16 students, second grade has 11 students, and third grade has 18 students.
The Super Classes of the week this week are Kim Becker’s second grade class for having nine of the last 11 days with perfect attendance and Rainey Azure’s first grade class for having 13 of the last 16 days of perfect attendance. We are very proud of our students and thankful for having them at school every day.
Southside School urges parents to contact the school if their child is going to be absent for any reason.

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Column: From The Editor's Desk -- Ghosts Of Christmas Past

“Jingle Bells, Santa Smells, Rudolph Ran Away ...” or something like that were lyrics my then 7-year-old daughter sang as she walked into my mother’s house in Prescott, Ariz., during the holiday season some 22 years ago. I thought it was funny; my mom didn’t. A very traditional woman from an earlier generation, my mother was shocked that her granddaughter would sing that rendition [popular with children at the time] to her in her home.
I sometimes think about that this time of the year.
Now, my mother is no longer with us and my daughter is all grown up. Her oldest child is the age she was then.
Sometimes, I just want to reflect on my ghosts of Christmases past.
During the early 1990s, I was a reporter and columnist at the Prescott Daily Courier in Prescott, Ariz. During the same week my daughter serenaded my mother with “Jingle Bells, Santa Smells ...” and with Christmas 1992 about a week away, I wrote my [joke] self-serving Dear Santa letter in my column.
Of course, my letter asked Santa to bring me a 4x4 truck, a boat and included other selfish requests. It got a lot of laughs and humorous comments. My wife [at the time] had her own idea how she was going to get me for that. Under the tree, the two nicest wrapped presents with my name on them were from her. She gave me the 4x4 truck and boat I had asked for. I didn’t expect a battery-powered toy truck that could race across the living room floor and the entire bathtub fleet.
Did she succeed in humbling me? Maybe, sort of.
As a parent, I never “terrorized” my daughter with threats of putting her on Santa’s “bad little girl list,” even though I had grown up intimidated by the “bad little boy list” that I always believed would garner me nothing more than a lump of coal from Santa. I was well-deserving of a spot on that undesirable list many times.
At seven, my daughter asked me for 100 of the ugly troll dolls every little girl was asking for in 1992. I gave her 50.
When I was a child, the adults in my family always exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. They would put a few presents beneath the tree from them to me, but not to be opened until I found my presents from Santa Christmas morning. I was, however, a nosy little bugger. I used to carefully undo enough tape to pull back just a little wrapping paper without tearing it so I could see what I was getting and then restored the presents to the way they had been; always while my dad was at work and my mom was indisposed in the bathroom or kitchen. Of course, I always pretended to be surprised when I opened those gifts.
Some Christmas mornings, there was a footprint in the fireplace. I never thought at the time that it matched the shoes my dad wore Christmas Eve.
All that said, the Christmas season starts Friday, Dec. 5, in Wolf Point with the first “Get Lit In Wolf Point, Festival Of Lights And Stroll. It replaces the Parade of Lights that was held for years. The NEMHS Charitable Foundation Festival of Trees will also be Friday, as part of the holiday kickoff.
Now that I’m all grown up and then some, do I care if I get what I want for Christmas? Absolutely not. Dec. 25 is not my birthday. Let’s not forget whose it is.

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