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Stampede Parade

The first of two days of Stampede parades was held Friday, July 8. A second parade will be held Saturday, at 1 p.m.

See the next issue of The Herald-News for complete coverage of the rodeo and all Stampede events.

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Canadian Wins Country Showdown, Wolf Point, Poplar Contestants Second And Third


The first picture is the Country Showdown top three finishers. From left to right are: Garrett Reid, third place; Christina Dahl, second place; and winner Karissa Hoffart.
The second photo is Hoffart performing Welcome To Country, one of her original songs.
The third photo is second place finisher Christina Dahl.
The fourth photo is Garrett Reid, third place.
The other photos are contestants: Haylee Fauth, 15, of Opheim; Zach Rogers, 22, of Wolf Point; Al Bets His Medicine of Poplar; Mikella and Alyssa Smith of Wolf Point; Brian Salveson of Williston, N.D.; and Kelsey Hopson, 23, of Wolf Point.


A Canadian woman won the KVCK Country Showdown at Wolf Point High School Wednesday, July 6. Wolf Point and Poplar contestants finished in the second- and third-place spots.
Karissa Hoffart, 20, of Minton, Sask., was the first place finisher. The Country singer and songwriter, who aspires to perform in Nashville, Tenn., is a Saskatchewan Star Search champion. She is a second-year nursing student at the University of Regina.
Christina Dahl, 18, of Wolf Point finished second. Dahl is a recent Wolf Point High School graduate and aspires to become a music teacher.
Garrett Reid, 19, of Poplar finished in third place.

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