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Commissioners Appoint Frederick Interim Sheriff In Wake Of Crawford Resignation -- Summers To Remain As Undersheriff


Jason Frederick will take office as Roosevelt County Sheriff three months before the next four-year sheriff’s term begins with his appointment as interim sheriff by a unanimous vote of the Roosevelt County Commissioners, Tuesday, Sept. 16.
Sheriff Freedom Crawford, 37, submitted a letter of resignation to the commissioners Wednesday, Sept. 10, effective Oct. 1, more than one month prior to the fall election. Frederick will become sheriff Oct. 2.
Undersheriff John Summers will remain on the job. The undersheriff serves at the pleasure of the sheriff.
“[Frederick] has already told us he will appoint John Summers as undersheriff,” Commissioner Gary Macdonald said.
Frederick is a current deputy and former undersheriff.
Crawford, who has sought a third term as sheriff, finished a distant second behind Frederick in a four-way primary race in June. The top two finishers face each other in the general election.
Crawford did not return a telephone call from The Herald-News.

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Superintendent Joe Paine Honored For Saving Student


Wolf Point School District trustee Brent Nygard publicly recognized superintendent Joe Paine during the school board meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 9, for saving the life of a high school student the previous day.
Paine witnessed the male student in distress in the lunch room Monday, Sept. 8.
“He was choking and I had to give him the Heimlich. It took about six tries,” Paine said.
The Heimlich maneuver is an emergency technique for preventing suffocation when a person’s airway becomes blocked by food or other obstruction.
The student was not taken to the hospital.
“He was fine. We just had to clear his airway so he could get some oxygen,” Paine said.
Paine, a longtime educator and former Wolf Point High School principal, is also a former CPR and first aid instructor for Wolf Point and other school districts in northeast Montana.

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Lord’s Table May Not Accept Offer To Move Into Boys And Girls Club Building -- New Lord’s Table Building Possible





Possible New Lord’s Table Site -- The corner of First Avenue South and Dawson Street contains the three lots where a multipurpose center could house the Lord’s Table soup kitchen, the Overcomer’s Church and possibly a shelter. The current Lord’s Table building is on the right.  (Photo by John Plestina)

The Lord’s Table soup kitchen might not move into the former Boys and Girls Club building on Main Street, which the Fort Peck Tribes executive board granted a 25-year lease in August with the caveat that the tribally owned building be used as a food pantry and for the Lord’s Table.
Pastor Danny Lindsay of Overcomer’s Church on First Avenue South at the corner of East Edgar Street said he is unsure about where the Lord’s Table will be located long-term.
It currently occupies the church building.
Lindsay said a woman who plans to reopen the food pantry in the former Boys and Girls Club building invited him to relocate the Lord’s Table to the site on Main Street at no cost for rent or utilities.
“It sounds good, but I’m a little hesitant to move,” Lindsay said.
Overcomer’s Church owns the current Lord’s Table building and three lots on First Avenue South between East Dawson Street and an alley that borders the property where the Lord’s Table is currently located.
Lindsay said he envisions a 60- by 100-foot multipurpose center that would house the Overcomer’s Church, the Lord’s Table and other uses that could include a homeless shelter.
“There is a real need for a shelter,” Lindsay said.
He said grant funding would be needed and he does not know if that could happen during the coming year.
Lindsay founded the Lord’s Table in 2001, which serves free meals five days a week.
The last food pantry in Wolf Point closed more than a year ago and the nearest one is located in Culbertson.

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Council Told Downtown Sewer Pipes In Need Of Replacement Soon

Public works director Rick Isle told the Wolf Point City Council, Monday, Sept. 15, that aging clay sewer pipes along Main and Anaconda streets are broken in some places and must be replaced soon.
Mayor Chris Dschaak said it has been more than 20 years since those streets in the downtown area have been reconstructed.
In other business, the council approved stop and yield signs along East Indian Street, Crescent Drive, Prospect Avenue and Highland Avenue, including three-way stop signs in the intersection of Prospect and East Indian.
In another matter, the council empowered a committee of three of its members to award bids for the cleanup of the burned out former site of Gysler Furniture and Appliance. Bids will be opened Thursday, Oct. 2, at Great Northern Development Corporation, which is working with the council to obtain funding to clean up the site and redevelop the site on the corner of Anaconda Street and Second Avenue South.
The council also discussed the proposed bed tax. A committee will meet with representatives of the Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture to discuss a future bed tax ordinance for council consideration at a later date.
In other business, the council approved a resolution showing intent to adopt a new future land use map at a later date. State mandates call for updating the map every five years.
The council approved the Wolf Point High School Homecoming Parade for Friday, Oct. 10, and gave tentative approval for the Native American Day Parade. No application has been submitted for that annual parade.
In another matter, Eric Johannasen told the council that eight vendors were at the recent and first Wolf Point Swap Meet in Sherman Park and that all have said they want to do it again.
Dschaak announced that Kahlil Wehbe is now a member of the Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department. The department’s membership has declined this year.
Isle told the council that one of the small cells at the sewage lagoon needs to be relined.
The council adopted a new social media policy for municipal employees.

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Cops Pull Bibb Off Train For Warrant To Revoke Bail

A Minot, N.D., woman who has been free on bond awaiting trial on drug charges, was removed from the Amtrak Empire Builder train by police at the Wolf Point Amtrak Depot Wednesday, Sept. 10, and jailed on a warrant for alleged bail condition violations.
Lodged in the Roosevelt County Jail, Malinda Bibb, 31, is scheduled to appear before 15th Judicial District Court Judge David Cybulski, Wednesday, Sept. 24, to answer a petition to revoke bail.
Wolf Point Police Department officers responded to the Amtrak Depot following a tip that Bibb was traveling via Amtrak and removed her from the train after Cybulski signed a bench warrant.
Bibb is charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession with intent to distribute and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.
She pleaded not guilty and was scheduled for trial, Thursday, Aug. 14, but Cybulski declared a mistrial because not enough potential jurors showed up for jury selection.
A new trial date for Bibb was scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 16.

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