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Wreck Tips Vehicle On Johnson Street

On Saturday, Nov. 5, a Ford Escape parked the wrong way on Johnson Street was struck by a GMC Acadia which proceeded to hit the curb and tip onto its side.
The Montana Highway Patrol confirmed that the driver, Tiffany Sietsema, must have been traveling over 25 miles per hour when she struck the passenger headlight of the Ford Escape with the passenger headlight of her vehicle.

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Access To Culbertson Park At Issue In Court Battle

(Editor’s Note: This story was constructed with factual information from court documents obtained from the Roosevelt County Clerk of Court’s office in Wolf Point. Anything not directly attributed to an individual was taken from court documents. The Herald-News, in an effort to remain unbiased, has fact-checked various bits of information with county employees and have given both parties an opportunity to publicly state their piece on the matter.)
On Wednesday, Oct. 26, it was brought to the attention of The Herald-News by mayor Gordon Oelkersand the Town of Culbertson that the road to  had been blocked.

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Doc’Z Pub Celebrates Seven Years Of Business

Doc’Z, also known as Missouri Breaks Brewing Company, has become a well-known and well-loved staple of Wolf Point over the years. The pub is known for excellent micro-brews and Doc’Z boasts the largest growler display in the country, with over 300 unique beer growlers.

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“The Donald” Trumps Clinton; Bullock, Zinke, Nygaard Prevail; Frank Smith Elected To State Senate

What was probably the most contentious political campaign in modern times came to a close with the election of Republican Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, projected by Fox News after 1 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 9. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.
Trump won 274,119 votes statewide for 56 percent of the Montana vote. Clinton recorded 174,461 votes across the state. Other votes for president were reported as: “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, American Delta Party, 1,535; Jill Stine, Green Party, 7,669; and Gary Johnson, Libertarian, 27,263.
The Secretary of State’s Office reported a 58 percent statewide voter turnout. The turnout in Roosevelt County was higher with 63.13 percent of registered voters casting ballots.
Vote tallying in the Roosevelt County Courthouse in Wolf Point was completed about midnight.
Democrat Frank Smith of Poplar was elected in State Senate district 16, defeating Republican G. Bruce Meyers of Box Elder 3,655 to 2,716. In Roosevelt County, Smith won 1,660 to 698.
Duane Nygaard of Wolf Point was reelected to the county commission. He defeated Bill Whitehead of Wolf Point 642 to 435.
Gorden Oelkers of Culbertson garnered 630 votes to defeat incumbent county commissioner Darrell Synan (420) and Loren Schledewitz (331).
Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock prevailed in a close race, garnering 50 percent of the vote statewide to defeat GOP challenger Greg Gianforte with 250,845 to 232,078. Libertarian Ted Dunlap received 15,282 votes. In Roosevelt County: Bullock received 1,957; Gianforte, 1,460; and Dunlap, 152.
Republican U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke was reelected to a second term, defeating Democrat Denise Juneau 280,469 to 201,758. Libertarian Rick Breckenridge received 15,949 votes. In Roosevelt County, Juneau received 1,865, Zinke 1,622 and Breckenridge 113.
In State Senate District 17, Republican Mike Lang defeated Democrat Douglas Adolphson 7,711 to 2,208. Lang received 901 votes in Roosevelt County to 210 for Adolphson.
In State House District 34, current Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen, R-Culbertson, was reelected, defeating Democrat Evelyn Carlisle 4,267 to 1,242. Knudsen topped Carlisle 881 to 301 in Roosevelt County.
Bridget Smith of Wolf Point was reelected to House District 31 unopposed with 2,485 votes.
Republican Corey Stapleton defeated Democrat Monica Lindeen 272,399 to 201,131 in the race for secretary of state. Libertarian Roger Roots was a distant third with 16,957. In Roosevelt County, Lindeen received 1,865, Stapleton 1,503 and Roots 162.
GOP incumbent Attorney General Tim Fox defeated Democrat Larry Jent 326,894 to 155,631. Fox topped Jent 1,855 to 1,604.
For state auditor, Republican Matt Rosendale defeated Democrat Jesse Laslovich 257,038 to 220,889. Laslovich defeated Rosendale 1,742 to 1,651 in Roosevelt County.
Republican Elsie Arntzen defeated Democrat Melissa Romano 249,271 to 232,987 in the race for superintendent of public instruction. Roosevelt County voters favored Romano 1,962 to 1,493.
Voters approved Constitutional Initiative No. 116, also known as “Marcie’s law,” to ensure that the rights of crime victims are protected by law 318,986 to 164,953. It passed 2,501 to 947 in Roosevelt County.
Voters rejected Initiative No. 117, which would have prohibited the use of traps and snares on public lands, 307,162 to 181,879. It failed 2,116 to 1,364 in Roosevelt County.
Voters rejected Initiative No. 181, which would have promoted research for brain diseases and injuries, 276,766 to 203,385. Roosevelt County voters approved it 1,848 to 1,560.
Initiative No. 182, which expands access to medical marijuana, was approved 284,530 to 209,137. It passed 2,164 to 1,365.
Other races: Voters authorized retain Mike McGrath on the State Supreme Court, 369,486 to 82,756, and voted 2,469 to 1,365 in Roosevelt County. Supreme Court Justice No. 3, Dirk Sandefur defeated Kristen Juras 250,459 to 195,298. Juras won 1,617 to 1,559 in Roosevelt County. Voters also retained Jim Shea on the Supreme Court, by a 358,590 to 81,624 vote. In Roosevelt County, the vote was 2,361 to 857.

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County Commissioners Approve Bid To Fix Courthouse Steps

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the Roosevelt County Commissioners held their regular weekly meeting in which they approved a bid from Sletton Construction to rebuild the steps at the Roosevelt County Courthouse.

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