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Wolf Point Elects Entirely New School Board; Poplar Turns Out Both Incumbents; Brockton Rejects One


With all votes counted on Tuesday, May 5, the Wolf Point School District has a completely new school board that was sworn in Monday, May 11.
The group calling itself Native Vote had sought to capture all six seats, backing Native American candidates in all five newly-created single-member districts and the one at-large position. The new board will be 50 percent Native American.
Two Native Vote-backed candidates were elected in districts 45-2 and 45-5. Another candidate who is Native American and a lifelong resident of Wolf Point, but not backed by Native Vote, defeated a candidate backed by that group in District 45-1.
The 2015 election was one of the highest voter turnouts for a Wolf Point School District election with 988 of the 1,984 registered voters casting mail-in ballots. That is four votes under 50 percent.
Results were as follows:
District 45-1, two-year term: Corey E. Reum, 174; Yvonne Smoker-Bashay, 42. Five voters did not vote for a candidate in the district. The voter turnout was 45.70 percent. Reum won with 81 percent of the vote. District 45-1 is the western part of the north side of Wolf Point.
District 45-2, one-year term: Linda L. Hansen, 83; Jaronn R. Boysun [incumbent], 45.  At-large candidate Brandon Babb received one write-in vote. Three voters did not vote for a candidate in the district. The voter turnout was 60.60 percent. Hansen won with 65 percent of the vote. District 45-2 is south of Fairweather Street.
District 45-3, three-year term: Mark Kurokawa, 89; Gib R. Medicine, Cloud 42. Tina Magnan received one write-in vote. Three voters did not vote for a candidate in the district. The voter turnout was 57.01 percent. Kurokawa won with 67 percent of the vote. District 45-3 is on the south side and north of Fairweather Street.
District 45-4, three-year term: LaRae Hanks, 192l Paul K. Gysler, 31; Lawrence “Larry” Wetsit, 23. One voter did not vote for a candidate in the district. The voter turnout was 42.56 percent. Hanks won with 78 percent of the vote. District 45-4 includes the eastern part of the north side of Wolf Point and a small part of the south side to Benton Street.
District 45-5, two-year term: Lanette Clark, 78; Mary Vine, 59. Clark won with 57 percent of the vote. The voter turnout was 52.76 percent. The district is on the north side of Wolf Point.
At-large district 45A, one-year term: Brandon Babb, 445; Glenn Strader, 288; Roxanne Gourneau, 238. Lance Fourstar and Yvonne Smoker-Bashay each received one write-in vote. The voter turnout was 50.20 percent. Babb won with nearly 46 percent of the vote. District 45A includes all of Wolf Point and the Frontier School District.
Federal court-mandated redistricting in 2014 forced the election for all board seats with five of six in single-member districts and one at-large position.
All six trustees were previously elected at-large.
After the 2015 election, all trustee elections will be for three-year terms.
The Frontier School District did not hold an election because incumbents Brandon Babb and Bill Pew ran unopposed. Babb, who chairs the Frontier board, will serve on both boards.
Poplar voters rejected two incumbents.
The school district reported the following results: Elected to the board were Debra McGowan, 268 votes; and Howard Azure, 121. Results for other candidates were: Faith O’Connor [incumbent], 83; Shannon Knowlton, 81; Rick Kirn, 53; Thomas Brown, 49; Scotty Azure, 40; Susan L. Ennis, 28; Jodie Boyd, 21; James DeHerrera, 21; Noah Strauser [incumbent], 16; George Budak, 14.
In Brockton, incumbents Leonard Boxer will retain his seat with 63 votes. The other incumbent, Rodney Burshia, lost to Darren Long Hair, 77-28.

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Teacher Appreciation


Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and Frontier Elementary School students honored their teachers and gave each a box of business cards Thursday, May 7. Pictured are seventh-grader Terry Allmer (right) with teacher Louise Petersen.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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Graduations Slated For Area Schools

Several area high schools will hold graduations in the coming week. Wolf Point and Poplar high schools will hold graduation ceremonies Sunday, May 24. Frazer’s graduation is Friday, May 29.
Brockton will hold graduation Friday, May 15, at 6 p.m. in the gym.
The class motto is “Each of us has different talents, different dreams and different destinations, but we all have the same power to make new tomorrows.”
The graduates are Wayan Bear, Laney Boadle, April Brown, Tyler Craft, Kensey Keil, Ellyn Plain Bull and Defender Walking Eagle.
Lustre Christian High School will hold graduation Sunday, May 17, at 3 p.m. in the high school gym.
The class motto for the class of 2015 at Lustre Christian High School is “Be that change that you want to see in the world, and never let the world change you.”
The graduates are Maya Cruz, Mawin Kulpruks, Serena Weide, Mack Young and Chen Zefeng.

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Poplar Students Win Poster Contest


Art students at Poplar High School participated in a public service announcement poster contest sponsored by Fort Peck Housing Authority Youth Recreation and headed by Lana Mikkelsen and Neil Taylor from the Tribal Education program. Students were asked to create a PSA about a concern in the community that they felt needed to be brought to light. Out of about 40 entries Mikkelsen chose the top four posters. Pictured are: (from left to right) Kamryn Azure, freshman, third place;  Whispering Youpee, freshman, fourth; Orlando Young, junior, first;  and Jalen Perkins, freshman, second.

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School Board Approves New Teachers

The Wolf Point School board approved the hiring of several new teachers during the monthly board meeting Monday, May 11.
Several positions that will become vacant after the current school year have not been filled.
Northside School teacher Kathy Adkins will replace Hannah Nieskens as Northside principal.
The board accepted Nieskens’ resignation. She will become a principal in another school district.
The outgoing school board approved the new personnel before the six new board members were sworn in.
The new hires approved were: Cole Baker, half-time Native American studies teacher and half-time GEAR UP parent liaison; Josh Eastman, junior high and high school physical education and health; Gary Farnsworth, high school social studies; Ryan Wilson, junior high social studies; Wendy Connelley, high school math; Leslie Larson, high school teacher; Debbie Tubbs, Northside School guidance counselor; Thomas Olsen, teacher and Cody Larson, Southside School teacher.
The following summer school teachers were also approved: Karla McGill, Emily Hamilton, Lee Vandall, Rona Stevens, Sharri Vandall, Paige Vinton, Jocelyn Peters, Vivian Schultz, Kristi Lepper, Joelle Page and Rona Stevens [substitute].
WPHS principal Kim Hanks was approved as summer school coordinator for the high school and junior high.
Hanks and Patricia Toavs were approved as co-special education directors.
The following summer school paraprofessionals were approved: Tiffany Szymanski, Joel Bergen and A.J. Allen.
Cheri’ Nygard was approved as transportation director.
Christie Ferdina has resigned as Northside School secretary but was approved as a substitute secretary.
Resignations accepted were: Edith Allen, Southside teacher; Jocelyn Peters Southside teacher; Barb Wall, Southside paraprofessional; Holly Girard, Northside teacher; and  Dannielle Solberg, high school teacher.

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