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DUI Task Force Told Recent Law Enforcement Liquor Law Training Successful

The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force was told that the recent Montana Department of Revenue liquor law training class in Wolf Point was successful and informative during the local task force meeting in Wolf Point Wednesday, Sept. 2.
The law enforcement training session was held Wednesday, Aug. 26, with members of the Wolf Point Police Department, Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office and Montana Highway Patrol taking the half-day class.
Wolf Point Police Chief Jeff Harada said information was provided about how state law relates to bar closing times on dates of changes between daylight savings and standard time.
“If you give someone an extra hour at a tavern, he could go from .24 to .3 in an hour,” Wolf Point police chief Jeff Harada said.
He said he will write letters to bar owners clarifying the law.
There was also a discussion about higher fees for people getting DUIs and drugs becoming more of a problem with impaired drivers.
Montana Highway Patrol trooper Derek Werner said 70 to 80 percent of DUI arrests are people impaired by drugs.
Roosevelt County received $10,950 for the task force as funding allowed by House Bill 132 that Gov. Steve Bullock signed into law in April. It reallocates unspent special revenue funds from driver’s license reinstatement fees collected in counties that do not have task forces and distributes those monies on an equal basis to Roosevelt and the other counties that have task forces on July 1 of each year.
County commissioner Gary Macdonald, who also chairs the DUI Task Force, initially anticipated about $18,000 for Roo-sevelt County, but that amount has shrunk because of an increase in the number of DUI task forces in Montana from 34 to 38. The increase is due to the passage of HB 132 and funding it created.
The task force, a citizens group appointed by the county commissioners that includes representatives of several law enforcement agencies and members of the public, plans and funds public education, awareness and enforcement projects to reduce the number of alcohol and drug related crashes and deaths in Roosevelt County.

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Northern Tribes DUI Task Force Formed

A Northern Tribes DUI Task Force has been created that includes the Fort Peck Reservation and others reservations along and near the Hi-Line.
Roosevelt County Commissioner Gary Macdonald has attended meetings of the group in Havre during recent months.
Macdonald, who also chairs the Roosevelt County DUI Task Force, reported during the local task force meeting in Wolf Point Wednesday, Sept. 2, that billboards announcing the Northern Tribes DUI Task Force will be placed at the entrances to every reservation along U.S. Hwy. 2 and on U.S. Hwy 87 at the entrances to the Rocky Boy’s Reservation. The signs will be placed at entrances to the Fort Peck Reservation on the westbound side at Big Muddy Creek west of Culbertson and on the eastbound side near Nashua.
Several representatives from the Fort Peck Tribes are participating in the regional Native American task force.

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Erickson Irrigation Gets First Dollar


Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture director Aaron Kurokawa (left) presents the First Dollar Award to Erickson Irrigation owner Jory Erickson Friday, Sept. 4.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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Food Pantry To Begin Accepting Applications

Food Pantry, Inc., which will open a new food pantry in the former Boys and Girls Club building on the corner of Main Street and Fifth Avenue South later this month, will begin accepting applications Monday, Sept. 21.
A food delivery is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 23.
The Herald-News will have more information available next week.

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Homecoming Activities To Be September 14-19

As fall sports kick off, homecoming festivities are coming up the week of Sept. 14-19.
Monday through Thursday, students dress up as an interclass competition to raise school spirit. The school’s spirit days are hillbilly/hobo Monday, fake an injury Tuesday and decade Wednesday. On this day,  each class has a different decade: seniors the ‘80s, juniors the ‘50s, sophomores the ‘40s,  freshmen  the ‘70s, and the junior high the ‘60s. As always, we show our pride with Maroon and White Day on Thursday.
Thursday morning, hall walls will be decorated with magazine themes, and the floats will have a theme of “Homecoming Heroes.”  
Also on Thursday,  a pep rally in the gym will consist of  class challenges with each class inventing a game for interclass competition. The pep band will perform and the coaches will introduce their teams.
After the conclusion of the Thursday volleyball games vs. Glendive,  school spirit will heat up with the annual bonfire. The honorary fire-starter this year is Mayor Chris Dschaak.  
The parade is on Friday at noon, followed by C squad, junior varsity and varsity volleyball games vs. Harlem, starting at 1 p.m.  Cross country will compete in Sidney and varsity football will pit the Wolves against Poplar at 7 p.m. The crowning of homecoming royalty will be at half time of the football game. A homecoming dance for all high school students will follow the football game.
Saturday, Wolf Point volleyball teams will host matches against the Poplar Indians starting at 1 p.m. Following the Poplar matches is a challenge game between the volleyball team and the football team.

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