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Stampede Kept Police Busy

Police Chief Jeff Harada presented his activity report for July to the Wolf Point City Council, Monday, Aug. 18.
“The annual Stampede weekend was effectively and efficiently controlled by the department with extra mobile and foot patrols throughout the community,” Harada wrote in his report.
Harada reported that officers responded to 513 calls for the month of July, an increase of 100 over the 413 calls in June.
Total arrests, citations and tickets issued in July were 74, 31 fewer than in June.
City officers issued 64 tribal citations and 10 state citations during July, a slight decrease from June.
Police vehicles patrolled 6,707 miles, up from 5,543 in June and an average of 216 miles per day.
The animal control officer drove 887 miles during July, an average of almost 29 miles per day.
Animal control impounded 30 dogs during July, the same number as in June. Eleven were released to owners after impoundment and license fees were collected, 18 were adopted out and one was euthanized.
Of a total of 67 reported offenses in July, disorderly conduct had the most arrests and citations with 16.

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Bigham, Crush, Jones Appear In 15th Judicial District Court

Brandon Bigham, Kyle Travis Crush and Gary Ray Jones appeared in 15th Judicial District Court, Wednesday, Aug. 27.
Bigham, 30, of Minot, N.D., charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute appeared on a petition to revoke bail. He was also recently charged with criminal contempt.
Police in North Dakota arrested Bigham.
Judge David Cybulski added $20,000 to $10,000 bond Bigham previously posted for a total of $30,000.
Bigham also withdrew a plea agreement.
A trial is scheduled for Nov. 17.
Crush, 50, of Bainville, pleaded not guilty to assault with a weapon, intimidation, felony criminal endangerment and disorderly conduct during an arraignment. He is free on bail.
Undersheriff John Summers said the incident stems from a bar fight July 28 and that a complainant said Crush had a shotgun outside a bar.
Jones, 44, of Mesa, Ariz., appeared on a petition to revoke bail and signed a plea agreement in court.
He pleaded guilty to assault on a peace officer and felony driving under the influence for an incident that is alleged to have happened April 29.
A Roosevelt County Sheriff’s deputy was reported injured.
Cybulski accepted the plea agreement and found Jones guilty.
Jones was brought into court on Wednesday, Aug. 13, on a bench warrant to answer a petition to revoke bond due to failure to comply with bail conditions.
He had been free on $40,000 bail, which Cybulski said no longer applies. Jones would have to put up an additional $40,000 bond to get out of jail.
Darryl James Lewis of Powell, Wyo., was scheduled to appear on a petition to revoke bail. He is incarcerated in North Dakota.
Lewis pleaded not guilty to five drug-related charges in July.

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Extension Hosts Trowel And Error Horticulture Tour August 19

The 2014 Trowel and Error horticulture tour was held in Culbertson Tuesday, Aug. 19, as well as the Rain Barrel Workshop Thursday, Aug. 21.
Participants got to see landscaping ideas, grapes growing, gardening in small and large spaces, unique container gardening and companion planting.
Tour stops this year included Jo and Mark Nelson, Bob Larsen, Don and Myrna Oelkers, Sharon and Gene Schmitz, Latisha Logan, Melba Anderson, and Kim and Clint Jacobs.  
Observers were delighted with the beautiful gardens and unique ideas that everyone has, but also hadthe chance to ask questions as to why they do what they do and if they have any issues with their plants.
The second part of this horticulture week was a rain barrel workshop. Both tours were sponsored by Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant obtained by Wendy Becker, Fort Peck Reservation Extension agent, and Ann Ronning, Roosevelt County Extension agent.
The rain barrels were constructed in a hands-on workshop to conserve water and use the rain water for plants and landscaping.  They were given all tools needed to construct the barrels. Each one in the group was helped with the process.
Becker taught them how to set them up at their locations and begin conserving water.
For more information on how to construct your own rain barrel, contact the Fort Peck Reservation Extension office at 768-3431.

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Public Meeting Will Address Closure Of Bridge Park Shooting Area



An unoccupied mobile home sits behind the berm people shoot at. There is also trash dumped at the site. (Photo by John Plestina)

The public will have an opportunity to weigh-in on a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ plan to close a shooting area on MWP-managed land adjacent to Lewis and Clark Park at a public meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 6:30 p.m., in the Dumont Building at Fort Peck Community College.
The public will also have an opportunity to comment on the need for a new public shooting area in Roosevelt County.
The shooting area is just outside what most local people call Bridge Park, near the Montana Hwy. 13 bridge on the Missouri River that separates Roosevelt and McCone counties.
Neighbors of the shooting area are saying they are not safe and errant bullets have strayed into at least one nearby resident’s yard, nearly hitting his house.
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has managed the site that includes the Lewis and Clark Fishing Access Site since 1999.
The shooting range has also been the site of parties, drunken individuals shooting, and illegal trash dumping.
“That shooting range, that I have been wanting to close for years, has had a lot of people having parties and people who are drunk and shooting,” Woody Baxter, FWP Region 6 fishing access site manager, said.
“I want to tell the public why we’re closing it down,” he said.
“I want to have this public meeting to see how many folks might be extremely upset because they want to shoot,” Baxter said.
He said the site will not be closed prior to the meeting, but might be in late September.
Baxter said he wants to address the need for a public shooting range at another location.
He said FWP has a shooting range grant program that could fund a site in Roosevelt County.
Another issue is that Roosevelt County Sheriff’s deputies qualify at the shooting range that will soon close.
Baxter has contacted the RCSO about the planned closure and to request assistance to keep the site closed.
Sheriff Freedom Crawford has asked FWP to turn the shooting area over to the county. Now, the RCSO knows that will not happen.
“We don’t have a choice,” Undersheriff John Summers said. “I talked with the tribes and they said we can share their range with them.”
Deputies will qualify at the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice range in Poplar until a new location is found.

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High Water


The Missouri River remained high three days after the recording-breaking four-day rain event ended. This picture was taken at the boat ramp in Bridge Park late morning, Wednesday, Aug. 27.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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